Nuclear Strike: Session 1 Highlights

So, here are just some of the highlights from last night’s session of Nuclear Strike:

  • Chad the rat found a jar of something radioactive and drank it. While he did get sick he got better, but now he’s got a cancerous growth on his back. Viinn’s biometric scans revealed that the growth has an exact DNA match with Chad and a further X-ray revealed that there was a little rat person growing in there. Also, a tiny skateboard? As Viinn put it, “Congratulations, you are with clone.” Sadly for Chad Jr. (who Chad intends to name Thad) his clone dad has no ambition, so he probably can’t look forward to any good parenting coming from him.
  • On their way to their main mission at the Heckhole (a giant subspace rift in reality) the group saw a number of interesting sights and sounds: a mountain that eventually disappears as you walk closer to it (called Mt. Big Ghosty Boy), a sulphuric oasis in the middle of the wasteland, an ICBM jutting from the ground as if it was some weird obelisk, and a giant scorpion with a tophat carrying a house, inside of which was a smaller giant scorpion with a smaller tophat.
  • Said scorpions were brothers who ran a store selling Scorpions & Scorpion Accessories. The group obviously bought a bag of scorpions from them with the star piece that Coriander found on the ground earlier (it was actually just a really cool rock, but Coriander was so convinced that it was a star piece that it became a star piece).
  • Returning for a minute to Fryer Tom and his special sauces: his modified mayo dispenser can fire mustard (toxic bomb), hot sauce (fire bomb), mayonnaise (sticky bomb) and smoky BBQ sauce (smoke bomb). We only got to see hot sauce and mustard during the first session, but hopefully he’ll get really experimental with his combat cooking in the future.

Next time the group will eventually make it to the Heckhole, where things will most likely get proper weird.

We Were Nothing Like The Rest - Day Two: Ladylake (Conflict/Trust)

And as I looked around, I began to notice
That we were nothing like the rest

Of Monsters and Men – Mountain Sound


Title: We Were Nothing Like The Rest
Author: slashbanghorror
Rating: G
Word Count: 1532
Event + Prompt: @sormikweek Day Two - Ladylake: Conflict/Trust
Summary: Sorey struggles with the aftermath of his and Mikleo’s fight
Notes: Hello again! After yesterday’s cake induced diabetes fest, I decided that the next best course of action would be to write all the angst! This time, I’m writing about Sorey being all depressed, and Mikleo cheering up his boyfriend. 

For this prompt, I took a couple of lines from Mountain Sound by Of Monsters and Men. When the two first arrive in Ladylake, they realise how different they are: a seraph and a human with resonance in a place where humans don’t believe that the seraphim really exist.  

Also I like the idea that Lailah wears reading glasses when she’s reading or doing paper crafts, and I found it too adorable to not include.

And there is a Lailah pun as well :D

Contains a lot of angst. Sorry D:


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100 perfect songs for travelling from around the world


1) Hotel California – Eagles
2) Wouldn’t it be ice – The beach boys
3) Born to be wild – Steppenwolf
4) Hit the road Jack – Ray Charles
5) Livin’on a prayer – Bon Jovi
6) Budapest – George Ezra
7) Barcelona – Ed Sheeran
8) Castle on the hill – Ed Sheeran
9) Champion – Fall Out Boy
10) Alone together – Fall Out Boy
11) Young volcanoes – Fall Out Boy
12) Adventure of a lifetime – Coldplay
13) Hymn for the weekend – Coldplay
14) Paradise – Coldplay
15) Bastille – Pompeii
16) I take it all – Pegasus
17) Free – Pegasus
18) Mountain sound – Of Monsters and men
19) Life is a highway – Rascall Flatts
20) Dream on – Aerosmith
21) I lived – One Republic
22) Runaways – All time low
23) The edge of tonight – All time low
24) Good times – All Time Low
25) The flood – Take that
26) Piano man – Billie Joel
27) Desert rose – Sting
28) Africa - Toto
29) Good riddance – Green day
30) No surrender – Bruce Springsteen
31) Born to run – Bruce Springsteen
32) Whatever it takes – Imagine Dragons
33) Thunder – Imagine Dragons
34) On the top of the world – Imagine Dragons
35) New York state of mind – Alicia Keys
36) Victorius – Panic! At the disco
37) LA devotee – Panic! At the disco
38) Vegas Lights – Panic! At the disco
39) Ready to go – Panic! At the disco
40) Run boy run – Woodkid
41) Sweet home alabama – Lynyrd Skynyrd
42) We come running – Youngblood Hawke
43) Castaway – 5 seconds of summer
44) Higher – The score
45) Pacific Coast Highway – Two friends feat Max
46) Renegades – X Ambassadors
47) One day we’ll be old – Asaf Avidan
48) Summercat - Billie the vision & The Dancers
49) Trip the light – Alicia Kembe
50) Home – Edward Sharpe & The magnetic zeros
51) Eddie Vedder – Rise
52) Society – Eddie Vedder
53) Guaranteed – Eddie Vedder
54) Blowing in the wind – Bob Dylan
55) Wind of change – Scorpions
56) Midnight City – M83


