And we have another rodent in our midst. 

This is Carmen, Carmen San-Diego. Momo has something wrong with her ear. It is draining and causing hair loss on her face where the fluid drains. She has been on antibiotics, but it is not helping. Tomorrow we are going to get some ear drops, but I am worried about some sort of tumor in her ear.

I have no way of knowing how old Momo is, so I wanted to make sure to get Dallas a friend bc I am afraid if he is alone for a time he might be hard to introduce to another. 

So I walked into Petco and told the manager to point me in the direction of the female mouse who had been there the longest. He pointed to this girl. She is VERY fearful and had been there for weeks and kept missing getting grabbed because she is so scared and fast. 

I got her home and put her in a small hamster cage while I cleaned the rats. Turned back a few minutes later and she was somehow gone!! So for 15 minutes I tore through the basement. I said “Where in the world is she?!” And then I came up with her name! And I also spotted her hanging around Bengal’s/Lily’s cage!!!

Hopefully she comes around soon. She is a cutie and I am glad I got her out of the bin. 


Mouse decided to crawl up to my shoulder :) (omg i miss my baby 😭) #mouse


I also return with concept sketches.

Top ones are again from the world I explained before, Kids and creatures matched up who have the same birthdays at a certain age.  Bisoncowsomethingoranother that I was idly thinking was minotaurish but with a bit of cat in her because cat paws why not on her feet.  And then I was like FLOWER PUFF TAIL.  Also return of the lion mouse who must be saying something about the two headed bird behind them that made them gasp.  The two headed bird I actually have an idea for her next form which would be some scary ass two headed phoenix monster.

Speaking of scary ass things, here’s Gwen as a cyclops dragon.  Because why not..and it’s actually canon.  I sketched this when I had a break from moving going YOU KNOW I NEED TO FIGURE OUT HER DRAGON FORM..ALLALALAALFJKljk.  I always goof around with Gwen so I kinda just went dper derp on this.  I want to figure out something more her/more actually dragony but also have her crazyness in there.  Also tiny Gwen head shot both dragon and Chochin sketches and a weird pose next to them.

All these guys reside with meee