We roadtripped New England this weekend. We drove 1800km over 20 hours and had a hundred adventures along the way. We climbed the Whiteface Mountain in NY and went to the beach in Portland, ME, and really enjoyed our last weekend before school began again.

There’s just something about being on the road that makes you feel free from everything.


View at the top of Chimney Rock, a granite monolith in the Appalachians of Western North Carolina

After 75 days of cycling and camping I have finally reached the Pacific Ocean via Florance, Oregon to dip my wheels in the costal water, thus concluding the first part of my cross country tour. To reach this point I had to traverse 4500 miles, 10 states, 4 mountain ranges, endless hills, 4 time zones, over a dozen flats, 2 new wheel frames, 2 new tires, a new shifter, several inpromptue roadside repairs, insane westerly head winds (30 mph in Colorado), too many close calls with speeding vehicles to count, roughly 10 large stray dog encounters, many pounds of consumed protein powder, and even more consumed pounds of booze with my cycling crew. Cheers.


Get into Alaska and it’s sort of like “pick which national parks you’d like to film” I guess. Here’s several. 

A week of exploring on the road to Haines, Alaska. We hiked, camped and explored in Kluane National Park, Tatshenshini-Alsek Provincial Park, Chilkat state Park, Chilkoot Lake state Park.