Today the Department of Awesomely Good Deeds salutes police officers in Parma, Ohio who, upon discovering that a mourning dove had built her nest and laid eggs on the windshield cowl of one of their backup squad cars, went out of their way to protect the mama bird rather than displace her.

Officers attached an umbrella to the police car’s windshield, both to give the bird shade and keep her dry, set up a little cup of water for her, and taped off the vehicle so that no one would bother her. They also named her Gerty.

Photos by Julia Tullos, Lisa Lowry, and the City of Parma respectively.

[via Bored Panda]

The signs as sounds
  • Aries:brilliant fireworks that rumble in your chest
  • Taurus:wind blowing through trees deep within a lush green forest
  • Gemini:children play screaming and giggling
  • Cancer:a warm crackling fire inside during the winter
  • Leo:thunder storms on hot summer nights with your windows wide open
  • Virgo:the silence of the library with the occasional sound of pages turning
  • Libra:wind chimes blowing gently in the wind
  • Scorpio:crickets chirping within the stillness of the forest at night while branches cracking under the footsteps of an unknown source
  • Sagittarius:planes taking off in the distance at a near by airport
  • Capricorn:mourning doves cooing in the early morning after a violent rain storm
  • Aquarius:the sound of wind blowing across your ears while on a road trip with the windows all the way down
  • Pisces:white cap ocean waves during high tide

One day Gilbert found that game (Kiku even made a mod just for him of course) and they didnt see him again for a month. (Gilbert at least answer your real canadian bf text messages.)

This actually came to be because I started playing it on the bus ride home this week and omg its so fun! beside that THANK OU ALL FOR YOUR PATIENCE! My hiatus is soon to be done since my con merch is almost done. the prucan and other art will flow again soon.;u; LOVE YOU ALL!!

The mourning dove variant of the common rabbird is a mild-mannered creature which primarily eats seeds and grass. Found mostly at the edges of woods and fields, it can be found in small flocks and mated pairs. It lays two to three small blue-green eggs, and makes a soft cooing noise that is lovely for about the first five minutes and then you want to hit it with a brick. - Ursula Vernon