Two days in a row of hitting snooze for an entire hour.

Walked anchovy when we finally woke up and ran into a woman who I made a Christmas plushie for. Her husband ordered it and sent me pictures to work with. Nice to see the real Oscar and to hear that she found it so sweet that she cried. My doggie plushies look like puppies, and you see, she adopted Oscar when he was six (just like us with anchovy) and she always wondered what he must have looked like as a puppy and knowing that, her husband ordered one up for me. That’s the third gratitude story I’ve heard from my Christmas projects.

It makes me feel so happy!

Plushies for sale

Hi. I have some time off of work coming up and I’m preparing to sew like crazy! I also want to buy stuff on etsy so all the money I make will be going to artists on etsy. Hooray!

Does anyone have any requests?!?

So far, I’ve got a black and white piggie almost finished that I would totally want to make more of AND a request for a seahorse like the one in The Life Aquatic.

What sort of plushies should join the Mount Plushmore world???