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1800’s Antique Victorian / small round 10k gold mourning locket // BRAIDED

A small and lovely sentimental piece of history. It was once cherished by someone who took care of it so well that there are no chips or cracks to the glass crystal at all. Wonderful condition despite age.

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I think UT is trying to get Vincent back.And all these trial work was only possible.I think that he never want to harm Ciel, he just miss Vincent so much. When Vincent comes back, he might think that Ciel will be happy again.Poor UT :(

Well, I think it’s impossible to bring Vincent back and I also think that Undertaker knows this. The way he spoke about Vincent when he visited Diedrich makes me believe that.

I agree that UT might not want to harm Ciel. And he would probably like to have Vincent back. But since that’s impossible he’s so sad in that panel. But maybe he can bring back other people he lost, for example those on his mourning lockets, especially Claudia.


1) Memento Mori rosary, early 1500s.

2) Full mourning dress fashion plate, 1780s, France.

3) Mourning ring, 1773, England.

4) Mourning apron fashion plate, 1860s.

5) Mourning brooch, 1800s.

6) Mourning fabric and paper, 1890.

7) Mourning locket, 1800s.

8) Details of a half mourning dress, 1892-95.

9) Memorial brooch, late 1800s.

10) Woman whose relative died in WWI, 1917.

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I don't know if you have heard of it, but the Book of circus artbook has a or two page dedicated to Undertaker's mourning lockets, it's really interesting seeing the names and dates of death and the symbols they have on them. It really makes one wonder who all these people were and why Undertaker cared/bothered with them. And it made me wonder if Undertaker really had a romantic interest in Claudia, and if he maybe just thought her to be interesting enough to waste time on.

Hello :) Yes I know (here’s the link for who is interested)!

And I totally agree with you, it’s indeed really interesting, especially when not all the lockets have hair within them (Emile, Marry/Mally and Gilbert’s lockets don’t), which gives more weight to my theory that, if Vincent Phantomhive doesn’t have a locket, it’s not because his hair burnt but because UT didn’t manage to retrieve what he retrieved for these seven guys. :)

Anyway, I’m hoping the current arc can maybe provide some answers on UT since it seems he might be involved already (because of ch108/109), and if that’s the case we’ll also surely know about his lockets, for now in Ciel’s possession.

I’ve tried to look for explanations about the different symbols countless times to be honest, but without much success since you can theorize many things without more precise info. :/ (I’ll let @thedarkestcrow be the judge of whether flower analyses are possible with these scans or not however, since I’m not an expert for those myself)

Speaking of that, I also find intriguing how, for example, Oliver’s locket just has hair inside while Claudia’s and Harry’s have flowers and laurel.

Are the added elements besides the hair linked to UT’s feelings or the person’s personality maybe? 

TL;DR: I really can’t wait to know more about the lockets but for that we need to have the opportunity to hear about UT’s story, and unfortunately this might take until the end of the current arc, if not until the next arc for all we know…

About your question on Claudia and the Undertaker: Honestly, it’s hard to say for sure, I only have a few “hints” here and there to say that it might have bordered on romance (from UT’s point of view of course, I can’t speak for Claudia), but you can at least be sure that the Undertaker certainly was very interested in her as a person.

After all, it’s 90% certain that she was the watchdog before Vincent and, as a woman controlling the Underworld for the Queen, I’m pretty sure she would have interested many people considering her sex, the time period and the amount of power she’d have at disposition (so as a deserting Shinigami who was curious about humans, the guy probably had a blast observing her).

As for the romantic “hints”, it’s not much but here are some examples (under read more if you’re’ interested because they’re totally subjective):

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Kuromysteries: Claudia Phantomhive

(created by @into–the–abyss and me; look here for our complete list of Kuromysteries)

One of Black Butler’s most mysterious characters is Claudia Phantomhive. There are many speculations about her, yet very little information is given in the manga. However, it seems like she could play an important role later on. So here are a few thoughts about Claudia:

Facts/What do we know about her?

From the shinigami’s family tree of Ciel’s lineage we know that Claudia was born on April 5th, 1830. On June 13th, 1851 (which was a Friday the 13th), at the age of 21, she gave birth to her son, Vincent, which makes her Ciel’s grandmother. However, Ciel never met her since she already died at the young age of 36 on July 13th, 1866 (which also was a Friday the 13th).

