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A - age: 34
B - biggest fear: knives, cockroaches, missed opportunities
C - current time: 2:46 p.m.
D - drink you last had: I’m drinking a Coke right now, soooo…
E - every day starts with: Pissed off grumbling at the clock for being a fucking liar, it is not that late so fuck you too alarm clock.
F - favorite song: I don’t play favorites. No seriously.
G - ghosts, are they real: Not in the literal sense, but the metaphorical, sure.
H - hometown: *sigh* How do you define hometown? I’ve been part of a military family my entire life. Is it where I was born? Left when I was 18 months old and haven’t been back there. Don’t remember it although I really really want to go for like a six month visit and may just want to stay. Is it where I went to high school? Tiny little town in Illinois, just across the river from St. Louis. Where I feel like I did the most maturing in life? Auburn, Alabama. Someplace where I feel like I actually fit in??? Yeah, haven’t found a town like that yet. I kinda take home with me in the form of family.
I - in love with: My family
J - jealous of: Others my age who seem to have their crap together and don’t feel like they’ve spent the past decade in a weird limbo or who didn’t waste their time getting a degree they didn’t really want. Don’t mind me, I’m just being whiny.
K - killed someone: Physically, not that I am aware of. In writing… maybe… *whistles and slowly walks away*
L - last time you cried: WONDER WOMAN!!!!
M - middle name:  Lynn
N - number of siblings: 2 sisters. I’m the middle child.
O - one wish: ….just one? If only one wish could fix the political climate in this country and make it less like a pre-dystopian novel….
P - person you last called/texted: Called - my kids’ dentist. Texted - my husband
Q - questions you’re always asked: “Where are you from?” when meeting new people (another sigh give me a break we’re about to move back to Alabama and I forgot how slow people talk there and I had to think very hard not to talk fast like a Yankee on the phone with the administrator at my kids’ new school district and oh my god I am too old to be doing this again they’re all gonna hate me the second I open my liberal democrat yankee mouth….) Alternately: “Do you have wipes/hand sanitizer/sunscreen/band-aids/extra sunglasses/glasses cleaner/pantyhose/headphones/safety pins/stain remover/insert other random object here?” by people who know me. The answer is usually “yes…”
R - reasons to smile: *chants* I’ll be living 30 minutes from the beach… *frantically reads Everlark fluff.*
S - song last sang: To Be Human from the Wonder Woman soundtrack.
T - time you woke up: 0645…ugh.
U - underwear color: black
V - vacation destination: Right now, we’re saving money for our move because the military is a bunch of pogues who want to make it difficult for you to leave so they aren’t forking over as much to cover the expenses this time, even though he’s just transferring to the reserves and man are we so done with this bullshit also we’re buying our first house holy fuck am i nervous does it show? ….But I’m planning a trip to Ireland (or other destination) with my Mom for 2019, so that’s exciting.
W - worst habit: Procrastination…which I’m literally doing right now by filling out this meme.
X - x-rays you’ve had: Arm (broken), collar bone (broken), teeth (routine)
Y - your favourite food: All the foods…but I am a shameless chocoholic.
Z - zodiac sign: Capricorn

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