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First up a special shout out to one third of my heart, my wifu, my babe @aluxra! Though I may not paddle in the same fandom sea’s as my beloved that often, she is a talented writer and whenever our currents do cross I’m always amazed by her work! Seriously go check her out especially if you’re into Overwatch or Rise of the Guardians! She’s AAAA-MAZING! 

Now for more familiar nautical territories! 


@otppurefuckingmagic / Otppurefuckingmagic 

Why you should check ‘em out: Reading Sam’s work is quite often like recreating John Hurt’s chest busting scene in Alien but with more smiling and then begging for more. Sam knows how to build an emotional, beautiful story that’s complex and stunning in so many different ways and meanings…and then thrust her hand into your chest and rip out your heart, crush it and then put it back and you’ll thank her for the privilege. Joking aside Sam is one of the best and I wholly recommend you add her to your must read list if she isn’t already on there.

Which fic’s have stolen my heart: In the Sin Bin & Laughter Lines

@lecrit / Lecrit 

Why you should check ‘em out: Similar to the above individual Lu or Satan as they’re aptly named approaches writing in a way that leaves us all crying and clinging to their ankles begging for more. Lu’s work is heartbreaking and beautiful in equal measure and really digs into certain emotions and leaves you feeling a little raw afterwards. They’ve got some amazing stories on the go that balance the emotional suffering with some humour. 

Which fic’s have stolen my heart: Bright Lights, Small Town & Invictus 

@my-nameless-bliss / Nameless_Bliss

Why you should check ‘em out: Other than promoting the truth, Alec really does deserve nice things, they are smashing the gender roles and stereotypes with some emotional and epically beautiful stories. Seriously you will get emotionally involved in these stories so much because they’re written so god damn beautifully and so sweetly that it’s hard not to get hit right in the chest with the emotional upheaval and acceptance that Alec goes through, not to mention the understanding of both Magnus and Alec’s character that they seem to have. Every detail is stunning and well thought out and a joy to read. 

Which fic’s have stolen my heart: Alec Lightwood Deserves Nice Things

@abloodneed / Dour

Why you should check ‘em out: Regularly murder me, every time I think it’s safe to come back to life BAM dead again!  They write beautiful snapshots into the Malec life that are just amazing and so emotionally charged, it’s brilliant stuff. Follow them, you won’t be disappointed! Honestly their grasp of imagery and how to invoke emotions in the reader is breathtaking and you will cry, laugh and need to lie down A LOT. 

Which fic’s have stolen my heart: The Lesson in Magic & The Legend of Magnus Bane

@darquebane / Darque

Why you should check ‘em out: All though a more artistic queen, when she does turn her hand to stories she really nails it. No I’m serious, she does some amazing work and you should absolutely encourage her to write more because when she does she really brings her A game and that game is strong with the feels and the ability to pull you into a story. 

Which fic’s have stolen my heart: Touch Starved 

@theonetruenorth / Theonetruenorth

Why you should check ‘em out: Their stories range from short and sweet to beautifully crafted multiple chapters. Frankly if you’re not already subscribed you’re doing something wrong. They really hit those emotional notes and have some of the most wonderful descriptions I’ve read in fanfic. 

Which fic’s have stolen my heart: Not extinct enough &  When everything is too much

@magicandarchery / Magicandarchery

Why you should check ‘em out: Fluff and feels that’s this particular queen’s specialty. Honestly she’s helped me discover new fanfic tropes to complete obsess over. A true master of multiple genres, sometimes its soft and sweet and other times it’ll make you cry the emotions are so strong. Absolutely worth a check out and subscription!  

Which fic’s have stolen my heart: Home for Christmas & Drive: Chasing Stars

@sarcasticlightwood / wisenights

Why you should check ‘em out: I mean other than being one of the best people I know and an actual living embodiment of Wonder Woman herself. My great queen is an amazing beta who writes just as well! With amazing descriptions and so much emotion as well as a generous helping of fun and good feelings you really have not lived until you’ve checked out her works!  

Which fic’s have stolen my heart: An Intimacy with Mortification 

Other Fandoms

For this section I want to cover some special mentions, like people who keep drawing me back to old fandoms. 

