mountain ponies


My ideal evening is sitting on the top rail of the turnout watching the horses swirling about, pairing up and pushing each other off, some following each other closely and some drifting watchfully on the outskirts of the herd, creating patterns in the sand with their ceaseless circles and graceful serpentines…its a waning sunset’s ballet, and though my butt may freeze to the fence I will watch every step until the final curtain closes.

This little trooper dragged me from 500 to 1200m above sea-level in less than two hours today.

He was quite exhausted afterwards, but we let the horses rest on top and then he hardly even broke a sweat again all the way to the mountain opposite of us and back down into the valley.

War donkey extraordinaire.


Mountain Dust Storm by Wildlife FineArt  

I promoted my Lute to mage knight whilst we were chilling in the mountains. In my hc she just picked up this hardy, very irritable mountain pony and despite seth’s insistence they can get her a nice proper horse shes like ‘nope this is my pony and i love him’. He’s grouchy and bites everyone but lute, people dont understand how she’s able to braid his arm and put flowers in it. 

Hes also incredibly chill around magic and monsters, which is good. 

I wanted to update her outfit a little to be more riding appropriate since the lenght of skirt her default outfit is would be a little awkward. So i trimmed the cape, gave her skorts and kept the over cape/top bit and longer riding boots. Lute’s pony is based off of a fell pony which is a uk mountain pony.