mountin bike


Yesterday I got out for a really nice multi-surface bike ride.  I’m not sure that I want to be riding on the snowmobile trails during prime snowmobile season, but this isn’t it.  There were plenty of places where there was thin or no snow so I think it was safe.

This day I chose to explore the snowmobile trails in the Sand Dunes State Forest area near Zimmerman.  I parked at a local elementary school, rode the roads over to where the trail entered the forest area and dove in.  You can see from the speed graph where I was on trails and where I was on the road.

The ride was quite a bit of fun and those trails are pretty cool.  I think they would make for some really nice riding and running in the summer.

I had a little time after the ride while waiting for RBN1 to finish her run.  So I went for a run.  But that cluster deserves a post of its own…