57) Caravane – Raphaël
58) Schengen – Raphaël
59) Sur la route – Gérard de Palmas
60) J’t’emmène au vent – Louise Attaque
61) Un jour j’irai à Nerw York avec toi – Téléphone
62) C’est la vie – Khaled
63) Nation – Tibz
64) Voyage en Italie – Lillicub
65) Les lumières dans la plaine – Mickey 3D
66) Liberta – Pep’s
67) Paris – Willy William
68) On dirait le sud – Nino Ferrer
69) Le présent d’abord – Forent Pagny
70) Emmenez-moi – Charles Aznavour
71) Dès que le vent soufflera – Renaud
72) Voyage voyage – Desireless
73) La maison bleue – Maxime le forestier
74) Tout le bonheur du monde - Sinsémilla 
75) Santiago - Hugues Aufrey 


76) El mismo sol – Alvaro Soler
77) La bicicleta – Shakira
78) La Gozadera – Gente de zona
79) La la la – Shakira
80) We are one – Pitbull
81) Clandestino – Manu Chao
82) Vivir mi vida – Marc Anthony
83) El viaje - Antonio Orozco


84) Selvagens a Procura de lei - Despedida
85) Planta e Raiz – Aquele lugar
86) Vamos fugir - Skank
87) A vida do viajante - Luiz Gonzaga
88) O sol -  Jota Quest
89) Além do horizonte - Jota Quest 
90) Passageiro - Capital inicial


91) Roma-Bangkok - Baby K
92) Tutti vogliono viaggiare in prima -  Ligabue
93) Certe notti -  Ligabue
94) 883 - Nord, Sud, Ovest, Est
95) Viaggio - Piero Pelù
96) Il peso della valigia - Ligabue
97) Il mio giorno più bello nel mondo - Francesco Renga
98) Modena City Ramblers - La strata


99) Mantissa – Marina Satti
100) To tragoudi ton gyfton – Eleni Vitali

Dwigth Schrute Lines that Sound Like Mountain Goats Lyrics
Dwigth Schrute Lines that Sound Like Mountain Goats Lyrics

I’m not a dedicated Mountain Goats fan, but I thought this post by @twentybrightpansies was hilarious, so I snagged some bars from John Darnielle performing You Were Cool and recorded Dwight’s lines over them for kicks. Anything can sound like a Mountain Goats song if you try hard and believe in yourself!


converts who have already been in the mikveh, converts who are almost ready to make things official, converts in the middle of their journey, converts who are just now starting to study seriously: you are Amazing!!! we are amazing!! how crazy is it that despite not being born Jewish, not growing up Jewish, we’re Here and learning things and growing and changing! 

if you grew up surrounded by a jewish community and always felt like you should be a part of it, or you have jewish family and are rediscovering your connections to the tribe, or you read a book or watched a movie about judaism and fell in love a little bit, or you learned about judaism in school and wanted to know more, or you stumbled upon it completely by chance and knew there was Something there for you

if you’re firm in your beliefs, or you have your doubts or and concerns and wrestle with your spirituality, or you’re an atheist or agnostic but you recognize the beauty and value in these ancient words and rituals and culture, whether you were raised in another faith or grew up without one

whatever your first language is, the color of your skin, your nationality, your race, your culture

if you’re struggling to increase your levels of observance, if you’re not able to go to a synagogue every weekend or you’re there 15 minutes early, if you’re working with one rabbi or you’ve met with ten, if your mouth has trouble fitting around hebrew or it comes naturally to you, if you sing along every friday or if you’re still learning the words to songs and prayers and stay quiet, if you’re waking up with the sunrise to go through morning prayers or barely remembering to stumble through the shema as you’re falling asleep, if your family and friends have welcomed your decision with open arms or if they’re confused or worried or angry 

if you’re converting orthodox, reform or conservative, if you get more excited with every new holiday, if you’re dreading not having a christmas tree, if you’re  working through the breakup of your love affair with bacon-wrapped shrimp, if you feel like you’re glowing the first time you’re invited to a shabbat dinner, if you’re wondering if you can join your school’s hillel, if you’re imagining what it will be like to stand under a chuppah someday, if you’re excited about the idea of someday helping your daughter prepare for her bat mitzvah, if you’re just starting to be confident enough to give your own opinions at torah study, if you’re struggling and singing and learning and studying and arguing and loving

stay strong! you are (or will be) an amazing addition to the tribe. you are enough. this is meant for you. keep on learning and doing. your experiences are just as authentic as anyone else’s, and you are (or will be) just as Jewish as anyone else. 

“Dearer to G-d is the stranger who has come of their own accord than all the crowds of Israelites who stood before Mount Sinai. For had the Israelites not witnessed the thunder, lighting, quaking mountains and sounding trumpets, they may not have accepted the Torah. But the stranger, who saw not one of those things, came and offered themselves to the Holy One, and took the yoke of Heaven upon themselves. Can anyone be dearer to G-d than this person?” 

