Milford Sound by Tim Jordan via Flickr
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Maria, Maria
They call the wind Maria

Way out here they got a name
For rain and wind and fire
The rain is Tess, the fire’s Joe
And they call the wind Maria

Maria blows the stars around
And sends the clouds a-flyin’
Miriam makes the mountain sound
Like folks were up there dyin'Maria, Maria
They call the wind Maria

Before I knew Maria’s name
And heard her wail and whinin’
I had a gal and she had me
And the sun was always shinin’

Then one day I left my girl
I left her far behind me
And now I’m lost so cold and lost
Not even God can find me

@mountain-dew-yams So don’t cry, okay?? =D I’ll give you hugs!!

*Trying super-hard not to cry himself due to memories of a certain person*

{Author’s note: okay, first off, I’m sorry I’m so late, I slept through the night… Second… I’m so sorry I can’t give any proper advice other than random words of support!! I’ve never been in such a situation nor have I had any close friends in such dire circumstances, so I can only imagine how painful it is, but… God, you’re so brave for facing unfairness over unfairness. None of this is pathetic, quite the contrary. I hope at least SOME people around you can give you support because it’s much needed and much deserved. Jyushi and I can only support from afar, but again… You’re not the one who fucked up here. Please don’t tell yourself that, if you can. Because you definitely didn’t fuck up.}