Hypnotic Poured Paint Landscapes, Kate Shaw

The techniques Australian artist Kate Shaw is using to create her wonderful works are pretty unique: first, she pours skins of acrylic paint and lets them form naturally; then she looks for landscapes within these abstract forms to cut and reassemble.

The outcome are collages that remind you of natural landscapes, showing trees, mountains and lakes, but still giving you a surreal sensation. Each piece exudes the undeniable and powerful force that the rolling hills and mountains hold.


Lonely mind of mine

I searched for sollitude,
in these abandoned lands.
Where the trees form a proud forest,
where a mountain mighty stands.

I threw my head back, weary
and gasping for air.
While my lonely mind turned mad,
looking for comfort everywhere.

These hands of mine, I found them
clawing for the earth.
My palms they felt its breathing,
as they held onto the dirt.

A blazing fire appeared steady,
growing fast in size.
And while its heath was truly calming,
its smoke blinded my eyes.

So I threw my head back once again,
and I had never been so satisfied.
For the poisonous fire had been replaced,
by pure and forgiving starlight.