Sasha DiGiulian Explains Why We Don't Climb Hard Enough

About a month ago, Sasha DiGiulian sent Rock and Ice her thoughts on the state of affairs of American climbers. American climbers as a group, she wrote, don’t climb nearly as hard as Europeans. The news was bitter broth. How could this be? We’ll let her answer that in her essay and a follow-up Q/A session.

I read this & then I started thinking of possible cities that I could live that are close to major crags. It’s a pain that most cities are like 2 hours from most crags. That’s how far it is from Boston to Rumney. If I lived in various spots of Spain I could live  15 minutes away from massive difficult crags. 

Reading this article made me realize that Red River Gorge has a ton of cliffs to climb at in Kentucky! Maybe I should move to Kentucky after graduation & climb all the time! I just need to find a design job to pay the bills.