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Weird bands you should check out

Idk I felt like making a list:

Glass Animals - literally sounds like a liquid in my ears

Mother Mother - relatable and uses really nice flats and sharps in their singing

Tally Hall - gets that ol’ brain going. almost every song is in a different style

Rob Cantor - made the Shia Lebuff song and used to be the yellow tie from Tally Hall

Andrew Jackson Jihad - real nasty slice o’ life but good

Cosmo Sheldrake - like old folksyish but with minimal instruments and words and nice beats

Lulu Mae - not so much weird as really sweet. I knew these people irl and they’re really close in my heart

Radical Face - soft and thought provoking

Loch Lomond - indecipherable lyrics but strangely addicting. you literally can’t find set lyrics to “the mountain” anywhere online

I probably forgot one or two

Fall coquette tips 🖤🍂🖤🍂

- warm colors are def a must

- nude and dusty roses lip sticks

- gold highlighter

- knee boots

- coffee dates w your bffs

- go to a theme park on Halloween

- Simple jewelry ( hoop earrings, chain bracelets, small stone rings)

- fitted sweaters and a skirt

- bronze makeup

- Halloween parties are also vvvv fun

- attend football games

- bonfires and late nights

- hike a mountain

- camp anywhere ( your backyard for a night or spend a weekend w your friends)

- rose water will save your life (and skin)

- baby oil gel after you shower (before you dry off) will give you the softest skin Eva

- green tea every morning will boost your metabolism

- keep your lips moisturized n kissable


Nesta Archeron and Helion Spell-Cleaver


“I saw the look you gave when I pointed you toward the mountains.“ Her eyes had lit up with longing, an altogether too familiar feeling for the High Lord of the Day. “They weren’t there. No one could possibly see the Illyrian mountains from anywhere in my Court.” Nesta’s face dropped as Helion called her bluff. “You saw the mountains- your home- because you wanted to see them. Everything shifted in you, clear as day. You miss it. You miss them. You miss-”

Angry, but not solely at him, she cried out, “What does it matter to you anyway?” She should’ve never agreed to spend the day with him in a balloon; he’d used her curiosity against her. They were too far up for her to feel comfortable leaping to the ground, and it was too small a space to walk away from the conversation. He was cunning, she had to give him that.

“‘What does it matter to you anyway?’" He crossed his arms and closed the short distance between the two of them so he could look her directly in the eye as he continued, “It matters because you’re my friend- probably my best friend. I don’t wish to see my history repeat itself in you. Do not make the same mistakes I have made.”

“I won’t. You and I are nothing alike.” She was stubborn. Almost as stubborn as him.


“We’re both independent dreamers. And lovers.” She noticeably flinched as he boldly uttered the last word. “You can be both, you know. You can have both. You will be both.”

More than anything, Nesta wanted to believe Helion’s words.

What The Stars See  (Bucky x Reader)

Summary: Bucky writes about his adventures with the love of his life as they travel the world together. 

Warnings: Swearing, mentions of sad pasts, otherwise just fluff! (for bloody once)

This fic can be read alone, although it is part one of my new series which you can read more about here!

I’m really excited about this series, and I hope you guys enjoy it too! 

Requests and tag list are open :)


I never thought I’d get here. I remember lying on that stale mattress, staring at four moulded walls and knowing that my only release would come with my final breath. Or that’s what I thought, at least. Times have changed since then. Steve found me, protected me despite everything, and gave me the life I have today. Those days of being painfully alone are just a memory, haunting my dreams, yet so far away when it really matters. Most importantly, I have her. Y/N. Looking back, I think that I’ve written about her in every page of my many journals since I met her.

I was going to stop writing in these, you know. I had no real reason to jot down everything I remembered, instead looking forward to the memories that were sure to come. Y/N convinced me otherwise; she said that when we’re old we can give these journals to our kids, and even our grandkids, telling them all about the years we’ve spent together, and the years we are yet to. I cried when she said that. To hear that she thinks about starting a family together as much as I do means more to me than I can put into words.

Our first anniversary is tomorrow, and I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve never celebrated a year’s anniversary before, and I think I’ve driven the whole team mad with my ramblings about it; what can I say? This past year with her has been the best of my life, and that’s coming from a guy who’s lived a hundred of them.

Coming up with a gift idea has been difficult. I’d give her the stars if I could, but they’re already in her eyes. I’d give her the moon, but she already holds its grace. I’d give her the sun, but it already shines for her.

I think I searched near enough every shop in Manhattan before I got the perfect idea. Well, I guess she gave it to me.

Bucky watched Y/N as she gazed upon the stars, lost in her own head. He loved moments like this, where he could just stand back and admire her, like a piece of art in a gallery.

