Jose Mourinho just LOVES tennis.


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José Mourinho pours his heart over Steven Gerrard

“Liverpool is a giant club and if they want to do that (guard of honour), obviously my players will accept that with the same respect.”

“But speaking about Liverpool and them honouring of champions, it is my time to honour a champion, Steven Gerrard and to say that it is because of opponents like him that I am the manager I am.”

"In England he is my dear enemy, he made me a better manager.”

"I lost, won, drew against him, I was happy and sad in games against him. I’m very sad this is last time I play against him.

"I tried to bring him to Chelsea, I tried to bring him to Inter, I tried to bring him to Real Madrid but he was always with the enemy.”

“I want to honour him and I hope Stamford Bridge has the same feeling.”

“Who knows I play against Steven as a Liverpool manager someday.“

“The press will always try to make stories but the truth is Jose and I have a very good relationship. We shared a relationship of honesty and trust. I have nothing but respect for him and I am sure that he feels the same. There is no truth about him forcing me out of Chelsea. I wanted to play regularly and he was honest with me and told me he couldn’t promise me that. If he is ever in Madrid I would buy him dinner, we are friends.”

Fernando Torres on Jose Mourinho

I met this morning a gentleman who lives almost next door to me, an Arsenal fan of more than 50 years, and he congratulated me for my press conference, saying I was spot on.

José Mourinho

referring to his epic press conference (x)
“Boring Chelsea? I think boring is 10 years without a title, that’s very boring.“