The Illustration Academy is baller as heck.

Seriously. Go do it. I only ended up going for the last of this year’s five weeks, and it changed the way I approach my work drastically. For the better. Plus you get to learn from actual living legends, like Mark English, John English, and George Pratt, alongside guys like Jeffrey Alan Love, and Edward Kinsella III - who are just tearing the industry up right now. And those were the folks that were there for just the one week I was present; the full line-up is absolutely nuts. 

The final assignment was to illustrate the fantastic Neil Gaiman short story The Truth is a Cave in the Black Mountains. Here is my take:


Post photoshoot shenanigans! Read the captions for more in-depth analysis.

These photos were taken by the ever perfect hellofeanor in a beautiful canyon in British Columbia. We may or may not be in a shit ton of random hikers tourist photos.

My favorite part was when someone walked by and said something about us having all the middle earth races, “hobbits, elves, humans, Richard Armitage”

Ah yes, such a noble Middle Earth race.