“Isn’t it beautiful, Buck?”

“You sure are, doll.”

Y/N laughed, punching Bucky’s arm softly. “Not me, Buck. The stars.”

Bucky chuckled under his breath, unable to contain his smile as she spoke. Her voice was like velvet to him, soft and smooth. He loved to listen to her voice.

“I wish I could see what they do. Every ocean, every mountain, every sunset; from anywhere in the world. Can you imagine that? To be able to see the whole world?”

My heart ached as she spoke. I know all about Y/N’s desire to travel, to see the beauty in a world that had treated her so cruelly. HYDRA had stripped her of everything she had, confining her like a bird in a cage, unable to spread its wings. She was going to do so much, and they fucking took it from her.

It was at that moment, under the stars, that I thought of the perfect gift. I may not be able to give her the stars, or the moon, or the sun; but maybe I can give her the world.


One of the greatest lessons Y/N has taught me, of which there are many, is that happiness is not selfish. During my younger years, I chased happiness like a dog does its tail. I searched for it in bars, in women, in armies. Ultimately, my search was fruitless. It wasn’t until I met Y/N that I realised all those years were wasted, because my happiness came with hers. It came with the smile on her face when I make her favourite breakfast, or the giggles that escape her mouth when I make a joke. So, when we sat together on our bed this morning, my cheeks hurt from smiling so damn much, and yet I couldn’t care less as we exchanged anniversary gifts.

I would never admit this anywhere else, but only Y/N reads these journals and I trust her with my life; I cried when she showed me her gift. She had lifted the left sleeve of her (my) t-shirt that hung over her shoulders, unveiling a red star that lay stark against her skin, the area still looking sore. Do you know how much that means to me? That she etched the most painful part of my past into her own skin? It means everything.

She cried too when she opened the manila envelope I had given her, with her name on it in my neatest handwriting and a heart beside it.

Bucky… I don’t… are these plane tickets?”

Bucky grinned as realisation dawned on Y/N’s face.

“You’re taking me to Toronto? I’ve always wanted to go there!”

Y/N went to hug Bucky, but he lightly held her wrists and brought her backwards just slightly, still smiling uncontrollably despite her obvious confusion.

“Yes, doll, I’m taking you to Canada. And then, I’m taking you all around Europe, and Asia, and Australia, and Africa, and South America, and then back home. You’re gonna see what the stars do, baby.”

There’s a huge sense of pride at knowing that I’m the one who made her so happy today. Even more so, I can’t shake the utter joy I feel in the moments like this morning where I realise that I mean as much to her as she does to me. I keep looking down to her left arm; infected, yet so stunning. I still admire how she can make anything beautiful, no matter how ugly, and I often wonder if that’s why my life has become so much brighter since she entered it.

We had the perfect day today. After spending the morning crying into each other’s arms, we made breakfast together and danced to shitty 80s pop songs, lost in our own world of love and light. 

I feel so weightless with her. 

We already had a pile of movies picked out, alongside enough snacks to keep us going for weeks, and the rest of the day was spent pigging out on the couch and just being together, away from the glare of the outside world…

Well, I guess that’s it for now. Y/N and I are going to spend our day tomorrow planning our trip around the world, and I’m so excited at even the thought of everything we’re going to see and do together.

Yeah, things have been tough. But truthfully? I’d do it all a hundred times over if it meant I got to see the earth move beneath my feet with the love of my life by my side.



Parallels between 1x1 and 12x23 and continued reference to The Book of Enoch in Supernatural

As @tinkdw has posted about recently, the parallels to the first episode are strong in 12x22. 

In the first episode there is a nursery where Sam (a baby) has the blood of Azazel (a demon but actually a fallen angel) combined with his. Then his mother dies. Then the love of Sam’s life (Jess) is killed which spurs Sam on to hunt with Dean to find their father.

In 12.23 it ends with a nursery where Jack (a baby turned teen) is a combination of human and fallen angel. Then his mother dies. Just before that the love of Dean’s life (Cass) is killed and Sam and Dean’s mother whist technically hunting is lost to an alternate reality. 



So, what does this mean for Jack? I think Jack is being paralleled with Sam because of this. Sam was destined to be a special child (which is inspired by Judaic lore about fallen angels making nephilim, specifically Azazel creating nephilim which starts the war between Heaven’s angels and the fallen angels). 

