mountain shirt

How Mo Guan Shan will be if he and He Tian have a date? Why not like this 😂😂

Sorry for the hands. I’m veryyyy bad at draw it 😣

Of course our little Mo will wear his yellow tee shirt 😋😋

another gift to @verefex ! I’m already so in love with Jung and Storm and I can’t wait to see more of them :D 


The Mountain Goats concert was absolutely amazing! I got the Beautiful Rat Sunset liner (with that prime Agamemnon/Oresteia/ general Atreus House content) signed by John Darnielle! And actually, he recognized me when I went to go get it signed because I’d been singing fervently along to every song 3 feet from the stage, SO. Also I got up the courage to talk to him about ancient literature JUST a little (There’s a mountain goats song about Sophocles’ Ajax, Against Agamemnon, which I Adore and I love that play AND IM SO GLAD JOHN ALSO LOVES IT WE HIGH FIVED ABOUT IT so!)
AND THEN I got to take a picture with him, almost about burst into tears, it was a transcendent experience, etc

maybe-kayan  asked:

Hi, I just really need to talk about modern AU great Comet hcs Please love me

an unprompted ask?? for me??? this is the content I signed up for

so yeah i’m just gonna make a big ass list of headcanons lemme know what you think,,, i love modern au so much so this is also a long post beware!!!

these are random as hell but are heavy on the Andrierre, which is good and bad because I love this ship but also I haven’t read War and Peace so some of the Andrey headcanons might be dead wrong

and of course feel free to correct and/or add on to this list! I’d love to hear what you guys have to say about this and I’m always up for talking about Great Comet

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