@scifigrl47 writes the best and most amazing and heart string pulling and funny Avengers fic on the planet! Two words: flying Roombas

@stoneyboboney wrote a lot of amazing sterek fic back in the day and though they’ve since moved on to brighter pastures I still re-read their work whenever I’m feeling my sterek nostalgia coming on.

footloose writes the most wonderful and EPIC merthur fic and if you haven’t read either Loaded March or Shadowlord and Pirate King then you are missing out on the greatest storytelling of your life!

@buffycuddlespigs writes for a few of my favourite fandoms including the worlds cutest kid!fic for stormpilot and a mountain of some brilliant mcshep stories! Also she’s Scottish so well rounded amazing human being there!

@slamncram writes the most wonderful fitzward’s works I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading and she and her equally talented artistic girlfriend are keeping our tiny ship bobbing along!

…this is the end, beautiful friend…

To the people I missed I’m sorry sometimes my brain is not so great and I’m kinda running on a little sleep deprivation and caffeine overdose so pfft the neurons, they’re not firing on all cylinders but I really do love you as well!!! I promise!!!

All these people are incredibly talented and wonderful and you should absolutely check them all out and shower them with kudos and comments and show up in their ask boxes screaming your love for them! 

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Sas out x 

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Hey! I know you have a ton of requests to do and I'm sorry to add on another one, but this idea has been in my head for a while and I don't want to forget it. Could you do a nice fic where the reader lives with Adam in the castle (maybe she broke the curse of she's just a friend) and she gets lonely because he has a lot going on after the curse is broken, so he decides that since she's a dog person, he is going to get her a whole litter of precious puppies and it's as fluffy as the pups. Thanks!

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“It’s nothing you’ve done, Master,” Lumiere insisted, placing a hand upon his friend’s shoulder. “She is just… she’s unhappy..”

“Well, am I- am I not enough?” Adam stammered indignant, his temper acting up. He wasn’t mad or anything, he was just confused. You’d been acting strange lately, not as enthusiastic when you skipped down for lunch, not reading as many books, you stayed in bed far later than usual. You just didn’t seem as happy as usual. He didn’t like it one bit.

“That is not it, Master,” Lumiere assured, giving his friend’s shoulder a reassuring squeeze.. “It’s just… You’ve been busy quite a bit lately, she misses you. She’s grown lonely and desolate.”

“Then what can I do?”

The pair looked down from Adam’s balcony, seeing you resting in the shade of the garden, FrouFrou sitting on your lap. “Well, Master, it appears the girl has a fondness for canines, why not… oh, perhaps get her a gift of some sorts? Company, maybe?”

“I suppose so…”

“Do you think this too many?” Adam asked his steward, holding up an entire litter of pups- around 8 in total- in his strong arms. A few of them had already tried to nurse on the large man, causing quite an awkward situation for the frazzled prince.

“Perhaps, but…” Cogsworth paused for a moment,  Master, where did you come across them?”

“A stray bitch in the woods, she’s getting a bath right now,” the prince chuckled, shrugging a bit. A pup squirmed free of his grasp and was now balancing on his forearm precariously, the poor thing almost fell but managed to dig it’s tiny claws into the larger beast’s flesh. Adam suppressed a growl, his slightly dormant animal instincts kicking in.

“I was just going to have her groomed and surprise (Name), but as I neared her, I saw these little ones crawling around under a tree stump,” Adam chuckled as one of the pups squirmed from his arms and onto the table the steward leaned against, Cogsworth hesitantly pet the pooch.

“(Name)?” Adam asks, knocking on the door to your room before slowly opening it. “Are you in here?”

“Hello,” you sigh from your bed, lethargically sitting up and getting some hair out of your face.

Adam walked in to your room, eyes adjusting to the lack of sunlight. Your blue curtains closed, filtering the light until the room had a faint hue tint to the light. The room smelled musty, unwashed clothes and dust. Clothes littered the floor, a book, half read, lay open on the floor, a bonnet obscuring it. A glass of water gone stale sat on the bedside table, dust gathering on the rim. Trays of food gathered around the table, nibbled at and forgotten.

A hand hung limply off the side of the bed, half covered with a wrinkled comforter. The comforter rose with the heave of a great breath, a different hand emerging to remove the blanket from your face. “Good evening, my prince,” you muttered, a small smile emerging on your face. His presence gave little sparkle to your eyes, but did prompt you to rise from your bed. You sat up, adjusting your nightgown for propriety’s sake. “To what do I owe the honour?”