We know that Vincent’s father was Cedric K. Ros… so Claudia must have had a connection to this man. And Undertaker possesses a mourning locket with Claudia’s name and a strand of her hair. So they obviously knew each other as well and it’s likely that they were close since Undertaker called the lockets his “treasure”.

That’s pretty much everything the manga tells us about her that we can be certain about. So the following are theories based on the given facts:

Claudia’s last name: Phantomhive

Claudia’s death certificate and the family tree that the shinigami have tell us that her last name was Phantomhive. Vincent’s father’s last name, however, was NOT Phantomhive. That’s quite unusual because especially during these times it was common that the wife take her husband’s last name (like Frances Midford) or at least that the man passes on his last name to his children. Also, it’s very likely that Claudia was married since she had two children and a son born from an unmarried woman probably wouldn’t have inherited the earldom.

So here are two possible explanations as to why Vincent has his mother’s last name:

  1. Claudia’s birth name wasn’t Phantomhive. She married the Earl of Phantomhive but had a secret love affair with Cedric K. Ros… and got pregnant. Her husband never found out and raised Vincent as his son and successor.
  2. Claudia’s birth name was Phantomhive. She may have been the only child of the previous Phantomhive generation and therefore, inherited the title and the position as the Queen’s Watchdog after her predecessor’s death. She may have even married Cedric but kept her last name and passed on her title to her son.

The second option sounds plausible because it’s likely that Claudia was the Queen’s Watchdog at some point (see below). And based on the family tree, Claudia’s parents don’t seem to have had another child. However, Frances isn’t included in the family tree, either. So it could be that it only shows Ciel’s direct ancestors.

It’d also be interesting to know whether Cedric is the father of Frances as well. The family tree only shows one branch coming from Cedric and Claudia, leading to Vincent. But again, this may be because it only shows Ciel’s direct ancestors. But it could also mean that Vincent was Claudia’s and Cedric’s only child meaning that Frances has a different mother or – what’s more likely – a different father. If that’s the case then maybe explanation no. 1 makes more sense.

Was Claudia the Queen’s Watchdog before Vincent?

Since the Phantomhives have been serving the Queen as her Watchdog for several generations and Claudia was a Phantomhive, it’s possible that she, too, watched over England’s underworld on behalf of the Queen. We know that Frances is a strong woman who’s very talented in fencing. If her mother worked as the Watchdog she surely was a strong woman, too, and may have raised her daughter to be able to defend herself.

Claudia most likely had connections to Undertaker. Since Undertaker seems to have been an informant for the Watchdogs for a long time it’s possible that they’ve known each other because of her work as the Watchdog.

It must, however, be mentioned that in the second chapter when Ciel talks about his ring he says that it once belonged to his grandfather. This implies that not Claudia but Vincent’s father was the Watchdog – or at least that’s what Ciel believes.

However, there’s this image in chapter 15 that shows the line of previous Watchdogs and the person behind Vincent – and therefore, Vincent’s predecessor – is clearly a woman.

This may be the only picture of Claudia!

So we can conclude that it’s very likely that Claudia acted as the Watchdog until she died. She may have taken over this position after her husband died if Vincent was still too young at this point or she could have taken over the title from her father. Ciel said himself that he doesn’t know much about his grandmother so it’s possible that he doesn’t even know that she worked for the Queen. Since Claudia died when Vincent was still young, Vincent may not have talked about her very often. This could be the reason why Ciel knows so little about her.

Connection to Undertaker?

One of Undertaker’s treasured lockets has Claudia’s name and a strand of her hair in it.

This probably means that Undertaker knew Claudia when she was alive and that she was important to him. It’s certain that Undertaker has some connection to the Phantomhive family. Other than the locket, he mentioned that he knew previous generations; he cried over Vincent’s death and he seems to keep a watch on Ciel. We don’t know his motives but it’s possible that it started with Claudia.

Undertaker said that he hasn’t been an active shinigami for at least half a century. That means he could have been working as a reaper when Claudia was born but quit around the time when she was a child (around 10 years old). Could she have anything to do with Undertaker becoming a deserter?

