mountain society

I suppose one of the reasons why this whole “Dwarves don’t ever farm or grow/raise their own food” thing started is because Dwarves are mountain people, and there aren’t real mountains in Britain for reference. Growing up in Germany and first learning about agriculture as a little child, the area that had the overwhelming focus was the Alps… despite living half a country away from said Alps. I forgot most of the details but I’m sure we spent at least half a year learning about cattle and plant industry up in the mountains, and really every mountain region I know of has its own flourishing industry, the exceptions being mountain regions that just don’t have anyone living in them in the first place. So yeah, especially in a possibly volcanic region such as Erebor might be farming would be the obvious thing to do. Also goats are a thing. And livestock gets kept inside during the cold months anyway so there’d be no issue keeping them inside the mountain either. It’s been years and still this “Dwarves don’t provide their own food” makes zero sense to me

Mo’orea - French Polynesia 

Mo’orea, meaning “Yellow Lizard”, is part of the society islands, just 17km north of Tahiti.  The highest point is Mount Tohi'e'a,in the centre of the island. It dominates the vista from the two bays and can be seen from Tahiti. The island offers many walking trails and bays to explore. They are popular with tourists, particularly honeymooners.