@non-binary-deathcat submitted:

I want you to citique this world i made.
So. This world is split in two by a mountian range, called siraji. In the western half of the world there exist three settlements, each populated by talking animals, both mytical and real. Theres the tribe, lead by quama the cheetah who was given an enchanted knife by the gods to show there aproval of her leadership, rectine, lead by krictar the wise, who was given great knowlege of healing herbs by the gods to show aproval of his leadership, and dijeno, lead by dactyl the brave, given great bravery by the gods to show there aproval of her leadership. When a leader is given an object instead of a trait, it means that leader will do great things.

It sounds good so far, though this feels like a small facet of a world. It’s a good foundation, though! If you need help expanding from here, my brainstorming posts will probably be helpful. 

Happy building!


Terrasen is the country that is located in the northernmost part of Erilea. It is by far the biggest country in Adarlan’s empire and was the first to be conquered the King of Adarlan. Orynth is the capital city of Terrasen, and the birthplace of Celaena Sardothien, the main character in Throne of Glass. Other cities in Terrasen include Perranth, Suria, Rosamel and Allsbrook. All the cities are surrounded by two mountian ranges, the Staghorns and the Anascauls. The Oakwald forest separates Rosamel and Allsbrook and from Perranth and the Perranth Mountains. East of Terrasen is the North Sea which leads into the Great Sea. It is ruled by the Galathynius monarchs.