Tama may be gone, but NITAMA has stepped up to take over the position of Kishi Station master.

Earlier this year, it was announced that the beloved station master of Wakayama Electric Railway - Kishi Station, had passed away.

Over 3000 people showed up to her memorial service, recently held on August 10th. President of Wakayama Electric Railway, Mitsunobu Kojima, stated that he had held off on announcing Tama’s successor as it is customary to have a mouring period of 50 days.

Nitama was not the only cat in line for the position, but won out because she was the most social with the staff, environment, and the most willing to wear the station hat.

A press release was held on Aug 11 to announce Nitama as the successor, and one of the first things she did was visit Tama’s memorial. Nitama is only 5 years old, so all fans rejoice in hopes that they will have many years with her.

stay cute Japan.


Lakat alatt nélküled
én vagyok kit szíved várt
Nálad a kulcs, lépni kéne
de te félsz nyitni a zárt

A kulcslyukon át érezni,
illatodban vadul mártózva
Én szenvedek lakat alatt,
mégis te vagy elzárkózva

Csak a falaknak sóhajtok
neved körmömmel rávésve
Elüvöltöm, hogy szeretlek,
nem tudom, hogy átér -e

Felfeszítem poros cellám
hagylak téged feledésbe
Megszököm, de szerettél,
csak túlzottan megkésve

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Halloween Date

  1. Pure Imagination ~ Fiona Apple
  2. This is Halloween (8 Bit Version) ~ Danny Elfman
  3. Bad Moon Rising ~ Mouring Ritual
  4. Stand By Me ~ Mona
  5. Ready or Not ~ Mission Impossible

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¿Recuerdas? Una linda mañana de verano. La playa sola. Un vuelo de alas grandes y lerdas. Sol y viento. Florida la mar azul. ¿Recuerdas? Mi mano suavemente oprimia tu mano…
—  Fragmento - Manuel Magallanes Moure
Katya Petrova (née Pavlova)  | Twenty | Class E  | 

PRIMARY ROLE: Scientist – Medicine
SPECIAL SKILLS: Medicine, Chemistry, Substance Analysis, Biology

  • Is only ever seen by her looks.
  • Has made great advances in cancer research through some rather questionable methods.
  • Is very determined to make her mark in the world.
  • Goes by the pseudonym “Eron Moure” in the science community.
“There’s a lot of things I’m not. But the one thing I am may surprise you.”

All through her life, Katya was labeled as beautiful and nothing else. Which isn’t bad compared other names other people have received. Though it gave her great pleasure to be called such when she was a little girl, as the years went by she grew tired. She grew tired of only ever being seen as the pretty girl. There’s so much more to her than just her beauty but no one could ever see that because they were too shallow to even care about anything deeper then skin. 

Sure her looks carried her through life with ease, Katya would never deny that simple fact. She’s very grateful for her the fact that she has never struggled in her life at all, her looks always got her by. When she was 13 years old she had been discovered by a model scout and they quickly took her under their wing. By the age of 15, she was already plaster all over the world on billboards and magazines. She really did have a very charmed life, she went from Forever 21 to Hermes without hardly lifting a finger. But you know what they say, not everyone that has it all is truly happy. 

Katya wanted to be known for something else other than her looks. She wanted to stop men from constantly harassing her and just simply ask her out on a date, she wanted women to stop looking at her with jealous envy and just befriend her but most of all she wanted to stop the look she got when she would try to chime in about politics, medicine, current events, science. There was so much more to her life than just walking down a runaway in Berlin. In an effort to break the pretty girl wall, she had enrolled herself into a university. There she studied science, primarily chemistry, biology and medicine. Katya was finally in her comfort zone with no frilly dresses, no makeup and no team of people constantly hovering over her. Just her, a lab coat and a few others that shared the same interest as her. Though her classmates and professors did underestimate her at times, she could easily prove them wrong and they would respect her from her accomplishments. This was something Katya appreciated immensely because she was under able to do the same “in the real world”. Come graduation, she became terrified of what was to come. Katya had become so accustomed to her life of school and the occasional photo shoot for the past few years that she didn’t want to leave it. Something in her mind told her that even with all of her hard work towards getting a degree, she still wouldn’t be respected the way she wanted to be.