Adam took a deep breath, looking round the room before noticing a dressing gown. Picking it up, he brought it to you. “Here, take this,” he looked away as you stood and covered yourself. “I’d like to go for a walk with you, if you would grant me the pleasure?”

“If you would allow me to get dressed, I’d love to, my prince.”

“Adam, please,” the brunet smiled at you, clapping his hands together before excusing himself to the hall. You lazily rose and got dressed in a simple gown with a winter’s cloak for warmth.

Meanwhile, Adam walked back and forth in the hall, impatiently waiting. Lumiere happened to be making his way down that hall and ran across his master. “Is all as planned, old friend?”

“Of course, Master!” Lumiere announced with flourish. “They are out in the garden, as you requested!” The maitre’d continued on his way then, on his way to do his own thing.

You emerged shortly after, looking a bit rejuvenated, but not yet back to your former glory. The dress looked lovely, a bit wrinkled but nonetheless flattering, your hair brushed well enough and your smile more present, though it didn’t quite reach your eyes. It saddened the prince, his eyes softening as he looked down at you, a rare smile gracing his handsome features.

“Are you ready for your surprise?” He asked, the smile he gave letting a peaceful wave of ease wash over you.

“Of course.”

“Close your eyes- close them!” he instructed gaily, opening the door for you first and taking your hands to lead you out. You moved your head around, a smile of amusement finding your features as you felt the sun hit your face.

“Where are we?” You ask with a chuckle.

“Keep them closed!” Adam let out small chuckle at your small pout. “Okay, three…two…one, open them.”

Opening your eyes, you were greeted with the sight of a beautiful fluffy white dog sitting before you, a large green bow upon her head. “Oh she’s beautiful, Adam!” You exclaim, falling to your knees and urging the enchanting creature towards you.

“That’s not all,” Adam smiled warmly, nodding towards Mrs Potts to release the hounds.

Before you could react, 8 even fluffier little balls of joy had catapulted themselves upon you, tickling your skin with their eager kisses and tantalizing your senses with their beyond soft fur.

“Do you like them?” The Prince asked eagerly, wanting to get down to the ground with you, but timid out of the long-lasting fear of scaring and or harming smaller creatures.

“Of course!” You squealed, overwhelmed with the fluff. “Well, join me won’t you!”

“I don’t think-” Adam’s words were cut off when the runt of the litter came up to him and put its two front paws upon his leg, jumping eagerly, wanting some attention. The beast hesitantly leaned down and picked up the small creature, being very careful with it. Honestly, the little thing looked like an animated cottonball, hardly as big as Adam’s hand. It stood atop his open palm and eagerly wagged its nubby little tail, licking his thumb excitedly.

“I think he likes you!” You chuckled, patting the ground for the Prince to sit. He did so gently, making sure the runt in his hand was stable. “What are we going to name her?”

Adam smiled at the pup. “I’m not sure,” he chuckled, looking over to the seven pups and worrisome mother hound in your lap. “But I don’t think I’ll have as much difficulty as you, after all you have eight and I have a mere one.”

“You mean-” you looked down to the dogs in your lap then back up to the Prince with excited eyes. “You mean they’re all mine?”

“Of course,” Adam beamed at your excitement, chuckling slightly as the pup began to gnaw on his thumb with its baby teeth. “I’ve noticed loneliness has monopolized your time as I’ve grown more busy repairing my kingdom, so in the meantime until rest is restored, I thought you could use more enjoyable company than your dirty laundry.”  

Placing down the puppy in your arms, you wrap them around Adam tightly. “Thank you,” you muttered into his ear, burying your face in his shoulder. “Really, this means the world to me.”

Adam tentatively wrapped an arm around you, “It was my pleasure,” he whispered back, enjoying the affection. When you removed yourself, he took a deep breath and looked at one of your pups who thought his shoe seemed a suitable place to urinate. You stifled a chuckle as Adam used his foot to lift the dog up and away from him as he sighed at his ruined shoes. “So, what are you going to name the mongrels?”

More Sun Wukong Headcanons

 He was a clingy baby, always holding on to someone in his clan.

Nu wa had watched over him in secret when the Jade emperor dismissed him. She knew there something special about Wukong.

Knows a lot about flowers. Being born from the mountain of flowers and fruit. 

