Anonymous said: Do you know of any fics where Peeta plays sports and is AU?

This is everything I could find in our archives. I’m willing to bet there are a few new ones, so please chime in if we’re missing some!

Association Football/Soccer:

A Knead to Know Basis - WRitesALOT

Game of Blame - MalTease

Trash Talk - MusicalSoul3000

Make Your Move - c_r_roberts (assistant coach)

Looking to Score - Court81981 (coach)

US Football:

In Love and Football - HavishamWard

Evolution - kismet4891

3rd Down - Court81981

The Accident - Arya Svit-Kon

The Jersey - meggiemellark

Lone Star State of Mine - Jenye

Shower Celebration - beccabecalm

Words Unspoken - bs13


You Got Me Good - SilverNight92

For You to Notice Me - 24tigers


A Masked Heart - silverarcher8

Air - meggiemellark


Fire and Ice - Falafel Waffle

Melting the Ice - tacosandflowers

The Laws of Gravity - threadfinjack

Dream On - Baroness Kika

Other Competitive Sports/Athletic Endeavors:

On Thin Ice - Court81981 (figure skating ex-hockey player)

The Fighter - MoiraCPercy (boxer)

At the Peak - maddmaddworld (snowboard instructor, former athlete)

Hurry Hard - AmelinaZemitran (curling)

Cookies from Mellark’s - sohypothetically (surfer)

I Want Some More - english5672 (surfer)

Another Summer - KaiSai1166 (surfer)

Top of the World - DirectorCarmichael (mountainclimber)

Of Chasing Quaffles & Katniss Everdeen - kaceywithak (quidditch)

Tell Me What You Know - AGirlNamedWhiskey (car racing)

Speed - KPForever (car racing)

The Boys are Depending On Us - ETRNL4L (cheerleader)

In hiking, passion is power … Draw your strength, then, from this passion, which is also love: love for the mountains and nature that is the basis of environmentalism; love for inner peace, which is introspection that leads to wisdom; and love for your fellow mountaineers, that is, friendship. … To love something (or someone), you have to find many reasons for loving, for these reasons are like roots that run deep: intertwined, they will make you weather whatever storm comes your way.
—  Gideon Lasco, “A letter to a young mountaineer”