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The MBTI Types As Nebulae

INFJ ;; Butterfly Nebula ;; thoughtful, gracious, and kind, the INFJ has a strong and passionate heart and imaginations that reach out and touch the rest of the world.

ENTJ ;; Eagle Nebula ;; bold, logical and charismatic, the ENTJ is a natural born leader and inspires the world around them to innovate, improve and create.

INTP ;; Planetary Nebula ;; wise, knowledgeable and curious, the INTP has a rich inner world of creativity, thought and understanding.

INTJ ;; Cat’s Eye Nebula ;; strategic, ambitious and insightful, the INTJ is a mystery to the external world, but have deeply complex personalities with unique intuitively wired brains capable of achieving anything.

ENTP ;; Orion Nebula ;; resourceful, visionary and clever the ENTP is naturally quick-witted and can become very enthusiastic about ideas and thoughts.

INFP ;; Trifed Nebula ;; creative, idealistic, and original, the INFP is a dreamer, full of thoughts and ideas. They have strong inner values and they generally tend to be kind and optimistic.

ENFP ;; Cat’s Paw Nebula ;; fun, energetic and brilliant, the ENFP is a bright and spontaneous person, and they are excellent at brainstorming.

ENFJ ;; Horsehead Nebula ;; caring, spirited, and loving, the ENFJ has a strong and spirited nature as well as a kind and loving one. They’re the ultimate friend who will always look out for you.

ESTP ;; Mountain Nebula ;; adaptable, determined and free, the ESTP is highly engaged in their environment and the here and now, and no challenge, or mountain, is too high for them.

ISFP ;; Swan Nebula ;; artistic, gifted, and independent, the ISFP personality is often referred to as “the artist” and with good reason. The ISFP is very passionate and involved with the world.

ESFP ;; Trapizium Nebula ;; exciting, encouraging, and stylish the ESFP is truly an entertainer, they are excellent performers and talented achievers who are always living in the moment and making the best of their surroundings.

ISTP ;; Helix Nebula ;; witty, analytical and fearless, the ISTP is very good at understanding how things work and can quickly grasp any concept thrown at them. They follow their own rules and systems and love a good physical thrill.

ESFJ ;; Rosette Nebula :: loveable, warm and dependable, the ESFJ is a very caring personality and they tend to have a talent for bringing out the best in others. They are very understanding and good at seeing things from other’s point of view.

ISFJ ;; Tarantula Nebula ;; traditional, humble and hard-working the ISFJ is a kind person, often going out of their way to help others and they tend to be very protective and take responsibilities seriously.

ISTJ ;; Flame Nebula ;; analytical, dependable and structured the ISTJ is very loyal and hard-working, often following through on commitments and promises. They take things seriously and will get things done.

ESTJ ;; Carina Nebula ;; efficient, detailed and systematic the ESTJ is sensible and a take-charge kind of person who is extremely good at devising systems and perfecting tactics.

- Ari, ESFJ

West Virginia Livin' Part 2

I hate, and I mean absolutely hate, people who are getting a higher education from a West Virginia university or college and complain about my home state.  Did they even tour the college before they signed that letter of intent? West Virginia is a rural state.  That’s how it has always been otherwise we wouldn’t have jokes about us (which are even more annoying).  Every town, city, county, and state has its benefits.  West Virginia’s benefits are amazing sites from one side of the state to the other, a rich history, some of the most amazing people who will drop anything to help a neighbor, and a sense of peacefulness that cannot be found anywhere else. West Virginia was just made to be different.  These mountains leave no room for large cities and that’s just the way I like it, along with other West Virginians.

My favorite quote ever from Strange As The Weather Has Been:

I know people not from here probably don’t understand our feeling for these hills. Our love for land not spectacular. Our mountains are not like Western ones, those jagged, awesome ones, your eyes always pulled to their tops. But that is the difference, I decided. In the West, the mountains are mostly horizon. We live in our mountains. It’s not just the tops, but the sides that hold us.

Fun fact: The song Lean on Me was written about West Virginians.  Bill Withers lived in West Virginia and was so impressed by how the communities helped each other out that he wrote the song Lean on Me about them. 

So here is my advice for you if you want to complain about my state and my home.

1. Don’t do it around me.

2. Leave. We don’t want you here anyways if you are going to act like that.

3. Realize what amazing things are around you before you find the little things to pick on.

Montani Semper Liberi