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#No9TWritingChallenge II: 36

Word: Rat Race

Originally posted by flyngdream

All around me
are the scurrying feet
of people running
in this rat race
to make ends meet. 

But as I stand
in the middle of
this moving crowd,
I know now why
I’m unable to find
that finish line. 

It’s because
in a world full
of people with eyes
on the last stop,
I’m always looking
for the next
mountain to climb.



The unnamed puppers, getting new experiences and exposure to things on the farm. This is an important period, farm dogs need to not only bond with their charges but get used to people and car rides and other things they will encounter, even if infrequently.

She’s enjoying some safe (digestible) rawhide alternatives to work out all her puppy chewing while Cream nurses our injured goat’s kid on the milk stand.

April 17, 2017.

luke skywalker regional gay discourse evidence

Southwestern Gay

  • lives in the desert
  • farming
  • poncho
  • sunshine boy!!!

Midwest Gay

  • wants to Get Out Of This Town
  • farming
  • drives a tractor
  • owns an old blue truck
  • was able to make the shot to blow up the death star from experience playing cornhole

Upstate New York Gay

  • milk?
  • fashion choices
  • speeder is equivalent to a snowmobile
  • wears plaid (idk much about upstate new york culture tbh)

Southern Gay

  • says y’all constantly
  • says thinks like “oh my stars” and “bless your heart”
  • wears bad jeans
  • has no fear of crazy animals like alligators (akin to womp rats)

Mountain States Gay

  • wears a cowboy hat
  • still looking for more evidence here?

West Coast Gay

  • his cell phone number is 555-WEED
  • probably wears a ton of galaxy print shit
  • snapbacks 

Listen to the Playmoss playlist: when the sun don’t shine by textsize by textsize

art by @zerotation

My Dad Is Dead - Boundaries
Wilco - If I Ever Was a Child
Andrew Jackson Jihad - Heartilation
Smog - Blood Red Bird
Defiance, Ohio - Dissimilarity Complex
Mac DeMarco - My Old Man
The Mountain Goats - Alpha Rats Nest - Tallahassee
Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence (Remastered Version) (Original)
Cut Off Your Hands - You Should Do Better
Wilco - Cry All Day
I Have Made Mistakes - The Oh Hello’s
Take Courage - Andrew Bird


Surprise!!! It’s a new livestock puppy! She’s a purebred Great Pyrenees from working lines, born on a cattle farm.

I get the feeling we left with the “runt” (oh, no, our giant breed might be slightly small) as the other pups were all reserved and bigger/fluffier and pure white, but look at this tiny beast! I love her markings and hope they don’t fade. I’ve been watching Craigslist for legit LGDs for a while and they are few and far between. This whole litter sold out in just two days! She was $400, which isn’t bad.

Originally, we planned to stagger the dogs out in age. One old dog, one young dog, but we just ended up with two old dogs. Our first dog, Jasper (husky mutt from the pound) is trucking right along at 13 years old and Kimber (Pyrenees/Anatolian) is now 7 and they only live to around 10 or so. Three dogs wasn’t necessarily part of the plan but it works out because the new pup can work with Kimber and it’s the perfect time with barn stalls done, fencing up, and lots of baby animals to interact with. When we got Kimber, all we had were chickens and we had to tie her up, which was less than ideal and complicated by her ability to break chains… At one point she snapped a chain rated for 600lbs and she’d walk right through the neighbor’s hot-wire to visit the horses. She ended up in the house more than not and bonded with us and has only in the last year gotten to be what she was meant to be, spending the bulk of her time in the yard with the animals with five fenced acres. Yet she tends to get lonely for us and gets to howling when she gets lonely in the yard. To start things off on the right foot and bond her with the livestock first, New Pup slept on the barn with the goat kids. It was… Harder on us than it was on her but we persevered. It critical that she get a good start so she’s happier and to curtail the excessive barking/howling we have with Kimber as there’s neighbors on either side of us.

