Mathias Carnaghi, an argentinian actor, gets tickled on his bare feet.

Some people have asked me for tutorials. I’m extremely lazy making tutorials (the truth is I hate making them), but I’ve made this little step-by-step showing off a bit of my working progress for digital illustration. I’ll try to make videos again soon.

Right now I work in Photoshop CC 2014 with a Wacom Intous4 A5.

Rough Sketch:

Lineart begins. I ALWAYS draw the lineart of whole naked body, cause later is easier to draw correctly the outfits and hair:

Dress, dress, dress hair, moure dress details…:

Finished lineart after cleaning all the unnecesary lines:

Base coloring:

Shading, highlights and last details.

Seymour Ancient Agreement With Gaius Julius Caesar Of Rome

Sey Mour: Hello Hello Little Gray Man

Caesar Of Rome: Hello Sir……

Seyour: Do You Want To Mass Around With Me

common verbs in Catalan

aconseguir - to get

agradar - to like

ajudar - to help

anar - to go

anar-se’n -to leave

beure - to drink

començar - to begin

córrer - to run

deixar - to let

dir - to say

dir-se - to be called

donar - to give

escoltar - to hear

escriure - to write

esdevenir/convertir-se - to become

estimar - to love

fer - to do/to make

guardar/quedar-se - to keep

intentar/provar - to try

jugar - to play

llegir - to read

menjar - to eat

mirar - to look

mostrar/ensenyar - to show

moure - to move

necessitar - to need

parar - to stop

parlar - to talk

pensar - to think

poder - can

posar - to put

preguntar - to ask

prendre - to take

saber/conèixer - to know

semblar - to seem

sentir - to feel

ser/ésser - to be

tenir - to have

treballar - to work

utilitzar - to use

venir - to come

veure - to see

viure - to live

voler - to want