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shiva is that one bff / lowkey gf that would whoop the ass of the heartbreaker tbh

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rules: using only songs by one artist, answer these eight questions and tag ten people

Artist: Radical Face, because I’ve been listening to a LOT of them lately

Describe Yourself: We’re On Our Way
How do you feel: Sleepwalking
If You Could Go Anywhere: Mountains
Favorite Mode of Transportation: Asleep on a Train
Your Best Friend: Sisters
Favorite Time of Day: Winter is Coming
Relationship status: All is Well
Your Fear: Small Hands  [yes, this is a political reference]

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I need to talk about Berchtesgaden. The pictures really don’t do it justice. This is the most astoundingly beautiful place I’ve ever been. You can see the mountains and forests from anywhere you are. All the houses have flowers in their windows, and the rivers are so clear and blue. The cars stop to let you cross the road even when you’re not at a pedestrian crossing. Wherever you go, you are greeted with a smile and “Servus!” and everyone says “bitteschön!” and “gerne!” after I thank them. Everywhere are restaurants where you can sit outside on the cobblestone, underneath the trees, and eat traditional Bavarian food and drink beer. The people here are genuinely so kind, and life here seems so pleasant, relaxed, and picturesque. Walking around, you feel like you’re inside a painting.

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Usually a hike in the snowy mountains of anywhere was a good thing. However Ducaine was not expecting to run into a giant snow monster, and to be backhanded so hard that he ended up in a town he layed there motionless. A trail of spots and items he had destroyed was behind him. 

the signs as things related to their element

aries- forest fires. beautiful destruction; necessary for the survival of the forest but frighteningly intense
leo- candles. giving light and warmth as long as they can as far as they can; need to be watched so they don’t get out of hand
sagittarius- campfires. songs and friendships and scary stories; they say you can watch them forever

taurus- mountains. not going anywhere and your relationship with them is going to depend very much on if you’re trying to go over, around, or just enjoy their beauty
virgo- plants. things that grow using chemical processes but look like miracles on the outside; absolutely essential even when they have thorns
capricorn- paths. city highways, dirt paths through the woods, ley lines; forks and branches and shortcuts

gemini- cold wind on hot days. the times you pull your jacket tighter and know that if the wind would just stop blowing, you wouldn’t be cold at all; the times you’re grateful that the gusts come again and again to keep you cool and make you feel like something is happening
libra- breath. life; shaking exhales as you panic; breathless gasps as you laugh
aquarius- fresh sea breezes. the smell of salt and the sense that you’re the first person who’s breathed this in; renewal and the sense of distant shores

cancer- hot springs. pockets of warmth where you would have thought you’d freeze
scorpio- undertow. pulling you into the deep when you only wanted to come a little off the shore; literally irresistible
pisces: rain. warm showers; storms; floods; breaking of droughts; rainbows; ruined shoes

on a larger scale I’ve been really disenchanted w the arts as a whole lately like! I love looking at art and I love reading and I love listening to music etc. but the communities surrounding the arts are… so toxic and fake and judgmental and boring! when I was younger I was like oh man I wanna live in Europe or Brooklyn or Portland or whatever and get Into The Scene w cool kids and be so hip! but tbh fuck that like oh my god how much longer are we gonna be competing for brownie points and bragging about who is the most vegan or who hasn’t read Ulysses or who has the Trendiest morals like! the friends I have right now are so chill & talented & Real and I’m so lucky, but that’s honestly really rare! I don’t wanna get involved in A Scene ever in my life! I wanna have a big old cabin on a mountain far away from anywhere cool, and I wanna wear nothing but size XXL tshirts and I wanna have a giant garden and spend all day painting and just like never ever again have to try and impress anyone or have to listen to people brag about boring shit no one cares about. I wanna be an old lady tbh! I am an unbelievably tired of the concepts of Cool and of all these superiority complexes and of ppl taking themselves so seriously that shit seems very 16-year-old and I am kinda ready to not be 16 anymore u kno

modern aesthetics // lilliandil

She’s the girl you never saw coming. The one who makes you stop in your tracks as she heads in the other direction. She’s got starstuff in her veins and a homesickness for places she’s never been. You see her for a moment, then she’s gone, an adventure in her clear eyes which could never be satiated. She’s the sort of kind you don’t know if you’ll ever understand. You didn’t think anyone could ever be that gentle, but she’s all soft edges and a smile which makes you crave the roar of the ocean or the stillness of the mountain: anywhere that makes your blood pump. There’s a fearlessness in her eyes that makes you want to slay her dragons, but she won’t let you. Before you can prove yourself to her, she demands you prove yourself to yourself.

FC: Candice Accola


Name: Asag

Alternate Names: Stone Demon, Rock Demon

Mythology: Sumerian Mythology (poem)

Size: Huge

Environment: Mountains, anywhere rocks can be found

In Mythika: Horrifying rock demons that look like demonical, humanoid toads (much like the D&D Hezrou) made entirely from sharp rocks and sick flesh. Like the Surinam toads they resemble these demons can spawn four underlings from their backs that defend their mother-Asag at all costs. When a Asag dies while one of its spawn still breaths it is reincarnated from that spawn as the spawn instantly mutates into a grown up Asag, so the best way to deal with Asag is to first kill all of its spawn. When a spawn is killed it will be reborn a couple of days later. The spawn can attach themselves to the Asag to form a hard rock armor, the Asag can also throw its spawn like a giant would throw a rock, the spawn simply turns its body into a ball-like rock. Spawn look like small versions of their Asag parents, they are just miniature versions. If you are curious how this work search for the X-Men villain called Tusk, he has a similar method of summoning underlings from his back.