mountain rage

It has been years and finally the day has come. Dis, daughter of Thrain, has lived her last day in Erebor ans joins her family in the halls of their maker.

She has waited for so long. To see her beloved sons again. To talk to her lost father, her brother, mother, …

And also she has awaited, anticipated the day when she would finally get her hands on Thorin. When she heard the news of the deaths of her last remeining family members she had felt deep grief, sorrow and fury. She had allowed Thorin to take her sons with him under one condition: that he would protect them with his life. She trusted him, only to e told that he had fallen for the same sickness their grandfather had succumbed to. that he hid inside the mountain while a war raged on outside and then led her sons straight into their deaths on ravenhill.

over time her anger had mellowed, she had allowed herself to remember Thorin as her beloved brother, but now that she stoof before the very entrance of Mahal’s halls it all welled up again.

The doors open and immediately she is engulfed by hugs. She has to use sheer force to push her sons back and be able to look at their faces. When she can bear to let go of them, she is greeted by the younger of her brothers. Then her mother, her father, her grandfather. But there is no Thorin. She asks them where he is and they can see her anger coiling under the surface. They all hesitate and finally her youngest answers: “We don’t really see all that much of him anymore. He avoids people. I don’t think he even knows you’re here…”

They bring her to his rooms and Dis enters without knocking. Thorin sits on the balcony, looking over the endless see below. He doesn’t even notice her until she stands right before him. He looks surprised for a moment, but that is it.

“Stand up.” she says. Thorin does so and she backhands him so hard, he has to sit right back down.

Then she starts cursing him out, accusing him of the worst things, calling him the worst names. Thorin doesn’t even attempt to defend himself, never looks up from the ground and it just makes her all the more furious. Finally she stops and Thorin only whispers a low, but heartfelt apology. Dis snarls and exits his room.

Outside the rest of her family waits, obviously they heard everything. She points at the closed door, demanding an explanation. Fili sighs. “He has been like this ever since we arrived. He didn’t know that both of us had died, that was a pretty harsh shock. Also we think he might be too ashamed to face the other dwarves. We assume he might think people will judge him for his actions under the sickness.”

Dis frowns. Thorin has always been more sensitive than his siblings, but he was never a coward. This didn’t sound like her brother at all.

Kili saw her confusion and whispered: “There is also the matter of Bilbo.”

Dis’ frown deepened. What did the company’s hobbit burglar have to do with all of this?

“Mother, Bilbo was Thorin’s one. We are absolutely sure of this. But hobbits do not enter the halls of mahal after they die. Actually, we have no idea where they go. They had only a very short time together, i don’t think they even confessed to each other. And now they won’t ever see each other again.”

Frerin looked at his sister and whispered: “At first we tried to do something for him. We tried to reassure him that noone blames him, but he wouldn’t listen and after some time he stopped leaving this room completely. We still check on him every once in a while, but between the guilt, the shame, the loss of his one and everything else that has been going on… we think he might have given up…”

Fight Me. (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

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Prompt;  ‘The next person to piss me off won’t be alive to regret it’

Request;  hey! could I request an imagine with Bucky/Winter Soldier with #10- the next person who pisses me off won’t be alive to regret it ?


Y/N - Your name

Y/L/N - Your Last Name

Warnings; swearing 

note - this is set in like an alternative thing to civil war 

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You stalked across the corridors of the Avengers base, dragging your feet with a resting bitch-face plastered across your features. Your fists were clenched and turning paper-white, while there was a mountain of pent up rage that could give in and collapse at any given moment.

Your day had started out pretty well. You woke up early enough to get coffee with your boyfriend, Bucky, before work. The bad day had begun when they messed up your order. Things only went down in training - You’d been beaten three times by Clint. (’You got beat by the farmers wife, Y/N, you must be really off your game today.’ Were Tony’s exacts words.)

Then your phone had broken, you left your keys at home and Bucky was being a twat about teasing you and you wanted to rip that stupid metal arm off him and repeatedly smack him round the head with it. So far, you’d been pretty good at resisting the urge. 

You reached your office door and kicked it open, collapsing in your desk chair. You did it with too much force, though, the chair tipped backwards and you landed on the cold tile. ‘Fuck my life!’

‘You okay there, Y/N?’ Bucky was stood in the doorway, biting his lip in an attempt to not literally piss himself with laughter.

‘No, James, I am not!’ You yell, sprawling your limbs out on the floor. ‘I had the most awful coffee, I messed up in training, locked myself out, broke my phone and you’re being a complete dick!’

The amused face was quickly replaced with a terrified one. ‘Okay, you need to calm down, babe. Do you want to come and help Steve and I train the new agents? They’re all teenagers.’

He reached forward and pulled you up towards him, carrying you down the hall to the training facility. He put you back on the ground and you wandered across to the other side, collapsing on a bench with a huff.

‘Y/N, can you show these guys how to use the suppressor guns?’ Natasha called. You stood up and grabbed a gun off the rack, walking over to the group of eighteen years old’s.