Let’s do some background on Azalea’s children. Here is the entry from Supernatural wikia, cred to that site; ‘Special Children refers to children to whom Azazel fed his blood when they were babies, having snuck into their homes after making a deal with their parents. The result was that the blood caused the children to develop supernatural abilities in them so they could serve as generals in Lucifer’s army against humanity and God. These abilities could be strengthened by the consumption of demon blood. Around Season 2, Azazel wanted to test these children to find who would be the strongest, so he put them in an abandoned town called Cold Oak and told them only one could survive. This eventually triggered a fight among the Children. Azazel led everyone to believe that he wanted a leader for his demon army. However, as it was later revealed, the endgame was bigger than just leading a demon army. Azazel chose the children because they were all potential vessels for Lucifer. The strongest one would be chosen to contain Lucifer throughout the Apocalypse. Sam Winchester was the sole survivor and so, despite his greatest efforts, was taken over by Lucifer both as a result of being a Special Child and also because of his predetermined destiny as Lucifer’s true vessel.’ 

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GOD i want to go CAMPING and ROADTRIPPING and go see the OCEAN and FORESTS and NO this has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with ANIMAL CROSSING: POCKET CAMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Could I request some Centaur dating headcannons?

Of course!

Expect a lot of long walks on the beach.  Or mountains, or desert, or anywhere really.  They love the experience of packing for a hike and being apart of nature again for awhile

They don’t like to be rode, respect that  if this weren’t a sfw blog I’d be goin OFF with the puns just saying

However, any sort of public transportation (even though it’s awkward to get on) is hella interesting to them, they love dragging you on train day-trips

Flower braiding their hair and tail!

Stories of the constellations!!  They weave them in a way only a centaur can, leaving stardust in your eyes by the end

You take turns singing songs you love to each other, and those Duets!!  Doesn’t matter if you sound like a dying skunk, they love singing together

I keep seeing posts and people are like “it’s time to redo splash mountain!!!!1” and I’m like honey…, the ride exterior is literally sculpted to look like Brer fox’s lair in song of the south…. splash mountain ain’t going anywhere for a loooong time..,

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Hey, Just wondering how tall you think everyone is in VLD? Sorry if you posted about this before ^^' I just need a height to go by cuz I'm drawing them with Pokèmon and I can't estimate how tall they are?? Sorry if this bothers you >\\<

I do have a heights headcanon post! I will reblog it after I answer this. My other post will contain more of my reasoning + extra hc so check that out if you want lmao.

There’s a couple screenshots where you can kiiiiinda tell everyone’s rough heights compared to each other’s but… I don’t like that lmao. Here’s my rough estimates of everyone’s heights from tallest to smallest, in inches bc I’m American lmao sorry:

  • Coran might actually? Be the tallest?? He’s so slender but I’m rewatching episode 4 right now and he has at least four inches on Lance and he looks to be even taller than Hunk. Good lord. Coran might actually be 6′3″.
  • Hunk is the tallest paladin I will DIE on this mountain. My boy is anywhere from 6′1″ to 6′2″, Hunk is everyone’s BF (Big Friend)
  • Shiro is around 6′ tall, Good Dad Height. I could see him being around 5′11″ with his boots adding an inch of extra height. One day he notices that Hunk is taller than him and from then on he’s always a little bit salty about that.
  • Lance is roughly 5′9″ or 5′10″ but tbfh his ego gives him an extra two inches of presence.
  • Allura is roughly 5′7″ish. I know she’s around Keith’s height, maybe a little bit taller, but I can’t pinpoint her exactly I’d like to make Allura right in the middle, height wise lmao. I assume Allura doesn’t wear heels, of course. Also whenever Lance annos Keith/Pidge with his tallness, Allura shapeshifts herself into being 7′ tall and rests her elbows on Lance’s head all day.
  • Keith is around 5′5″ or 5′6″ but his mullet + boots add a couple inches of height. That doesn’t stop Lance from leaning on him all the time. One of the reason why Keith sleeps with his boots on is because he’s determined to keep everyone thinking that he’s actually around 5′8″.
    • Keith and Pidge bear the brunt (”Ha, don’t you mean the runt?” - Lance) of the short jokes.
  • Pidge is anywhere from 5′1″ to 5′3″ and they are compacted Pure Rage. Do not make short jokes in Pidge’s presence. You will not survive the backlash.

Name: Asag

Alternate Names: Stone Demon, Rock Demon

Mythology: Sumerian Mythology (poem)

Size: Huge

Environment: Mountains, anywhere rocks can be found

In Mythika: Horrifying rock demons that look like demonical, humanoid toads (much like the D&D Hezrou) made entirely from sharp rocks and sick flesh. Like the Surinam toads they resemble these demons can spawn four underlings from their backs that defend their mother-Asag at all costs. When a Asag dies while one of its spawn still breaths it is reincarnated from that spawn as the spawn instantly mutates into a grown up Asag, so the best way to deal with Asag is to first kill all of its spawn. When a spawn is killed it will be reborn a couple of days later. The spawn can attach themselves to the Asag to form a hard rock armor, the Asag can also throw its spawn like a giant would throw a rock, the spawn simply turns its body into a ball-like rock. Spawn look like small versions of their Asag parents, they are just miniature versions. If you are curious how this work search for the X-Men villain called Tusk, he has a similar method of summoning underlings from his back.


