Quero que você saiba que sempre será parte de mim. No tempo que passamos juntos, você conquistou um lugar especial no meu coração, que eu vou levar comigo para sempre e ninguém pode substituir… Mas, acima de tudo, você é o primeiro homem que amei verdadeiramente. E não importa o que o futuro traga, você sempre será, e sei que minha vida é melhor por causa disso.
—  Querido John
Luke Cage Is Black As Hell And Doesn’t Care Who Knows It
"If you’re a black person imagining a superhero, the first thing you would want is a bulletproof superhero," says Mike Colter.
By Gena-mour Barrett

BuzzFeed’s Gena-mour Barrett spoke with Cheo Coker, showrunner and executive producer of Netflix’s Luke Cage, about the difficulties behind portraying the nuances of blackness on screen. 

  • Sailor Moon Fandom: All Tuxedo Mask does is throw a rose! He's useless. He needs a real attack.
  • Sailor Moon Crystal: *Doesn't throw a rose in the first act since it's base off the manga where he doesn't throw any because he have real attacks. He also more useful.*
  • Sailor Moon Fandom: OH NOO THE ROSES ARE GONE! NOOOOO! I'm not watching Sailor Moon Crystal now!

*Sey Mour Take Aim With Swift Wepogn* Boy Your Not Walcome Here *Seym Crank Up The Generator* Your Better Leave 3… 2… 1… None More Chancess Its Time To Go *WHOOSH And Boy Carried Away By A Gust Of Powerful Time*

*His Turn To You And Flash A Smile Of Teeths* I Saved You: Kiss?


Three 12th grade students at The Northwest School in Seattle designed this shirt as their senior project and are selling it with proceeds to benefit Planned Parenthood (see “about” for more details). Their expectation was to sell them only in the school community, but their original run of 60 shirts sold out in a day and there has been widespread demand for more, so they set up an online store. The shirts are $20 (plus possible tax and shipping depending on where you live and how impatient you are). Please feel free to share. They are thrilled at the positive response they have been getting and would love to make a significant donation to PP.

post by Helen Bergman Moure