mounted to birch


The alligator is done! I did have a mishap loosing the tiny umbrella I made for drink and had to make one out of paper quickly, but it worked out as a whole.

The alligator and his accessories are predominately made out of Sculpey and painted with acrylic. His straw and umbrella are paper and wire. The water is made out of resin and the whole piece is mounted on a cut of birch wood.

It measures about 4.5“ tall and 2.25″ wide and deep. The alligator itself is only about 1.57″x1″x1.25″

Please click on the images for better details! Tumblr compression destroyed the quality quite a bit.


SERPENTINE No1, No2, No.3, No.4 - multiple variations of the primary image.  All mixed media including photography, acrylic, ink and pastel - each measuring 48″x48″ and mounted on birch panel.  Artwork by Stev’nn Hall