Was a very pudgy faced baby, with the cutest brown eyes you’ve ever seen. 

He was very clingy to the monkeys in his clan he always liked being held.

Is very inquisitive always trying to discover new things.

He didn’t really know how to be a ruler, he just winged. It wasn’t like the clan was in shambles so he didn’t have any major problems. 

 Doesn’t like talking about his old name, he was a teenager when he was crowned king and couldn’t think of anything better.

He had a lover at one point. One of his disciples had a huge crush on him amnd wukong wasn’t sure how to respond.

Wukong ended the affair when he realized it was kinda one sided. It wasn’t that he didn’t care about him but wukong didn’t want to lead the poor guy on .

From then on he just stayed single. Wukong loved all of his clan and could never choose one over the rest.

This lead to alot of rejections, he didn’t feel great about breaking his subjects hearts.

He’s not…to proud of his old self. He wants to live his life with no regrets, mugging someone and devouring all the peaches in someone else’s cove is not something that should go in your biography. He admits his younger self was a little shit.

His first time meeting Chang’e (outside the jade rabbit incident) was at a party. He wasn’t really attracted to women until he saw her. He found girls pretty, but Chang’e was the first one to make his heart race. 

Chang’e was uncomfortable around Wukong at first because he was friends with Zhu Bajie and thought he was a creep. When she realized he wasn’t she felt bad and apologized to him. They have since been on good terms.

Him and Ao Kuang….are…ok now??? It’s definitely awkward between them   

It took a while for Wukong to apalogize to Ao Kuang about the whole mugging, because he had no intentions of giving back the ruyi jingu bang.

He has gone over there numerous times for advice or sparring.

Has snuck in countless times without Ao knowing. The guards has since stop trying to catch him.

What does the great sage do in the palace? Oh, just look around or snoop in Ao’s stuff. He totally didn’t spy on him last week when Ao was training shirtless and bathed after words who told you that.

Has made a small group of friends outside of his pantheon, more within the warrior class than anything.

Him and Chacc dick around, talking about dumb shit.

Bellona are on good terms with him but likes to flirt with Ama sometimes just to piss her off. Amaterasu just laughs at this.

Nike tho, he really has a thing for her. She’s always so sweet and charismatic and gods she can crush him with those thighs and he’d say thank you.

He goes to her for advice when he can’t go to Ao.

I’ll make some nsfw ones later but I this has been sitting in my drafts for like a month so here

thiscityisours  asked:

Hi can I get a ship? Im a mix between introvert and extrovert. I love having fun and making people laugh but I also very much enjoy my alone time. I love someone I can be myself with because authenticity is very important to me. I want someone who can be my best friend. I would want a relationship that is philosophical but also includes us rolling on the floor from laughing so hard! im all for skinship and quality time. I enjoy writing songs, dancing, photography, art and reading

Who I ship you with: Joshua

Why?: Joshua Hong values authenticity so much, fight me on this. Also boy can get very phillosophical if he wants to whilst still being the goofiest person alive.

Perfect Date: I’m not sure if this is a thing anywhere else but just like going to a pretty place (mountains, the beach, etc)and taking pictures and just relaxing seems like the cutest thing ever.

Ships y’all

Okay but where’s my fic of Niall taking this road trip to find himself, and he is, he’s figuring out who he is without One Direction for the first time since he was seventeen, and he’s enjoying himself–but then one day he finds himself at a souvenir stand, and there’s a postcard, and he thinks, almost out of the blue, that Zayn would like it. He hasn’t talked to Zayn in months, but there’s something about the foreign country, the peace Niall’s been feeling, that makes Niall buy it, then drop it in the mail. He only realizes later he didn’t even write anything on it. 

He does later, though. Because he keeps sending them, postcards from everywhere he’s been, the ones he thinks Zayn will appreciate: beautiful vistas, weird artsy ones, stupid jokes. And he puts messages on some of of them. ‘Saw the cutest dog today’. ‘Climbed a mountain! It was beautiful.’ ‘Just tried alligator. You’d have hated it’. Silly things. Little things. Whatever comes to mind, never the big important things–the ‘I wish I could have made you happy’. the ‘I’m so proud of what you’re doing, I always knew you could.’ the ‘I miss you do you miss me?’ He doesn’t even know if Zayn’s getting them, or what he’s doing with them if he is–there’s certainly no reaching out from Zayn, but it’s not like Zayn could mail something back, and Niall had to change his number from the last one Zayn had–but he likes sending them. Likes feeling that bit of connection, even if it’s one sided.

