onechaoticpagan asked:

I'm interested in your Tsukva, can you give me some details? About where they live, culture, traits, and habits? (You also mentioned how they have to most symbolism with their tattoos, is that a culture or religious based thing?)

The Tsukva are the smallest of the Iathe races, but they are light and fast and agile. They can breathe at high altitudes, where oxygen is scarce, and because of this live high in the mountains. 

They life in cliff dwellings, carved into the stone with magic. On their continent, there are three major mountian ranges where they live, all generally high up and rather difficult for others to reach without a guide. 

As for culture, they are the most religious based of the Iathe. Their gods play a big part in their magic and their jobs. Each profession has at least one patron out of their six gods, sometimes two. Because they fly and live up so high, their gods all embody the sky, as constellations, the sun, and the moons. They throw festivals to honor the gods, and feel secure when they see the gods they are closest to in the sky.

They have a lose government, generally leaving issues to be solved between families, until something big is happening. If they feel more danger from the outside, they will elect a family to help lead and make the big decisions. 

They mine gems and ores that they wear and turn into jewelry. They will wear feathers, and generally anything they see as pretty and showy as well. Their clothing tends to be light and airy with lots of layers and color. They love bright things because they live above the tree line so color isn’t as common up so high.

Their tattoos tend to be more cultural, though if they have a job that is more directly involved with the gods (priests, clerics, etc) they can choose tattoos that reflect the gods they work with! The tattoos reflect major life events and relationships, most of the time.