Thank you so much for this message! It really brightened my day ^-^

Also, thank you for your recommendations - you were spot on! I’m currently watching Tatami Galaxy and enjoying it immensely (that art style!)

and the plot for Mouryou no Hako sounds amazing

How to battle procrastination

Well, I’m still in the middle of this battle myself, so I can’t really give you a definite cure, but I can share my battle-proven tips and tricks to keep the enemy at bay :)

1) This article is the BEST thing I’ve ever read about procrastination ever (and it has monkeys in it!)

2) This post will help you get in shape if there’s a big test coming up

3) This post might explain how you got to where you are, if you were a really good student for a while and then you just …weren’t anymore.
(I’m working on the second I-was-once-a-good-student Anonymous meeting, by the way. It’ll be a while before I’m done, though)

4) If there is just one trick I can really recommend to you, it is to make conscious decisions.
That sounds really obvious, but it’s ….really not. 
I speak from personal experience, so maybe it’s totally different for you, but the main reason I procrastinate is to get …uh… “swimming”? 

External image

There’s this slippery, smooth, almost too fast passage of time when I get lost on the internet and the hours flow past me while I’m caught in this vortex of interesting things. Same with reading or playing games - these are all things that require concentration, but not high-intensity concentration and hardly ever real creativity. 
You’re kept in this buzzing stage of entertaining your mind while you merrily swim along, which is great, but the downside is that a) there is this deep, sinking feeling when no new stimuli are coming (e.g. visiting the same websites over and over, hoping to find something new) and b) it keeps you passive, not active. 
When this happens to me, I call it “slipping”. There is this visual image of slipping on liquid and then sliding along, going with whatever you can find while time runs through your fingers. 

What you need to do in order to study (or do anything productive, really) is to WALK. 

External image

You need to put step after step to reach a certain goal. And, not gonna lie, that’s exhausting. But you know what? Exhausting is good. Exhausting means you’re using your energy. Exhausting means you’re alive. It’s also much more fun, because you’re doing it on your own. Consciously. And there is this point of getting where you wanted and you look back on the long, long way behind you and you can just smile from the depths of your heart. 

External image

When you slip, you usually end up somewhere you never planned on being ever (like you start on the wikipedia page for “death” and end up finding out that corpses usually release all their bodily fluids. All of them. Which you never see on TV. But it’s a thing.).

So how can you stop “swimming” and start “walking”? You need to anchor yourself to the ground (which is this moment, right now), stand up and start walking. How do you anchor yourself? 

I dabbled in lucid dreaming for a while and there is this exercise that I find really helpful. If you notice you’re slipping, remove yourself from the thing that distracts you, sit down on the floor somewhere and close your eyes. 
Then, slowly open them again and loudly ask yourself “Is this a dream or is this reality?” (please don’t do this in a public place, though. You …might get arrested). Then, look around you to really take your surroundings in. 
This will slow you down enough to grip the metaphorical ground below you and lift yourself up. 

External image

Starting there, you have to make conscious decisions. Start by asking yourself “What do I really want to do right now?”. Find the answer and start doing that thing. No excuses. You’re walking now. It’ll be hard, but ultimately more rewarding. Always keep that in mind. 
Slipping/swimming is all about immediate gratification and that’s nice. But it leaves you empty. 
You really wanna do something good for you? Invest in your future, long-term happiness and take that first step. And every time if feels like you’re slipping, remove yourself and ask “Is this really what I want to do right now?”. And if the answer is no, why should you continue doing it?

All the best, 

from a fellow procrasti-battler

Some of you might now remember me anymore. I haven’t been active as much because of college and I’ve been molding into an old fart (Originally Shiroi-Bara). Oddly enough, I reached 3k+ Followers and it’s just a big what the fuck because I’m lazy as shit. Thank you for following me though hahaha. It means a lot to me. Really.

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