mountains of the world


Disney water rides have unique smells. And while this video explains part of it, I don’t think that it explains ALL of it. I mean…Splash Mountain doesn’t smell like Pirates of the Caribbean. At least, not to me. The difference could be (for lack of knowing a better word, since this one doesn’t entirely fit), psychosomatic. 

They’re different attractions, with different feels to them, so maybe we just don’t perceive the smells in the same way.

And maybe, since Pirates of the Caribbean is entirely indoors, and Splash Mountain has outdoor segments, that may enter into it. I’m not enough of a scientist to figure that part out. But at the same time, It’s a Small Word doesn’t smell like Splash Mountain. So that could throw the entire theory out.

Either way, I found this video very interesting. I cannot verify whether or not it’s true, but…definitely something to think about.