Isle of Skye, 2016

This spring I travelled through Europe for three months. I saw so many wonderful cities and places, ate a lot of food and made fantastic friends.  But being all on my own on the Isle of Skye in Scotland made everything else pale in comparison. This is a place of magic with its golden light, looming mountains, fairy pools and walls of mist that suddenly surround you. Getting lost and wandering around on this mythical island will always be one of my happiest memories.

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jerejean in the rain?

you come… my house….ask for rain and jerejean………….when u know FULL WELL they live in drought city, U S A … and my weakness is dampness. good god u anons are good

Jeremy is an athlete, which means he wears a watch with a timer no matter how nerdy and ugly it is; and he’s a college athlete in his senior year, which means he has a Google Calendar more packed than one of his suitcases when he needs to fly home. In other words: Jeremy keeps track of time to the minute at least. He’s not organized in other parts of his life, but in this one, knowing when and how long, he’s basically a walking bullet journal.

All of which is to say: Jean has been in L.A. for six months, fourteen days, six hours, and twenty-three minutes when Jeremy blinks during lunch with the team and realizes he’s staring. 

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By Chance Part 1 - Drake x MC (A Royal Romance Mini-Fanfic Series)

 [A little Note: I kept thinking what ifs since the chapter update last week and have decided to indulge in an idea I had from If Things Were Different another fanfic I wrote about Drake and MC meeting differently, and meeting first. Edit: Part 2]

[Summary: A twist of fate has collided MC and Drake right into each other. Meeting for the first time under far different circumstances, MC doesn’t know why Drake feels so familiar, as if her soul has known him from a different life.]

Serendipity; finding something good without looking for it.

Moving to New York begun as many dreams did for Riley. Exciting, exuberant. One filled with hope, and a longing for something more. A chance to be something more. Her sense of adventure brought her; because she wanted to find here where she could not find anywhere else. 

The Big Apple in all it’s intimidating glory was supposed to make her better, to give life meaning and fill the empty void she had always suffered in the safety of her hometown. However, it didn’t take long for Riley to realize that wistful thinking could only push her so far. Things did not happen by chance, people had to make them happen.

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