And that voice was absolutely correct. As soon as she got out, she had an interview for a position at a lab. But as soon as she walked in, they had given her a questioning look. Katya tried not to let it get to her as she sat down. She gave it her all, and when she left the room all she heard from behind her was a snort and a “Does that model really think she can be a scientist? As if.” After that comment, the young girl finally decided to take things into her own hands. Finally realizing her potential and capabilities, she funded her own lab out of her own pocket. It wasn’t a huge state of the art lab, but it was hers and she was proud of it. Whenever she made discoveries or major advances she would list it under a pseudonym, Eron Moure. This wasn’t her ideal, but it finally made people listen.

Everything was going well for the next couple of months. Katya continued her modelling and on her days off she would go to her lab and be in her element. But life didn’t want to keep giving her lemons, it seems likes. For when she went to see her doctor for what she thought was a normal check up, they suddenly gave her the biggest news of her life. She was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Katya suddenly saw her life flash before her. She realized that she had wasted her youth on worrying about what other people thought about her and growing up too fast.

With that she decided to take back her youth and live her life to the fullest. Though she may have had jumped into it a little too fast and too hard. While before you’d find her in her lab working away on most nights, she was now running rampant. Whenever one of her model friends would invited her to some high society party, she would instantly say yes. Katya, surprisingly, often became the life of the party as well. There was something about knowing that your days being numbered that liberated her. Plus she had no idea that partying around the world and being a jet-setter would be so enjoyable. Though it didn’t last too long as it just wasn’t who she was.

At a particularly wild party, she decided to just sit back and become a wallflower, observe from afar like she used to. But a random stranger came up to her and charmingly introduced himself. He said he was Dmitry Petrov, and he sheepishly admitted that he had been eyeing her ever since he had seen her at one of his parties a few months back. Katya really enjoyed his company. His “I-don’t-care” attitude and laid back attitude put her at ease. It somehow made her put all of her worries in the back of her mind and focus on him. They continued to keep each other company for the next six months, when suddenly Dmitry proposed to her. Taken off guard, she was at first hesitant. Who even got married at 18 anyways? Plus she was eighty percent sure that he was only proposing to annoy his mother. But she soon thought otherwise and agreed. She wanted to make the most of what was left of her life, and getting married was something she wanted to do.

Now working for I.S.S.A, Katya finally has all of the technology and lab space that she could’ve ask for. She has been able to make great advances in cancer research, way more than in her tiny lab. While she knows that her superiors often turn a cheek to use of live subjects for experiments, Katya isn’t comfortable using anyone but herself for her research despite the many offers and arguments made towards her. She’s terminally ill anyways, what does it matter if one little thing goes wrong. Besides, she’s kept herself alive for this long.

    ✔ Caring, Likeable, Protective 
    ✖ Shy, Low Self-Esteem, Unsatisfied 

DMITRY PETROV [Husband]: “I was going to go help out Dr. Taan with a mission.” While a part of her is still convinced that Dmitry only married her to annoy Ekaterina, she can’t deny that he has treated her with so much support, love and respect within the couple of years that they have been married. Though the subject of why they got married still pops into her mind every now and then, she’s never questioned him about it because she’s afraid of what the answer might be. She doesn’t want to be right about his motive. While they often fight about her experiments, she knows at the end of that day he just wants what’s best for her. Katya often questions his recklessness and lack of care though. She realizes that while her future isn’t definite, his is and she wants it to stay that way. 

EKATERINA PETROVA [Mother-in-law]: “Dmitry doesn’t want me to go. He’s afraid I’ll get sick.” Katya appreciates her mother-in-law for what she has done for both herself and Dmitry. She is aware that she didn’t really have to help them, but she did. She is also aware that her husband’s mother wasn’t too fond of her at the beginning. Katya didn’t blame her though, she would be pretty weary of some random girl just suddenly marrying her son too. Though over the years they have grown rather close and Katya even considers her like her own mother, though she’s never said it out loud as she knows it’d make both her mother-in-law and Dmitry very uncomfortable.

LYNN KANG [Best Friend]: “Ha! They’ll never see it coming too. Once they realize what happened, we’ll already be on top of the world!” Katya loves Lynn’s cheery demeanour and often welcomes it. Though she often becomes a shoulder to cry on for the other girl, as she’s definitely the listener of the two. They relate to each other very much in the sense that they are often underestimated and undermined when they shouldn’t be. The pair often talk about how they’re going to take over the world and be the best black horses the world has ever seen.




This character is OPEN and has a SLIGHTLY FLEXIBLE faceclaim.