If somebody still remembers, I used to do these for Fire. Now I thought it’s a good time to come back to these.

Water color schemes, finally! Lets get to them.

Urban: City-dwelling tribes that live in industrial regions. Prime example - Metru Nui.

Swamp Flats: Tribes that live in swampy regions feature close to Plantlife color scheme, yet since primary color is blue, they sport more cyan-like tones with just a bit of green compared to Plantlife.

Deepsea Caverns: Onu-matoran take on ga-matoran, pretty much. Dark colors to reflect them living very deep beneath the waves in dark caves.

Mountainsprings: Snow-covered mountains with crystal-clear water springs allow for more white and light color scheme of these tribe, almost making them look like ko-matoran.

Ocean Reefs: Bright colors, sometimes featuring unique accents like bright yellow or peachy pink.

Riverside: They live somewhere in the forests, near the lakes and rivers, allowing for greenish hues, turning usual blue to cyans and teals.