Excerpt from “Hidden Valley: Tales from the Spirit Frontier”

“Volume 3, Chapter 6: intersection”

“A long time ago, before the American Frontier was explored and colonized, spirits flourished in the forests, in the valleys, swamps, wetlands, mountains. Anywhere the sun kissed the ground with its light, a spirit could be found.

These spirits all followed some form of natural law, some created within their communities, and some that the universe set in place during there inception. For some, don’t go out at night, or don’t eat this kind of berry, don’t get cheeky with the native tribes of man, etcetera.

One type of spirit could only move along already treaded paths, meaning most could be found along mountain trails, animal-made crossings, and fallen trees over rivers & cliffsides. Fluid, shadowy beings, All of them nomadic, all of them solitary. There is one exception to their rule of solitude:

Everyone of these spirits, these "Pathed Poltergeists” would experience a “Intersection Point.” They would cross eachother, two paths intersect, and would become family, in order to produce offspring. Ecologically speaking, they’d find their “soulmate.”

They would eventually travel a treaded path, the formation of these path could only be made by other folks, animals and the likes of us. When they met, they’re amorphous bodies would unite, finding form in Familiar bonds.

When the colonizers came, they’re destructive nature lead to many native people displaced and hurt,spirits went into hiding, afraid of their ill intentions affecting they’re aura. All Except these Treaded Tulpa’s" the inceptions of towns and settlements lead to roads.

And they thrived.

Going farther than they could ever go before, explore more than ever, the creation of townships, roads, farmlands, now everywhere had a path for these spirits to roam. Their nomadic nature expanded across the frontier, meeting so much more of their kind.

However, some distances where simply too far. The greed and hunger for travel and exploration lead to many of these Treaded never bothering to find their “intersection point.” As such, what once was a boom in population, their numbers began to dwindle, as paths divided, isolated.

Those who already found their soulmate already found form, becoming the last of their spiritual generation. They would continue to explore until they too, met their end.

All except for Two Formless, bondless Spirits, continuing to find to paths to follow.

It took them quiet awhile to discover how few of their kind where left, since they were so engrossed in their journeys. It took roughly around the formation of concrete and cemented roads to discover how alone they were. As such, they had two options: Search for the last of others, or explore until expiration.

They saw so much, traveled so tenaciously, yet noone to tell. So, their search for eachother began.

They looked everywhere. Hiking trails along the Alpines, roads across death valley, Train Tunnels of New York, highways, suburbs, small towns, old paths, new heights, their other half could be anywhere. There were simply too many paths to travel, too many roads to journey.

For years they looked for eachother, focusing less and less on new destinations, and there where so many more growing as the years went by. As human growth exploded, so too did where they could go.

They grew older and older, their fluidity fluctuated, they shadowy self’s began to fade. Even than they traveled faster than they ever did before. They had so much to say, and so much to hear from one another. They craved this intimacy of story like they never did before.

But before they dwindled into nothing, they crossed eachother, ironically where they began, there old friends all used to live next to this big, connected region of lakes. Tens of thousands of lakes, some big, some small, all home. Home, at least, now that they met.

And boy did they just… Talked. Giant Red metallic trees suspended over bodies of water, supported by iron and rope. Tunnels underground huge settlements where fast, loud metallic snakes slithered inside, swallowing and spitting humans out-

-humans that traveled all they way up tundraic, tall mountain ranges, allowing them to look across the heavens. Roads that even went underwater, Beaches of every size. Impossibly tall houses, and every room had a story to tell. It was years before they stopped talking.

Finally, when they said everything the could. They thought of forming together, become one.

They decided not to.

With a little bit more pep and their step, and a partner by they’re side. They began to travel, together, one last time, beyond the American Frontier.

And with that, before their passing, they saw everything, again.

Than they faded, but they faded Together. Two points intersected, and in the end, decided to remain two.“

- end of excerpt

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0, 25, 36

0. Height? I’m like 5’7-5’8
25. My idea of a perfect date? I’m honestly not picky, the perfect date could just be spending time with the person I’m into ya know?
36. Where would you like to live? Uhhh I’d say Montana or anywhere with mountains + lower population than CA 😂😂