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Town hall and market place. Wernigerode is a small town in the Harz Mountains of Sachsen-Anhalt, Central Eastern Germany, population: ~ 35,000. The German Timber-Frame Road (Deutsche Fachwerkstraße) runs by here, it’s a tourist route leading from the river Elbe in the North to Bodensee (Lake Constance) in the South, displaying examples of traditional medieval timber frame architecture. More: The Harz Mountains around this area are also a ski area in winter. 


View from Wernigerode Castle towards the Brocken in the Harz Mountains, Sachsen-Anhalt, Northeastern Germany. Described by the German poet Hermann Löns as the “brightly colored town by the Harz”, Wernigerode has an impressive medieval town center with rows of charming timber-framed houses. It’s dominated by a castle that is open to visitors and lies on the German Timber-Frame Road and the Orange Route, a Dutch-German scenic route. The town is a good base for exploring the Harz on foot or by mountain bike. It was first mentioned in 1121 and was granted town rights in 1229. Its heyday came during the 14th/15th century as it grew wealthy through trading in cloth, beer, and brandy. After WW2, it fell on the East German side of the border. In 2004 it celebrated the 775th anniversary.


One of two tunnels on the White Pass Railway between Skagway Alaska and Carcross, Yukon Territory by Bob Zumwalt

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Hey Mama Cass, I recently moved to Florida and Irma is going to be my first hurricane ever. I know you've lived here your whole life, do you have any tips?

oh absolutely, dove! i’ve been around this block a few times so i definitely have it down by now. i am sending millions of good thoughts to every florida resident. may we find a way through this. 

if you want to reblog and share this, please do! it may help someone.

  • evacuate
    • do it early and do it fast. once irma’s path is confirmed and you have the means to, get out of florida. there’s literally no reason to stay as most people won’t be able to work anyway.
    • stay away from the east coast.
    • if you don’t want to go too far, the north-west georgia mountains are perfect.
    • PLAN YOUR ROUTE NOW. roads are going to be crazy. be safe. be smart.
    • call your bank now so they don’t freeze your account if you begin using your cards out of state.
  • water
    • get it N O W
    • i went to our local publix, target, and walmart today and everyone was completely out of water.
    • if your local stores are out, keep checking back with them to see when they will be getting more.
    • buy freezer strength ziplock bags and fill them up with water from the sink or your fridge dispenser and freeze them. if you run out of water during the storm this will be helpful.
    • fill up the bathtubs in your house ( clean them first !! )
    • please do not buy water from someone selling it on the side of the road. trust me.
  • food
    • if you do not have a gas grill (preferably with a burner) buy one now.
    • eat all of your perishables quickly.
    • stock up on things like bread, peanut butter, potatoes, crackers, dehydrated camping food, and jerky.
    • fill several coolers with ice for essentials.
    • if it’s bad, for the first few days coolers will keep meat cold (to cook on your grill) but do not count on that to last you all the way through.
  • animals
    • if you are staying and have animals that live outside (horses, cows, goats, pigs, etc.) go grab some grease paint from your local feed store and write your phone number on them.
    • most feed stores will also be selling i.d. cards that you can braid into their manes/tails.
    • make sure you have enough food and water to see them through as well.
  • house/car/others
    • if you have outdoor furniture either sink them in your pool or bring them indoors. 
    • keep towels on all of your windowsills in case it floods.
    • a generator is great but if you don’t have one, don’t panic.
    • candles, flashlights, and batteries are essential.
    • if you have a portable radio those are great to listen to the news for weather updates.
    • fill up your car’s gas tank every day until the storm. if we lose power you will not be able to fill it up until it’s over.
    • check your tire pressure and your oil.
    • get cash out of the atm as soon as possible.
    • screenshot all of your important documents
    • put heirlooms and such in plastic bins and place them in a high place.