A popular theory is that Undertaker and Claudia may have been lovers. The strand of her hair in the locket forms the infinity symbol that can stand for never-ending, limitless love. Undertaker might even be Cedric which means that he would be Vincent’s father and Ciel’s grandfather. The German reapers implied that Ciel’s lineage could be the reason for him being able to see shinigami and if Undertaker was really his ancestor maybe his shinigami blood would explain this. It would also explain Undertaker’s grief on Vincent’s death. However, Cedric’s name in the family tree has a date of death (though, technically, Undertaker did “die” in order to become a shinigami in the first place). But he must have already been a shinigami when he met Claudia and we don’t know if shinigami are even able to reproduce.

So maybe they were lovers, maybe they were friends who met because of Claudia’s work as the Watchdog or maybe Undertaker’s ties to the Phantomhives go much longer back to even Claudia’s ancestors. The only thing we can assume is that they knew each other and that they probably were closer than just working partners.

It’s also worth thinking about whether Undertaker’s Bizarre Doll project has anything to do with Claudia (e.g. a way of bringing her back to life?). (Look here for more about the Bizarre Dolls)

How did Claudia die?

As mentioned in the beginning, Claudia died at the very young age of 36. So she must have died from an unnatural cause. It could have been an illness or maybe an accident but there are two other options that seem more likely:

She could have been killed. If Claudia really worked as the Queen’s Watchdog she surely had many enemies. It’s possible that the same people who are responsible for Vincent’s death also killed Claudia. Undertaker once implied that he isn’t very fond of Queen Victoria. Maybe his dislike for her results from the knowledge that the work for the Queen is what got Claudia (and Vincent) killed.

The other possibility is that Claudia has killed herself. That would mean that she became a shinigami. The fact that Yana revealed how shinigami come into existence could mean that this will be important for the plot at some point. And, again, this could be the reason why Ciel’s lineage is special in the shinigami’s opinion. Maybe they were referring to Claudia. So if she has really committed suicide it would raise the question why she would have done it – especially since she had two young children. Here are some headcanons:

  • She killed herself with the knowledge from Undertaker that she would become a shinigami and had planned to become a deserter in order to be with Undertaker forever. However, since Undertaker seems to be alone now something must have gone wrong.
  • She was threatened by someone and thought that killing herself would be the only option to save her children.
  • She found out about something terrible (maybe related to or caused by her work as the Watchdog). Not being able to bear the guilt, she decided to end her life.

Whatever the reason for her early death may be, it’s likely that it’s somehow connected to her being a Phantomhive and possibly the Queen’s Watchdog. Dying young seems to be an unlucky fate of all Phantomhives. Claudia was 36, Vincent was 34 and Ciel’s fate was sealed once he made a contract with a demon.


Even though there’s little information about Claudia she seems to have had an interesting life which may have set many things in motion. She probably was a strong woman who managed to find her way working in the male-dominated underground society as the Queen’s Watchdog while raising two kids. Especially her connection to Undertaker is something to keep in mind and will surely play a bigger role as the plot progresses.


1) Mourning ring, 1661, England.

2) Mourning bonnet, 1845-48.

3) Child’s mourning dress, 1855-60, Cooperstown, New York.

4) Mourner, 1863.

5) Mourning locket, late 1700s.

6) Mourning corsage for Abe Lincoln, April, 1865.

7) Mourning, 1870s.

8) Mourning evening dress, 1908.

9) Mourning brooch, 1800.

10) Mourning hat, 1918, USA.

Theory about what happened 50 years ago: Has the Queen been judged worthy?

(This is in response to an ask I got yesterday about what I think happened “50 years ago”. There are still many uncertainties about Undertaker and his reasons for deserting so for now, this is probably just a cracky headcanon.)

What are given facts?

Undertaker said that the last time someone called him a shinigami was around 50 years ago. (In the print edition he says “at least” half a century.)

So I assume that was the time when he quit the Dispatch and became a deserter. Since the current timeline takes place in 1889, 50 years ago means around 1839 (+/-).

So what else happened around this time? Victoria became the Queen in June 1837 (at least in real life). Not long after that, on December 10th, 1837, Mally G. died. That’s the earliest mourning locket that Undertaker possesses.

