TITLE: Happy New Year


AUTHOR: SassyShoulderAngel319

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine taking Loki up to your cabin in the mountains during the winter, and snuggling multiple times during the day, and all through the night.


NOTES/WARNINGS: Longer than I intended. Oh well. No warnings I can think of. Just some minor kissing.


I sat outside the party on the balcony with a bitter expression on my face. Snow was falling, gathering in my hair and resting on my eyelashes for a few moments before melting. I was so sick of winter. I loved its beginnings in December when the snow was white and pure and fluffy and made the road look like it was encrusted with diamonds before cars drove over it or snowplows pushed it away. But it was that one time when they snow was turning gray and black from icky tire-water and everything just looked dead and dank.

I was too busy glaring at the dark storm clouds sending more snow down to notice the door to the balcony ease open. A figure joined me on the balcony, but was so quiet I didn’t even notice he was there.

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