April 16, 2017.

crimsonrapscallion  asked:

what is some good feral jotun music

If I had to make a playlist, it’d be…

  • Waking Up the Giants by Grizfolk
  • Heretic Pride by The Mountain Goats
  • Alpha Rats Nest by The Mountain Goats
  • Up the Wolves by The Mountain Goats
  • Closer to an Animal by Sonata Arctica
  • The Human Stain by Kamelot
  • Citizen Zero by Kamelot
  • Wildfire parts 1,2, and 3 by Sonata Arctica

I have more “extreme” metal songs that fit the bill but I haven’t yet taken the time to check whether or not the bands in question are safe so I’m not including them and sticking to the above.

anonymous asked:

I'm still new to paganism and recently I think I've been feeling guilty. Specifically, I'm a black girl who was raised on stories about greek and celtic mythology and such and I was drawn to Gaia and Kernunnos as patron deities for various reasons. But I've seen various people say that since I'm black I should try to stick to the gods and goddess of my heritage like the Yoruba or Egyptian Gods. But I don't feel any connection to those gods AT ALL. Do you have any advice for me?

What those people are telling you is straight-up bullshit.  The Greek and Celtic polytheisms are open to anyone regardless of culture, ethnicity, race, or other identity. 

Disclaimer: I am white in both passing and identity and have never experienced what you have.  However, I’m a Celtic polytheist.  A few, though not all, reasons on why these various people are wrong:

  • Being black doesn’t automatically disclaim you from a Greek or Celtic-based heritage.  It’s entirely possible for someone with dark skin to have stronger blood ties to a Greek or Celtic culture than someone with white skin.
  • However, blood ancestry is not a requirement to be a Hellenist or Gaulish/Celtic polytheist.  There’s a reason we Celtic polytheists (and others) use the address “ancestors of blood and spirit.”
  • Cernunnos is a Gallo-Roman deity, and we all know how much the Romans loved spreading their culture and syncretizing their deities to everyone else’s.  Restricting Gaulish polytheism on the basis of skin color is protecting an ideal that never existed in the first place.
  • The Greeks did this too, especially in the Hellenic era.
  • This also has nothing to do with your nationality.  What if you were born and raised in Greece and identify as Greek?  Or in France and as French?  You have as much right to your nation’s heritage as anyone else who shares your national identity.  (The concepts within race are also different in Europe than they are in America, so that undoubtedly changes historical and contemporary views about your question depending on where you live and who you’re talking to.)  Ethnicity, ancestry, nationality, and culture are all different things, though definitely related.
  • For them to tell you which religions are okay or not okay for you to practice because you’re a black girl sounds like an expression of colonialist privilege and assumption.
  • Both religions are open as long as respect is paid to their original cultures, both the historical and the contemporary, which should be true for every religion anyway.  There may be small, individual groups who have initiatory requirements, like dedicated priesthoods, but they are not representative of the broader communities.

It’s possible some of these people mean well.  Maybe they think that ‘encouraging’ you to stick to what they assume, correctly or otherwise, is your ancestry is being supportive.  Doesn’t change how wrong they are.

There’s also a theological conflict here.  Again, I can’t speak for Hellenics, but:

  • Some of the most important principles in the Celtic polytheisms include honor (which admittedly can be defined in various ways), right action and judgment, and hospitality.  If any of the people excluding you because you’re black are Celtic polytheists, they are in contempt of their faith and their gods.  There is no honor, justice, or community in gatekeeping “since [you’re] black.”
  • The Celtic polytheisms are orthopraxic, which emphasizes conduct over ritual or ‘purity of faith.’ Conduct that violates the principles that define so much of what many of us practice is hypocritical just in general.
  • This is all true even if the gatekeepers themselves have blood ancestry.

I would much rather have someone like you, who seems to be respectful and sympathetic person, standing beside me in a ritual ráth than a racist and hypocrite with a fancy ~Celtic~ pedigree.

Anon, you have as much a right to walk a Hellenic or Celtic path as anyone else. You read up on Hellenic and Gaulish etiquette and patron deities, go chat up Gaea and Cernunnos, and ignore the squeaking of rats.

- mountain hound

Whoever is telling you that because you’re black you “should look to Yoruba or Kemeticism instead” clearly don’t know either religions very well. Just because you’re black doesn’t mean you’re able to proclaim the title of Mambo in Vodun. Just because you’re black doesn’t make you a priestess in Kemeticism. Yoruba is a tradition that is heavily protected and has a solid structure that needs to be followed, whether you’re black or not (as far as from what I’ve seen said by Yoruba practitioners).

Ancient Egyptians had quite a few different ethnicities, including Nubian, Middle Eastern etc. Kemeticism itself is an open religion seeing as Ancient Egypt was imperialistic and colonialist, because they viewed their way of life as the most civilized way to live.

You are free to go where your heart leads you especially considering your heart is leading you to gods that will most certainly welcome you with open arms.

- trueriptide

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