(Tanhuma Buber, Lech L’cha, 6)


1. In the Sun by She & Him

2. Such Great Heights by The Postal Service

3.Eighth Avenue by Hospitality

4. Lets Go Surfing by The Drums

5. Submarine Symphonika by The Submarines

6. Two Weeks by Grizzly Bear

7. Fader by The Temper Trap

8. The Wire by HAIM

9. Soft Shock by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

10. Come Home by Chappo

11. After The Disco by Broken Bells

12. Overdose by Little Daylight

13. My Number by Foals

14. Holiday by Vampire Weekend

15.Silver Lining by Rilo Kiley

16. I’m Good, I’m Gone by Lykke Li

17. In / Out by Dan Croll

18. We’re From Barcelona by I’m From Barcelona

19. Soul Meets Body by Death Cab For Cutie

20. Elevate by St Lucia

21. Gobbledigook by Sigur R¢s

22. Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) by Arcade Fire

23. Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) by of Montreal

24. Wraith Pinned To The Mist And Other Games by of Montreal

25. Someday by The Strokes

26.Read My Mind by The Killers

27. Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

28.Better Times by Beach House

29. Kids by MGMT

30. Trojans by Atlas Genius

31. Mountain Sound by Of Monsters And Men

32. Take A Walk by Passion Pit

33. My Boys by Taken By Trees

34. Bruises by Chairlift

35. 11th Dimension by Julian Casablancas

36. My Moon My Man by Feist

37. Lisztomania by Phoenix

38. We Turn It Up by Oh Land

39. Daylight by Matt and Kim

40. Animal by Miike Snow

41. I’m A Lady (Feat. Trouble Andrew) by Santigold

42. Permanent Hesitation by Born Ruffians

43. The Ghost Inside by Broken Bells

44.Unbelievers by Vampire Weekend

45. Harlem by New Politics

46. 1234 by Feist

47. Young Folks by Peter Bjorn & John

48. You, Me and the Bourgeoisie by The Submarines

49. That’s Not My Name by The Ting Tings

50. Chelsea Dagger by The Fratellis

51. Afternoon by Youth Lagoon

52. Go Outside by Cults

53. Actor Out Of Work by St. Vincent

54.French Navy by Camera Obscura

55. Tongue Tied by Grouplove

56. Crazy by Au Revoir Simone

57. Fidelity by Regina Spektor

58. Cameo Lover by Kimbra

59. Float by Pacific Air

60. Houdini by Foster The People

The First and Last of Us

☇  childhood best friends au

genre: angst, fluff, implied smut

pairing: yoongi // you

word count: 7.1k

warnings: light, lightttt implied sexual themes but like barely anything. it’s like 0.001% of the story

Description: You have the privilege of having Min Yoongi be many of your firsts. But what you’ve learned to realize, is that your first will not always be your last.

Life is full of beautiful moments. From the way the first dawn rises, when the early morning sun just barely peeks a hello from behind the rolling mist covered mountains, to the sound of a baby’s first cry, cheeks a furious red and fresh into a new foreign, but perfectly imperfect world. But perhaps it is the first times that are the most special, one’s first steps, first words, first friend. And you had the privilege of having Min Yoongi be many of your firsts.

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badass soprano songs [x]
a list of songs with notes that go up into the stratosphere (requested by rocioolayab​)

many a new day (oklahoma!) // a little bit in love (wonderful town) // i could be happy with you (the boy friend) // waitin’ for my dearie (brigadoon) // i could have danced all night (my fair lady) // my white knight (the music man) // when did i fall in love (fiorello!) // before i gaze at you again (camelot) // much more (the fantasticks) // one boy (bye bye birdie) // i feel pretty (west side story) // far from the home i love (fiddler on the roof) // i loved (jacques brel is alive and well and living in paris) // take care of this house (1600 pennsylvania avenue) // green finch and linnet bird (sweeney todd) // unexpected song (song and dance) // how could i ever know (the secret garden) // children of the wind (rags) // he plays the violin (1776) // if i were a bell (guys & dolls) // vanilla ice cream (she loves me) // ribbons down my back (hello, dolly!) // bill (show boat) // lovely (a funny thing happened on the way to the forum) // christmas lullably (songs for a new world) // in his eyes (jekyll & hyde) // glitter and be gay (candide) // your daddy’s son (ragtime) // cry like the wind (do re mi) // follow your heart (urinetown) // on the steps of the palace (into the woods) // popular (wicked) // love, look away (flower drum song) // the beauty is (the light in the piazza) // simple little things (110 in the shade) // come home (allegro) // cute boys with short haircuts (vanities) // goodbye, little dream, goodbye (anything goes) // think of me (phantom of the opera) // sweet thursday (pipe dream) // not a day goes by (merrily we roll along) // rosa’s confession (the mystery of edwin drood) // in my own little corner (cinderella) // climb ev'ry mountain (the sound of music) // i don’t know what i’d do (a gentleman’s guide to love and murder) // never (on the twentieth century) // getting to know you (the king and i)

alto | tenor | bass