Around 2 - 3 pm every day, clouds would carpet the Khumbu valley at around 4,000 m leaving those of us above with a magnificent view. The view was appreciated as the camp was situated on a sloping boulder field. We slept that night fitfully, awaiting the fate of Sisyphus as we wrestled with the thought of boulders crashing down on us.

One of our tents was completely pulverized by an errant boulder. So lucky that it was unoccupied at the time. On hearing the news, I think we all give a private shudder as to the thought as to what would of/ could have happened if we had been a day behind.

This was my first ‘real’ expedition and taking photos really helped me to relax, shift focus and more appreciate my surroundings. This was preferable to my otherwise state of semi-permanent anxiety as I grasped the complexities of camping on exposed ridges and moving on fixed lines.

camp 1 ama dablam by radson1

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