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two things: do you have any stories about the ocean? and also I lowkey have a crush on you lol

Aww shucks, thanks! I seem to be getting more attention online than I do in person but I’ll take it anyway. 

As for the pastas, 

Some here, scroll down -


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do you know the meaning of sandeul's stage name? it's been bugging me forever because "deul" means multiple (like saying "hyungdeul" references multiple hyungs etc.) and "san" means mountain i think so does it mean "multiple mountains"?? on that note, what does "baro" and "cnu" mean GOD IN HEAVEN why do these b1a4 boys have such complicated stage names?? i thought "cnu" meant "seeing you" (by pronouncing each letter) for MONTHS when i was a baby bana. help me shinwhoo-kenobi, you're my only hope

ooooh yes yes they couldn’t just have simple stage names, right? (Or no stage names? Like what’s wrong with using your own name everyone in a while? I mean I guess if some idol who’s already super famous shares your name that I can understand wanting to pick a different–ANYWAYS)

I actually already got an ask about Sandeul’s name which I mediocrely answered here ~

I feel like with Sandeul we kinda got more background on why he wanted to make a stage name? Like he really wanted to shed his past non-idol image and stuffs but as far as the others…

Actually, the idea that CNU meant ‘seeing you’ was something that I remember being bounced around a long time ago! I don’t think he ever confirmed that though. Interestingly, but not at all surprisingly, the ‘shin’ of his name does mean ‘God’ or some sort of ‘deity’ which I mean CNU is pretty close to that level so it totally works. But also I remember he said that he came about picking CNU (shinwoo) after talking with the members and wanted the meaning of a ‘sweet and dependable mom friend.’

Baro can mean a lot of different things, all of which I think Baro picked because he though it summed up his personality (and being a ‘B’-type.. cause blood types, amirite?). But it means a combo of: quick, immediate, being very ‘present’ in this current space/place etc.

And not that you asked about Gongchan but ‘Gong’ being his family name, it’s actually a very uncommon family name in Korea so he kinda swapped it to be the first syllable of his stage name. 

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What if sans meet squishes family and they were all speaking Spanish the whole time and he was just sitting there awkwardly lmao

i mean who’s to say sans doesn’t know spanish?

they were trapped under that mountain for god knows how long, there’s a good chance most monsters know a multitude of languages lol


Spent the long weekend in Colorado, the place that got me into photography a decade ago, and fell even more in love with it than I was before.

Various locations in the state of Colorado. July 2016. (Instagram)

2006 aesthetic
  • skinny weeaboo girl who sits like L while eating anything
  • anything to do with death note
  • yaoi paddles
  • every pairing has a ‘every time we touch’ amv on youtube
  • cutting thumb holes in your hoodies
  • having a million stickers on your deviantart
  • roleplaying your favourite characters on neopets, but moving the racy rps to msn messenger
  • kingdom hearts everywhere
  • snapesnogger’s naga art dominating the deviantart most popular
  • harry potter ship wars
  • :3 nyoro~n
  • leekspin meme
  • the dance from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya or Lucky Star
  • advice memes
  • the amazing atheist
  • lolcats
  • fml and mlia
  • _____ the abridged series
  • epic fail compilations
  • phoenix wright parodies
  • we’re going to candy mountain charrrlliieee~
  • still using
  • one hundred thousand sonic webcomics using sprites and gamer humour
  • have you seen amv hell 0?

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Do you know any creppypastas about clowns?? I really don't want to sleep tonight. Haha.

Got a few here:

And others:

The same God who created sunsets, and mountains, and oceans, and rain, and spoke into motion every brilliant star that illuminates the night sky calls you His child. Remember that when you start to doubt your worth.


Yuuei cycle club 

LISTEN. You are a good witch. You are a strong witch. You are a powerful and capable witch. You write amazing spells. That herb satchel you made that you're questioning? I can feel it from here. Good fucking job, you badass. Your readings are spot-thefuck-on too. Your original rituals make mountains fucking tremble. Your sigils are beautiful as FUCK. The Gods and Goddesses are so FUCKING proud of you. That butter knife you use as your athame because you can't afford a 'real' one can still fuck up the ethereal realm and don't yOU FUCKING FORGET IT. Your craft is AMAZING. Your path is fucking VALID AND JUST AS STUNNING AS YOU ARE. YOU. ARE. WITCHY. ROYALTY. OKAY?! NOW GET OUT THERE CONJURE SOME SHIT.

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