mountain type


Awww yeah, this ended up being a productive week after all! And what’s more, I’m actually pretty pleased with the first three custom Aequis layouts. 

Top is a desert type based on a rufous legged owl, second is a mountain type based on a lammergeier, and third is a mountain type based on an osprey.

Next, color studies/last custom layout!

Final art sheet for a custom mountain type Aequis design with osprey-inspired plumage, for @sergeanthax! I’m really pleased with the way the barring turned out on this one.

Winsor & Newton watercolors and Caran d’Ache Supracolor watercolor pencils with touches of white gouache on Arches 140 lb watercolor paper, hot press finish. Approx. 15.5 x 11.5 inches, 39.37 x 29.21 cm.

Now, on to the next two!


Finally, some color studies. I always forget how much spring tends to drain me, energy-wise. 

Top: Mountain type Aequis custom for @narqwibqwib based on lammergeier. (EXCITE!)

Middle: Mountain type Aequis custom, osprey coloration.

Bottom: Desert type Aequis, rufous-legged owl coloration. (I never expected for this one to get so out of control? Like woah.)

*dies under pile of unfinished work*

MBTI + The Mountain Goats songs (ie the types plus failing relationships/being sad)

ENFP: Amy aka Spent Gladiator 1

Make up magic spells / We wear them like protective shells / Land-mines on the battlefield / Find the one safe way / And stay alive 

ENTP: Heretic Pride

I want to cry out / But I don’t scream and I don’t shout / And I feel so proud to be alive / And I feel so proud when the reckoning arrives   

ESFP: Dilaudid

If we live to see the other side of this / I will remember your kiss / So do it with your mouth open / And take your foot off of the brake, for Christ’s sake!

ESTP: Jenny

We were the one thing in the galaxy God didn’t have his eyes on / 900 cc’s of raw, whining power, no outstanding warrants for my arrest / Hi diddle dee dee, goddamn, the pirate’s life for me 

ENFJ: This Year

Trading swigs from a bottle, all bitter and clean / Locking eyes, holding hands / Twin high maintenance machines / I am going to make it through this year / If it kills me 

ENTJ: The Mess Inside

We went down to New Orleans / One weekend in the spring / Looked hard for what we’d lost / It was painful to admit it but we couldn’t find a thing 

ESFJ: Old College Try

Like a trashcan fire in a prison cell / Like the searchlights in the parking lots of hell / I will walk down to the end with you / If you will come all the way down with me

ESTJ: Fault Lines

Yeah, the house and the jewels, the Italian race car / They don’t make us feel better about who we are / I’ve got termites in the framework / So do you 

INFP: The Best Ever Death Metal Band In Denton

When you punish a person for dreaming his dream / Don’t expect him to thank or forgive you / The best ever death metal band out of Denton / Will in time both outpace and outlive you / Hail Satan   

INTP: Ethiopians

And I can’t think of one thing in this whole wide blessed world / That’s more dangerous and frightening than you when you get bored // Good things never last / Bad things never die

ISFP: Spent Gladiator 2

Like the clock that ticks in Dresden / When the whole town’s been destroyed / Like the nagging flash of insight / You’re always desperate to avoid // Stay alive / Maybe spit some blood at the camera / Just stay alive / Stay forever alive

ISTP: Oceanographer’s Choice

I don’t know why it’s gotten harder to keep myself away / Thought I’d finally beat the feeling back, it all came back today / And then we fell down and we locked arms, we knocked the dresser over as we rolled across the floor 

INFJ: Color in your Cheeks

And they came from Zimbabwe or from Soviet Georgia / East St. Louis or from Paris or they lived across the street / But they came, and when they finally made it here / It was the least we could do to make our welcome clear / Come on in, we haven’t slept for weeks / Drink some of this, it’ll put color in your cheeks 

INTJ:  Cry for Judas

But I am just a broken machine / And I do things that I don’t really mean // Unfurl the black velvet altar cloth / Draw a white chalk Baphomet / Mistreat your altar boys long enough / And this is what you get 

ISFJ: Balance

Wet your finger, place it toward the wind / Feel disaster in the air / We are far too slow to outrun it now / But not too far gone to care

ISTJ: International Small Arms Traffic Blues

Our love is like the border between Greece and Albania / Trucks loaded down with weapons crossing over every night // There is a shortage in the blood supply / But there is no shortage of blood


I swore I wasn’t dead, but here’s all I have as proof of that for now. That’s what I get for juggling client work/commissions on top of a full time job, ha!

Mountain type Aequis with osprey coloration, and some sparkly but subtle Aequis flare in the form of some silvery lacing around the feathers. They glitter a bit in person!

I want to get the other two in this queue started alongside this one, but I will need to polish my juggling skills. Thanks all of you for your patience, it’s been much appreciated.

Southern Pacific Mt-3 Class Mountain Type No. 4331. This photo shows this locomotive very early on in her career. She carries a 120-C-6 tender behind her and is still sporting the original Golden Glow headlight. Later in her career she will receive a Skyline Casing, and multiple bearing cross head guides.