Happy 1st anniversary, MONOCHROMAXIC! (Link)

/\ Yeah, I’m getting old LOL 

That’s what we get when we discover the gorgeous Air soundtrack. What a trip, I need to do it often!! It made me so inspired, and “unlazy”. 

Follow your dreams! 

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COME OUT AND FIGHT (01/09/2015)


April Book Photo Challenge I 18. I Interesting Cover 

Neverwhere, by neil-gaiman

Mouse cover art! I love mice, and I love this novel - two interests combined in perfect harmony. Unfortunately for me, tiny Bianca has claimed this copy. It’s her book now. Can’t argue with the tail wrap.


Little mouse in a strawberry plant for Amanda’s mom, who collected little mouse figurines. Thanks so much, lady, it was a pleasure. Also, I love tattooing rodents and other critters soooo much.


The above are some posters I decided to make regarding a very serious issue which is animal testing. Millions of millions of animals are taken and grown in tiny plastic cages just to have things injected, sprayed, forced etc. into them. It’s even been proven that animal testing isn’t even that reliable. There are so many websites that can help you learn more about this issue like the International Humane Society  and I encourage you to learn more and tell everyone you know so we can put an end to it.
ALSO remember: before you decide to buy something like makeup, shampoo etc. check if the brand uses animal testing!!!