We don’t know the relationship between Undertaker and the people on his lockets but it’s very likely that it was very close and those people meant much to Undertaker. He called the lockets his “treasure” so the people who they belong to must be important to him. Also, it’s no secret that Undertaker doesn’t like the Queen.

That’s it for the facts. Now here’s what I think could have happened:

The Queen is responsible for the deaths of the people on the lockets or at least that’s what Undertaker believes. We know that Claudia Phantomhive who’s also one of the persons on UT’s lockets died at a young age. Since she probably was the Queen’s Watchdog before Vincent it’s likely that she had to die because of that. Maybe the other people were also part of the Watchdog’s network, like Undertaker himself. He might have considered them all as friends but they all died during their work for the Queen or maybe even by the Queen’s orders.

Now how does this connect to Undertaker’s reasons for deserting?

We know that there’s the possibility for humans to be deemed ‘worthy’.

If someone who’s destined to die is judged “beneficial to the world” by a shinigami the person will be excluded from the to-die list and will continue to live. Even though William says that there are almost no humans this applies to, there must be a reason why Yana decided to invent this loophole. So what if Queen Victoria is one of these rare people who have been judged worthy?

There’s an interesting little fact about the real Queen Victoria. Starting in 1830 she was forced to go on several trips around England and Wales and as a result of constant stress and little rest she fell ill with a severe fever in 1835. What if our Victoria from the manga was supposed to die because of that but then a shinigami judged her worthy and she survived?

Given that she ruled England for a very long time she had great influence and impact on the society. And currently the situation in the manga could lead to war where Victoria might play an important role. Maybe that’s why she would have been judged “beneficial to the world”.

Someone who’s being excluded from the to-die list must be important in the shinigami’s eyes. So there’s the possibility that they delegate someone of their own to protect this special person. Now who could that be in Victoria’s case?

We’ve never seen John Brown’s eyes and he seems to have supernatural abilities, being able to travel to Germany that fast and without being affected by the poison gas in the forest. So he could be a shinigami whose job is to protect the Queen as long as she’s “beneficial to the world”.

But now imagine how Undertaker must feel about this. The person who he thinks is responsible for his friends’ deaths is someone who has been judged worthy by his fellow shinigami.

I think he was still working as a shinigami in 1835. Now I can think of two possibilities:

First, Undertaker himself was the shinigami who judged Victoria worthy in 1835. Two years later she became Queen and shortly after that she was responsible for Mally G.’s death, who was a personal friend of Undertaker. Stricken with guilt, Undertaker regretted his decision of letting Victoria live and that’s why he quit working as a shinigami.

And second, someone else judged her worthy. Undertaker was against that decision but he couldn’t change the other shinigami’s mind. Then, when Mally G. died, he couldn’t accept living among the other shinigami who even wanted to protect Victoria and that’s why he deserted. As for who that other shinigami might be, there’s the possibility that it was Othello who has implied that his last time in the human world was around 50 years ago:

Maybe even Othello regretted his decision after hearing that someone died because of Queen Victoria, or he feared Undertaker’s wrath and that’s why he changed his profession and started to work in the Forensic Division rather than in the Retrieval Division.

Ever since deserting Undertaker could have tried to observe the Queen’s activities and prevent that something bad happens because of her. Through this he might try to make up for the ‘mistake’, as he would call it, of letting Victoria live. That’s how he could have come in contact with the Phantomhives and became part of their network.

I’m sure this theory has some flaws and I don’t say it has to be true, but I could imagine that something like this might have happened. 

Gregory Violet's Lockets

(This post is based on a conversation I had with @midnight-in-town.)

As @glacierspirit has noticed, Violet is wearing an accessory on his outfit that looks very similar to Undertaker’s mourning lockets.

Assuming that these are mourning lockets as well, it raises the question to whom they refer to. It looks like there are six lockets, so has Violet already lost six dear people in his young life?

But, remember the Weston arc? The (former) P4 killed Derrick, his friends and vice-principal Agares. So in total they killed six people:

Could Violet’s lockets stand for these six people? That would mean that he’s mourning their deaths and therefore, regretting his actions.

That kinda contrasts to what we’ve seen of the former P4 in the current arc. Like Greenhill has told Edward, they seem to have found their happiness again. But as analyzed it this post by @erebuscheslock or here by @midnight-in-town, Violet doesn’t seem to be that enthusiastic about this cult as his fellow comrades and Bravat’s influence doesn’t work that good on him. 

