Reflections Of GlenCoe by Fineart
Via Flickr:
A frozen Glencoe reflecting at Loch Leven. This is my second visit here in four weeks, and I can actually say I am now addicted to this stunning and otherworldly place! Facebook \ Twitter \ Instagram \ Website


Misty Morning, Geoengineering Continues, Rain Anyway

Dec. 9, 2016

Perhaps this is all a program, and we are causing glitches in it.  Regardless, the geoengineering is relentless, but still cannot stop the rain.  Everything transmutes as they spray, and although it makes a sloppy sky, we’re safe, and life is returning to the mountains.  As the morning goes on, the sky is becoming clearer.  Winter time is the heaviest for geoengineering in California, so we can’t expect to see the same immaculate skies of summer.

Snow has been reported in Portland, Oregon today!  Now we may see the true climate of the West Coast, unaffected by the drought engineering of many aeons.