Top 5 Things I Learned in January 2014

1. Some people will call you crazy when they don’t like what you say.
2. Attitude is everything.
3. Keep it in check.
4. People will come and go, but the ones who matter will always be there.
5. Mountains do not discriminate. They are the purest form of love.


One of my coworkers turned to me at work today and asked if I was feeling restless. I cocked an eyebrow in response, wondering what this was in reference to. She elaborated: Was I feeling restless about being in one place for so long, about being in Utah still?

I laughed because it’s so true. I know that I’m restless, easily bored, and that stable, long-term connections generally aren’t my thing. I’m not talking romantically, just in general. There’s something about the spirit of being a loner, just changing places every now and then and starting anew.

To answer the question directly: Yes, I’m restless. I constantly think about where I want to move, what I want to do…but it’s in my blood. That doesn’t mean that I don’t like where I am and what I’m doing. It’s just the constant strive for the place that I won’t want to leave, that I won’t think “what if”.

I am restless. Because if I’m not doing something constantly–something challenging, new, adventurous–I get bored. I just want to feel alive, experience and different things. The very opposite of boredom, stasis, relaxation. That’s the New York and Jersey in me, I guess–constantly in Drive and never wanting to be in Neutral or Park.

Wow, I'm really frustrated right now.

Why do people not treat people like humans? Isn’t that the golden rule we learn when we’re 3? Treat people the way you want to be treated. I am not more apt to reply to you or do you any favors if you’re obnoxious, rude, and demanding. If you’re kind, considerate, and understanding, you have my sympathy and help. Not otherwise.

Why do organizations fail to see their flaws, even when they’re pointed out to the management? Sack up. I don’t care if you’re uncomfortable with changes. Respect the opinions of the valued hard-workers and respond accordingly. Don’t ignore them because they will leave or resent you.

Transparency is a farce. Why do people find it so hard to be honest and take it? I’m not doing it to hurt you. It’s the truth, and it needs to be recognized. We won’t be offended by reality. I respect honesty and open communication, not tight-lipped bureaucracy.


Cycling, Sunburn, Le Tour

Yesterday was a crazy day. Up early, rode 95 miles, managed to get really bad sunburn, company bbq in the rain. I didn’t prep well for the long ride; more food the night before, morning of, and during would’ve been a very good idea. It’s funny, but I think it was worse than the lack of food at the TdF trip last year (which was around this time—Vive le Tour!).

I didn’t get a chance to watch yesterday’s stage, but I’m currently glued to the TV watching Mont Ventoux. I wish I could climb like these guys. Allez, allez!

Today was a very, very good day. Avalanche danger is high to extreme, so it was all about resort skiing. Hot laps on the Cirque at the Bird, first tracks galore, legs burning, laughing and joyous hoots and hollers.

Yes, so good.

This is what I live for.

Went for a ride this morning with a friend. Started out cold but sunny. Climbed and descended in the cold, wind picking up, clouds rolling in. On the return, the sky opened up. Cold rain mixed with pelting hail.

We were completely frozen.

Still so much fun. Couldn’t stop having a good time, laughing and smiling.