mounted insects


A concept I’ve been wanting to try out for a while now. While I strive for a natural decay and aesthetic in my crystallized work, I always felt that “look” could be taken further. For this beetle, I sculpted concrete onto the back and embedded a small natural grown Quartz. I then used a hand prepared solution that would completely cover the beetle in synthesized crystals over night. This morning I spent half an hour carving and scraping away excess crystals until I got the look I desired. I plan on taking this idea into a more sculptural direction, even mounting and embedding the insects onto concrete mounts covered in smaller crystals! More to come later!
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Jack Jumper, Myrmecia pilosula.

With a life expectancy of about a year, and an immunogenic venom that can cause anaphylactic reactions (which has led to the rare human death in Tasmania!) they are a good insect to avoid letting crawl on you or into your belongings for later discovery.

Mount Stuart, Tasmania.