• Lauren: Crap, we have a flat tire
  • Ally: What are we gonna do? We're still really far away!
  • Camila: Don't worry guys I put a spare in the trunk!
  • Normani: Camila I swear on my life, if I open the trunk and there's bowling pins set up back there I'm going to throw you all the way to Miami!
  • Lauren, Ally, Dinah & Normani: [glaring at Camila]
  • Camila: .......
  • Camila: Don't open the trunk

Sunday morning sunrise in the Alps

I love how creatively Dear White People is filmed and that each episode is slightly thematically different based on the central protagonist. Gabe’s replicates old films because he loves movies, Lionel is an introverted thinker so his process shows him creating scenes with his imagination, Coco is reconciling her past with her future so we get a lot of flashbacks, Sam has a strong personal drive but inner confusion so her episodes are the least linear, jumping back and forward with less structure.