thoseshadowsalmostkilled asked:

Awesome! We have mountains in California actually! One of the biggest mountian ranges in America... Not right where I live because I'm between the coast and a valley but the horizon has mountains on it! They also have mountains in Washington State and Oregon State where I go everywhere.. I think the flattest place I've ever been is michigan... Maybe Indiana?

Yeah! Where I went was more in the middle and it was super flat! I’ve never been to California though! It seems sooo beautiful! I live in Virginia. I actually love it here! When I visited Kansas there were all kinds of tornados but we haven’t had one in almost ten years. I really wish I could visit California! I just love all the rivers, mountains, and how old it is here. Since Virginia was where the settlers came, everything here is historic. Although I am a city girl it’s pretty fun! We have a few big cities (5-7) but it’s pretty small. We do have a lot of waterparks and fun things but not a lot of people come to go to those type of things. It’s not the best and most tourist come because of our history. It’s pretty cool though! I also went to a Taylor concert in DC yesterday and it was amazing! DC is great and I’m glad you got to visit! I live pretty close. Your awesome!