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K05/302: Gamera

The amazing thing about the very first Gamera movie is that they meant it.  By the time it died in 1971, the original Gamera franchise had become a joke even to its makers.  The lack of budget and effort were visible on screen, and the inclusion of things like Guiron, or Gamera playing his theme song on Zigra’s back, suggest that nobody was taking any of this very seriously anymore.  But five years earlier (only five years) when they made Gamera, they weren’t kidding at all.  They really wanted to make a scary kaiju film, and put everything they had into doing so.

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Meet Ozymandias, our endangered Burmese Mountain Tortoise (Manouria emys)! Reaching weights of upto 100lbs, this unusual critter is the fourth largest tortoise species on Earth!

They are also among the most primitive extant tortoises on the planet based on morphological and molecular studies.

We are proud to be the caretaker of two Burmese Mountain Tortoises and we intend to help in Canada’s captive breeding of this species at risk. Come visit Ozy at the Prehistoria Natural History Centre in Toronto! We are open Friday-Sunday (12-6pm) at 1193 Weston rd (Weston & Eglinton).


Here are some pictures of some if the reptiles I have for the event tomorrow! These ones are probably my favorite. Especially the water monitor, I really love monitors SO much.
There’s also two corn snakes, a pastel BP, an angry carpet python, a leopard gecko, a baby crestie, a red foot tortoise, an unknown tortoise species (his shell got pretty messed up from neglect/abuse), three box turtles - who I caught mating, naught turtles! - and a 2-3 foot aligator. All of these animals are rescues and belong to International Reptile Rescue.


Puzzle & Dragons Appreciation Post - Chinese Gods

  • Incarnation of Suzaku/Heavenly Guide Suzaku, Leilan
  • Incarnation of Seiryuu/Guardian of Life Seiryuu, Karin
  • Incarnation of Genbu/Tortoise Mountain Genbu, Meimei
  • Incanration of Kirin/Kirin of the Aurora, Sakuya
  • Incarnation of Byakko/Soul Guardian Byakko, Haku

Been a while since I’ve done one of these! But some friends and I were yammering about this cycle on IRC so it struck my fancy.

I wish I were good enough to use my Kirin, I should probably just suck it up and practice on Endless Corridors. At least my sorely neglected JP account has a Byakko, albeit not evo’d, and I’m working on a Suzaku on my main on US.

Happy Friday! This juvenile Burmese Black Mountain Tortoise (Manouria emys phayrei) may look small now, but she will grow up to weigh almost 100 pounds! We work closely with this charismatic and Endangered species at our conservation center to ensure its survival.

It’s a family reunion 32 million years in the making! The fossilized shell (and partial skeleton) in my hand is the first genus of dry land tortoise ever discovered in the United States! They existed from the late Eocene to the early Oligocene, living in subtropical regions of Europe, Asia and North America. This ~32 million year old specimen was found in South Dakota. The living critter is an endangered Burmese Mountain Tortoise (Manouria emys), found in fragmented pockets from India to Indonesia. They grow to become the largest tortoise in mainland Asia and the fourth largest on Earth! Based on morphological and molecular studies they are the most primitive of all living tortoises and they are the only tortoise species to build an above ground nest, which is constructed out of leaf litter. The mother will actually protect her nest, doing her best to chase away predators! These are both specimens freely on display at the Prehistoria Natural History Centre and we have every intention of breeding our mountain tortoise to assist in the longterm survival of their species.


Adventures with gckaf!

On Saturday, Mommy and I got to visit friend gckaf! Mommy brought my leash, so friend gckaf took me out for a wonderful long walk through her yard. I had so much fun exploring all the different kinds of rocks in gckaf’s yard under the warm summer sun!

Friend gckaf says I am much easier to walk than dogbeast Bucky. Maybe next time we should try walking Bucky while I’m sitting on his head!


My First Brunch!, Part 1

Two weeks ago, I went to my first brunch! My first order of business (after charming all the beautiful ladies at the table) was investigating everything on the table. By far the most exciting item on the table was Mommy’s kale salad—which I got to eat!