Mid-Week Oracle Update for Aquarius

Mountain Gorilla

This is a time when you need to do some internal reflection and find your inner calm. Know that no matter what is going on in your situation that you have the ability to overcome it. Don’t rush through this experience just because it puts you out of your comfort zone.

Deck: The Secret Language of Animals: Endangered Voices of Mother Earth by Chip Richards, Copyright 2013 Blue Angel Publishing


In 2016, we went a short overland trip in East Africa. We were truly amazed by the warmth and openness of the people. We visited Kigali, Bwindi, Queen Elisabeth National Park, Bunyoni and Kivu.
We hope you enjoy this video/timelapse, always nice to hear your comments.


Dian Fossey was an American zoologist, primatologist, and anthropologist who was known for her extensive study on mountain gorillas. She observed gorillas for 18 years in Rwanda and was staunchly against poaching - something that gained her many enemies. She lived among the gorillas, developed a tight bond with them, and dedicated her entire life to attempting to protect them.

Sadly, she was brutally murdered on 27 December, 1985. She was discovered in the bedroom of her cabin which was located in the Virunga Mountains in Rwanda. She had been bludgeoned and chopped to death with a machete; many believe by poachers she had been tracking. The case remains unsolved.

Mountain Gorilla, Congo

Photograph by Michael Nichols

Of the many threats facing the endangered mountain gorilla, habitat loss is one of the most pressing. Trees in the Virunga range are often cut down for charcoal production. Here, a young mountain gorilla takes in the view from a tree branch in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


(I’m screaming.)


Baby Gorilla by ORYX Photography
Via Flickr:
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Our own Dr, Oliver Ryder captured rare footage of wild baby gorillas playing in Rwanda. A cute reminder of the appeal of this endangered species and the importance of protecting them. (WARNING: Cute overload)