 Then he ends up in LA, in his circuit of the world, and he stops by and sees Harry and everyone else in LA, and out of habit, and maybe a bit of hope, he grabs a Hollywood postcard. He should send it, it’d be easy, but maybe he’s masochistic, maybe he wants to see how Zayn’s doing, so he goes to his house. He only means to slip it under the door (or in the mailbox by the gate, i don’t know how rich people live), but he’s just about to when the door opens, and Zayn’s there, smiling. It’s a shock and it’s not a shock at all, because Zayn is still Zayn, it’s still the smile he only gave to Niall, and Niall’s heart does the same thump-twist that it always did, when Zayn smiled at him like that. 

“Was wondering when you’d make your way to California,” Zayn drawls, and takes the postcard out of Niall’s grasp. “Have a good trip?” he adds, and holds the door open for Niall to come in. 

It turns out there’s a whole wall, Niall’s postcards tacked against it in something like a map, a collage of the places Niall was, his thoughts, his journey. 

“Liked keeping track of you,” Zayn says, with a shrug and a sheepish smile. “Liked feeling like I was a bit along for the ride.” 

A year ago, Niall wouldn’t have known what to say, was too lost in the face of everything that was his world collapsing–but he knows who he is now, he’s seen the world with One Direction and without it, and he knows that either way, he likes it best here, with Zayn next to him, smiling soft and hopeful. “You’ll have to come with me properly next time,” Niall tells him, and Niall’s seen the world twice over and nothing will ever be as beautiful as the smile Zayn gives him. 

soldieronbarnes  asked:

I GOT ANOTHER ONE: stevebucky + fake relationship/marriage


  1. Sam joins Natasha’s efforts to get Steve to date and Steve ends up telling him that he and Bucky are together but not used to being open about their relationship, so can you please get Natasha off our backs? Bucky laughs his ass off when he hears about this. “Alright, Rogers, I’ll help you lie to your friends. Christ, this is why I’m the brains of this friendship. Where did you even come up with that?”
  2. Turns out acting like a couple is not all that different from their normal friendship. It just involves more touching and neither of them is opposed to this, as they’re both a little touch-starved. (We won’t talk about the fact that once they start, they have trouble stopping, even when there’s no one left to put on a show for.)
  3. Natasha, when she gets wind of this, tries to catch Steve in his lie by suggesting that the Avengers all go on a couples weekend together. “To get to know each other’s spouses,” she says brightly. Thor is all about this because he hasn’t spent quality non-perilous time with Jane in ages.
  4. Turns out, when they get there - Natasha picks a cosy little cabin in some mountain range - that Steve and Bucky are the cutest couple out of everyone. They bicker when it’s their night to cook, only “bickering” seems to be synonymous with “flirting shamelessly.” (They weren’t even trying to put on a show then.) They cuddle up on the couch during the movie. They talk about each other all the goddamn time, especially one the other one’s not there to hear them wax poetic. Natasha catches them up before everyone else one morning, watching the sunrise on the porch swing, and Bucky’s got his head in Steve’s lap, feet up on the swing chains like a teenager, and they’re laughing about something or another but they’re both wearing this intensely happy smile that’s also incredibly private. Like it’s a smile just reserved for alone time, when it’s the two of them.
  5. Bucky gets quiet and contemplative near the end of the trip and Steve frets silently about it, everyone can see that, but he doesn’t approach Bucky because he doesn’t want Bucky to feel forced to tell him. But when they finally get home and all their stuffs put away again, Bucky looks and Steve and says, “I’ve been thinkin’,” and Steve tries to act nonchalant but he’s pretty shit at it. Bucky grins and shakes his head and says again. “I’ve been thinkin’ I’d like to try this couple thing for real. If that’s…if you think you might –” “Yes,” Steve says, right away, because it has been silently killing him the entire trip how right they feel and how well they fit and knowing that it was only pretend. But it wasn’t pretend, he knows that now, and he can have Bucky all to himself.

(They might get a Congrats! You’re Finally A Couple flower arrangement from Natasha and there might be a card that reads, “thank God, I thought I was going to have to try and date Barnes for you two to get it together.”)