I am unreasonably angry at LEGO right now.

The Bionicle Reboot that I was hoping was going to go places? That I was genuinely looking forward to? It’s not gonna go anywhere. Wanna know why? Because Bionicle is getting shitcanned.

Now not only did Journey to One get the most rushed, unsatisfying ending ever, but we’re never going to get the Makuta set with the MoUP that the entire line had been building up to until this point.

Fuck you, Lego.



spyriax  asked:

What do you think the likelihood of us getting a MoUP polybag would be? Part of me says we won't get one, since bionicle is cancelled and all, but part of me says we will, since they literally showed us the mold for it. I'm totally fine with not getting an entire Makuta set, but I think it would be kinda weird to have a MoUP mold and not sell it in some form

It’d certainly be a nice thing for them to dangle out at collectors at the very least. Can’t speak toward likelihood, but I imagine they could net a bit of cash with auctioning some masks or something.