mountainsandmoleskines  asked:

21 and 145 :)

21. What are your bad habits?

OH WHERE DO I START. I don’t make my bed. I have a tendency to start laundry but not fold the clothes when they are done. I hate matching socks, by the way, so I usually just pick out mismatching socks later. I make piles of things. Everywhere, little piles of papers, books, and so on. I tap on things with my fingers. I sometimes chew the ends of my pens. I ramble incessantly when I get on a good roll. I lose things a lot. I forget if I have told you a story or asked you a question already, so I ask/tell you again. And again. And again.

145. Tea or Coffee?

Oh, that’s not fair. It depends, I guess? I’m going to say coffee in the fall/winter, and tea in the spring/summer.