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First thoughts on Detective Conan File 994 (Update 30.05.17)

Here is an updated version of my thoughts and theories around the current storyline in Detective Conan, after reading @yesyunniechan‘s translated File 994. Here’s the program so far: Ran talking about Okita in a cheerful manner, Conan jealous as hell, Sonoko and Sera as accomplices.

But as it is often the case in Aoyama’s work, our first feelings are misleading. And this distraction is quite superfluous since we know that Ran only really has eyes for Shinichi and no other man, and that the two of them are bound to be together by the end of the manga. That is one of the few certainties in DC.

Okita is not the first one to be interpreted as Ran’s paramour, since dr. Araide assumed the position 20 years ago and Conan was just as jealous (but also more devastated because he knida knew that Araide was a good man, even if he didn’t know it was Vermouth in disguise for most of the time). In the end, Ran didn’t have feelings for Araide and was only asking him a favor that turned out to be a gift for Shinichi.

Okita promised Ran to make her visit Kyoto. The Red Thread’s FB page already hypothesized that Ran is planning a trip (either for a birthday or a school trip, or maybe both) in Kyoto. And since Okita knows his city very well, it only makes sense for Ran to contact him. Conan, in jealous mode, doesn’t have this kind of hindsight yet.

Also, many fans have already noticed the stricking resemblance of the beggining of the file with another, much older chapter, where Ran visits her mother and Conan thought she was seing a man. Both times, her unusual cheerfulness in order to misdirect the reader. While my first thoughts were that it was her mother on the phone and that she was planning the trip with her mother’s help, the complete file shows that Ran already met with Eri not too long ago as staed by Conan. It implies Eri is not part of Ran’s mysterious plan.

Since Heiji, Momiji, and (very probably) Kazuha, are confirmed to appear around File 1000 and that Gosho teased a big highschool even for those characters. The idea of a school trip implicating Conan, Ran, Okita, Heiji, Kazuha, and Momiji, is more and more plausible.

In a funny and almost too “on the nose” moment of self-awareness, Conan wonders if Ran chose Kyoto for its reputation as the center stage of drama and mysteries, and that this will make Shinichi appear somehow. Conan being this genre-savvy cannot be just an innocent gag on Aoyama’s part. Other examples of obvious fiction tropes mentioned by the characters and then used in the story are a solid argument for this to be foreshadowing.

Now, for the near future; this new case with the dead waiter and Sera will certainly last three chapters including 994, so the new case will start in File 997. In that case, File 1000 will be part 4, either as a climax or the turning point.

Aoyama teased the return of Shinichi, Ran’s birthday, and her reply’s to Shinichi’s confession in London.

So my two theories are either that Shinichi wants to be there for her birthday in his original form, as a gift, or that he is so jealous of Okita (who is already very flirty and might make another move on Ran), that he takes an antidote out of spite to intervene. Both possibilities seem plausible with the elements we have and Shinichi’s personality. Plus, both theories can fit in the self-awareness of Conan’s inner monologue in File 994 !

And you ? How do you think the 1000th file will turn out ? ;)

So what if an experimental memory-loss serum was accidentally dropped into everything? It’s not like Ai is using her gathered pictures for blackmail or anything…

Happy [late] birthday Shinichi! (because I totally didn’t forget his b-day or anything. Nope.)


Fangirl Challenge: 2/10 TV shows

I grew up watching Toonami after school every day. Ronin Warriors almost always came on before Sailor Moon (or right after). These boys never failed to brighten my day with their goofy antics and heroics. And we can’t forget how much of a badass Lady Kayura is, being able to handle two Troopers and keep the upper hand on her own, or how smart and capable Natsuti proved herself to be with her research and just general ability to suddenly be able to take care of 5 teenage boys while still being mostly a child herself. Rediscovering it years later as Yoroiden Samurai Troopers, I found a whole new appreciation for the show and its storytelling. 


“…But maybe not. I can’t seem to find him…”

(Did someone say candy?)

M!A 2/3


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just a sketch lmao i didn’t even bother to lineart omg but it’s almost midnight and my bed is calling meee

i might properly do this later but for now have some shinichi dropping his jaw bec his future wife is so goddamn byootiful