So maybe these lockets are a sign that Violet still regrets what happened at Weston. 

This grave that Sebastian found at the end of the chapter is probably connected to what’s happening at the meetings of this sect. So it seems like the former P4 haven’t escaped from their past but have stepped yet into another situation that involves murder. Maybe Violet wants to help the others to escape it before it’s too late.

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It looks like Claudia's haircolour was blonde. Meaning the father of Vincent would have been dark haired. I think that's quite intresting information.

It’s true, Claudia’s hair color looks really light in that panel so she could have been blonde. However, as @midnight-in-town has said, this could only be a drawing effect. In Book of Circus we can see Claudia’s mourning locket in color and there her strand of hair is blue-greyish (like Vincent’s and Ciel’s hair). I’m not sure who decided on that but I think I remember that Yana herself drew some colored designs for the lockets (look at this post).

So it’s not so certain yet. Frances seems to have blonde hair, too, so it’s not impossible that Claudia was blonde. And if she was that really could mean that Cedric was dark-haired. 

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The drawing of Ciel with the snow Owl, is Ciel wearing one of Undertaker's lockets?

Nice observation, Anon! There’s really a mourning locket on Ciel’s outfit in that picture:

Here’s a close-up:

However, it’s none of Undertaker’s lockets. They look different (here are pictures of them). Also, this picture of Ciel is the cover of chapter 45 which takes place during the Murder arc. So Undertaker is still in the possession of his lockets.

I rather think Ciel’s mourning locket here is a symbol for Sebastian’s “death” that had occurred a few chapters earlier. (And the writing below the strand of hair actually looks a bit like ‘Sebastian’, doesn’t it?)

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Topic of mourning chains, I used to think the chains Grell wears are Mourning chains, but they are actually just a bunch of balls on chains, still, there might something more behind them. I know about the "it looks mangosteens", but it seems the 1st time they appeared in the manga was in the campania arc (didn't see them in the JtR arc) and that was also when Ut's chains became relevant, I wonder if they have a hidden meaning... or it's just a kinky chain and Grell doesn't know how to use it.

I’m pretty sure this accessory of Grell is really supposed to be a chain with mangosteens (look also at this post ^^).

And Grell already had it in the Jack the Ripper arc:

So I don’t really think that there’s a connection to Undertaker’s mourning lockets.

The mangosteen is also called “Queen of Fruit” and maybe that’s what Grell identifies with and that’s the reason for this choice of jewelry. ;)

After the death of Queen Victoria’s husband in the late 1800’s, the queen when into a long state of mourning and popularized “Mourning Jewelry” among the public of both England and a large majority of western Europe. 
Once a loved one dies, one would take a lock of their hair and have it artfully crafted into designs that could be placed in lockets, brooches, and many other accessories. 
My friend Miranda and I have been studying and ogling over these beautiful trinkets for months and months- and for Christmas, my parents bought me this beautiful locket. 
I could not have received a gift more perfect than this, and I can’t wait to wear this little piece of history everywhere I go.


1) Mourning bracelet, 1893, England.

2) Christmas mourning, 1896.

3) Reception dress worn by Queen Victoria, 1897.

4) Mourning dress, 1900-10, Netherlands.

5) King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra mourning Queen Victoria, 1901, Scotland.

6) Mourning dresses, 1910.

7) Mourning hat, 1915, USA.

8) Mourning brooch, 1930s, Austria.

9) Mourning dress fashion plate, 1810.

10) Mourning locket, 1800.

I dare you to write a story with three of these objects: a Victorian mourning necklace or a locket, a musical instrument, a specific fruit, a celtic knot, shoestrings, a chef's knife, a kerchief

Be creative! Pick three objects or use the whole list. Do the objects have an owner in common? Do they contain a single memory? Are they tools, mementos, secret weapons, or all of the above? Try to mess around with your own ideas of the uses for each object.

Think outside the box! If you’re brave enough to post, don’t forget to tag ‘I dare you to write’ and indicate whether or not concrit is welcome.

((Again with drafting instead of queuing! This is last night’s prompt and there will be another tonight))