‘Look how they hold the gun. I could beat them in a second.’ One of them comments. ‘They look weak-’

You smirked and drop the gun to the ground. ‘Come on then, let’s try, why don’t we?’ 

You walked over to a mat, whilst Bucky looked at you with a confused expression. The trainee stood in front of you, in a fighting stance. You knew Nat and Steve hadn’t finished their training yet, so there’s no way he could fight properly.

The trainee lunged at you, but within seconds, you had him pinned to the ground with a bust lip. You stood up and smirked proudly. ‘So, let’s just say that the next person to piss me off won’t be alive to regret it-’

‘Okay, that’s enough!’ Bucky abruptly stood and picked you up, carrying you out the room. ‘The trainees aren’t punching bags, Y/N.’

‘Don’t lie, you totally found that attractive when I got angry and-’

He put you down and placed a kiss on your lips. ‘Too bad I did, huh?’ 

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  • Hillary supporters: Yeah Bernie is a great guy! I love his liberal views and he has done some great work! However I think Hillary would be better for the presidency! I like them both though!
  • Bernie supporters: Hillary Clinton is literal trash and the devil incarnate, her lifelong career of political success means nothing because i heard on fox news that she sent an email once, haha shes so pathetic trying to reach a wide variety of voters and not just greasy 20-somethings like me, if she gets the nomination I'm gonna harass women online extra hard to get out my mountain dew fueled rage, im a true liberal bc im not afraid to say hillary is a bitch

Look at these assholes. Is this Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak? Or is this a young couple who have decided that holy shit, thirty is a pretty big age to hit and we must immediately see the world? Is this a couple who have decided that work can wait while they learn each other? Yes. Because this is who they are now.

This is a couple who absolutely have dropped the poisonous parts of their lives to have this time together. This is a couple who are more than likely appreciating the beauty of one another than the places they are visiting. Eiffel Tower? Meh. Mountain Rages? They’re alright. Felicity in his shirt making coffee? Now that’s perfection.

This is Oliver Queen who feared the darkness so much that he lived in it, seeing his avoidance of the light as the only way to protect it and keep it pure. This is the same Oliver Queen who watched his family die in front of him, cradling the girl who he wishes he’d brought home them years ago. This is the same Oliver Queen that had to choose between being with her and being the Arrow. The choice, in the end, was unavoidable. When he chose the Arrow, the Arrow was taken from him. Being with her was always going to be his ending. Being with her is what he lives for now. He’s spent so many years watching people get hurt, and now he watches the sun rise on her face. He’s exchanged holding her at arms lengths to crushing her into his embrace. He has put everything on hold for her after years of making her wait for him and it is the best decision he’s ever made.

This is Felicity Smoak who developed a crush on her boss’s son and couldn’t stop spewing innuendos, who trusted him from the beginning for reasons she could never explain. This is the same Felicity Smoak who was raised by a hard working single mom, who grew up watching a woman be independent while raising a daughter without any help, who taught her the value of working and that no matter what, you provide for what is yours. He is hers now. So she buys him a bed, buys him a fern, brings that light into his darkness until he’s walking out from the shadows. He chose the Arrow and she said “okay, for now maybe”. This is the Felicity Smoak who has gotten everything she ever dreamed of.

This is a couple who can’t stop holding each other, no matter how they’re standing. They’ve waited three years to exist in this state together, too many quiet dreams that don’t need to be kept away now. This is a couple so in love that they don’t even need broad, wide grins and this is far deeper, far more intimate, because this is contentment. These are the smiles they will have when they’re seventy years old and their grandchildren are climbing on them, the smiles they’ll have in their wedding photos, the smiles that will plaster the walls in every home they ever have as long as they’re in the crazy frames that don’t quite match the decor, which is okay because they don’t quite match the lifestyle. But they’ll bleed into it, they’ll make it their own, as they do with everything.

This is Olicity 2015 guys. Season fucking 4. Let’s dive headfirst into this shit.

Have I told you Finnicks backstory in the myth AU? 8) At a “young” age Finnick was left alone to take care of his lil sister pasty! There was a neighboring woods near there cold mountain so they (of course) introduced them selfs to the neighbors they never meet. They became friends with these neighbors (Xavier and Chantal ) and everyone became close. Especially Finnick and Xavier. But one day a certain demon followed Finnick to the woods and decide to let all hell loose. Finnick and Xavier were the only ones that survived the chaos. Xavier did not take this well and now Finnick can’t even get 10 miles near the boarder of the mountain because of raging centaur that is thirsty for revenge. Some how while on the run he meet up with a certain siren and then meet her serpent boyfriend. Even though life was good and many years have past Finnick still has night mares and flash backs of that day. He can never really forgive himself for what happened to his family. :0. Welp. That’s finnys story folks! mysticbaconslice ask-appliancealliance this lovely person is someone I need to say thank you. Now I have three dozen story’s in my head for these cuties.