Would anyone like to see not-so-nice Ekimu?

Now, I’m sure pretty much everything I’m about to say will prove to be unfounded and ludicrous within at most a few months, but I feel like there’s enough left unexplained about G2 thus far that allows for this speculation. I kinda doubt Lego would pull a plot twist like this–think of all the trust issues it would inspire in kids–but I think it remains possible to at least make him as bad as Makuta is in this reboot. I’m holding out on the Mask of Ultimate Power being the true villain, but I think both brothers could be shady characters.

Consider: All the characterization we have thus far for Makuta is that he got jealous of Ekimu’s recognition and tried to one-up him with a mask. That mask then took over him, and began causing harm to Okoto. Ekimu knocks it off, they both get knocked out, and the three most powerful masks get scattered across the land. Makuta’s been mentioned as being in control of all the foes the toa have fought thus far, but at this point that’s kinda just an assumption everyone’s going with. Nobody’s really jumped into battle yelling, “FOR MAKUTA,” and whoever’s giving Umarak his orders in JtO is at this point only confirmed to be a dark fire with evil eyes (so maybe even by tomorrow this whole segment of my writing here will have fallen apart).

Basically, I’m saying that the true big bad here might not be Makuta because first of all he hasn’t physically appeared since the cataclysm days, and secondly the Mask of Ultimate Power is implied to have its own consciousness and is constantly wreathed in dark fire. Makuta doesn’t even have his own Mask of Control, it’s somewhere in a labyrinth, so how would he be making so many destructive monsters heed his wishes without such a powerful, crucial tool?

This brings me back around to Ekimu being a less-than-benevolent leader of light. Yes, he did defeat Makuta/MoUP, fashion golden masks and armour for the toa, and provide the prophecy that brought them to Okoto in the first place, but what if he turns out to be just using them? What if he gains some semblance of incredible power from their efforts and gets transformed into his summer wave form, then battles the beasts not for Okoto’s freedom, but for his own personal gain?

It is a stretch, and again, I doubt it’s the route they’re going, but I think as of right now he has the potential to have his own selfish agenda. Maybe neither of the esteemed mask maker brothers is a paragon of virtue, and the only pure of heart powerful beings are our favourite elemental dorks. Makuta can still be seeking the three most powerful masks to get the recognition Ekimu always got, but Ekimu could also be trying to obtain all three to truly become ruler of Okoto. He just does it much more subtly, so the villagers won’t realize he’s not working for their own benefit, he’s working for his. 

The Mask of Ultimate Power, then, can be the one truly responsible for all the monsters faced thus far. Maybe the two brothers will underestimate its power and it will claim the mind of whichever one takes it first, but I feel like they could both be after it for similar reasons, at least. 

Why do I care about whether or not Ekimu is a nice guy or not, when I want the MoUP to be the big bad regardless? It’s because I feel like it fits the general theme this reboot has gone for since its inception: that unity among people is more powerful and good than having one strong individual. Ekimu may fill the role of token old wise one guiding the heroes, but that doesn’t mean he’s necessarily good at heart. Recent events could easily be little parts of a centuries-spanning master plan involving seizing totalitarian control of Okoto without anyone ever realizing he was doing so. Sound familiar? Well yeah, I think it’s possible that much like there was a species of Makuta in G1, there could be “multiple Makutas” in G2.

Bionicle G2 according to a 7-year-old

Disclosure: I have a little brother (henceforth LB) who is significantly younger than me, and who has become a rabid fan of Bionicle G2. He has almost no knowledge of G1, and so, in some sense, I get to see G2 through his eyes. It’s quite fun, and it keeps me from getting too crotchety/critical. I’m glad that he gets to have Bionicle as a part of his childhood imagination, as I did.

Well, I recently had a chance to show him the set descriptions for the new summer enemies, and (after he’d calmed down a bit), he described to me in detail how he thought the G2 storyline worked and how it would progress in future. 

It was very sharp (although I’m biased) and I wanted to share it:

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