mourad mourad

There is nothing in existence that has any purpose, neither does existence itself have any purpose. But the imagined identity is so lost and desperate for security that it will hold up almost any flag in reach and proclaim it has found a purpose. But all ideas from birth to death that are given so much importance have no real substance, they will all collapse. There is nothing to attain in addition to what you already are. Existence is self-sufficient onto itself, you only have to let go of that which is limited and imagined.


Leila Mourad was a Jewish Egyptian convert to Islam of the Golden Age of Arab Cinema. She and Umm Kulthum were in professional competition while she and Sabah competed over her three-time husband Anwar Wajdi. Leila frequently collaborated with Anwar not only in matriomony (seriously–three times!) but also professionally. They starred together in a lot films, most notable Ghazal El Banat. Watch it here.

Leila was accused of conspiring with Israel and had to publicly declare herself as pro-Islam and pro-Egypt in order to quell rising criticisms. Some suspect that Umm Kulthum’s camp planted these rumours (but a conversation about rumours and Umm Kulthum warrants a whole other post). Eventually, Umm Kulthum won professionally as Leila’s career faded in the shadow cast by the Lady. Most pictures of Leila Mourad are very 50s because she was most photographed at the height of her career which spanned, roughly, the 50s.

She died in 1995.


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