mountain of rose quartz

Rainbow obsidian, the fusion of our Twilight mountain Amethyst, Black Pearl, Black Sapphire, Off-color Rose quartz, and a Ruby we haven’t drawn yet. This is our gemsona version of the temple fusion.

She has 5 mouths, one on the top face, another under the top face, one under the visor, one on the main face, and one under that.

Here are some new pieces I bought today from Pezrok in Blue ridge, I definitely recommend this shop if you’re ever in the area, it’s really affordable (literally all of this was like $20) and they have a huge selection

I read The Folk Tales of Scotland: The Well at the World’s End and Other Stories, edited by Norah and William Montgomerie, in many places. I read it on the summit of Inchcailloch, an island on Loch Lomond overlooking the mountains, and on its beaches covered in clear and rose quartz. I read it in Glen Shiel after a long day on Skye, visiting the fairy pools, and I read it in Glencoe after a day where I saw that a bunch of heather bushes were arranged in a perfect circle, and I went out of my way to avoid walking through it. I read it on the way from Kyle to Inverness, as my train snaked through fields of sheep and long, high hills.

It certainly set the tone. This collection, in my opinion, is a mixed bag. Many of these are either early versions or adaptations of tales you’ve heard before from the Grimm’s or Perrault. Those were interesting in that it was fascinating to see how they were adapted to fit Scottish folklore—lochs rather than lakes, but also beyond vocabulary, in tone and reasoning—but were not the stars of the show. There were also a couple classic songs or rhymes or stories that were of the type you’d recognize from classic fairy tales—the dog eats the cat eats the mouse eats the cheese etc, and it goes on for quite some time. The stars of the show however were the “original” Scottish tales—I put the quotes only because the idea that there are original folk and fairy tales is a foolish one—the ones that I’ve never read before, that have all of their roots in the clans, in the lochs, in the mountains and fair folk and isles. The stories about the selkies were my favorite, but I loved many of the tales of princesses and youngest brothers as well. Scottish folklore has its own sense of humor, and its own breath of life and trickery—it has its own vocabulary of haddocks and wrens, of foxes and otters, of the way their folklore justice works. Not every folk tale is as intriguing as the others, but as a volume, this book will give you an excellent overview of Scottish folklore, touching on many different styles and types of tales that were gathered across Scotland. 

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HI!!! Just wanted to say first that I loved the fic you posted. Here's a prompt for you, if you don't mind: Imagine an AU where Patroclus is only seriously injured by Hector and doesn't die. Achilles sees how wrong he was to be so prideful and how stupid the war is, then decides to return back to Phthia after Patroclus has healed. And then they live happily ever after? I honestly wished the story could have turned out like this. :( Please and thank you!!

Thank you so much!  If only life wasn’t cruel and we could have had such an ending.  Thank you for the prompt, I loved writing it.


He could see it every time he closed his eyes.  Patroclus, blood.  The deep red stains that covered his lover’s limbs and caked into his hair.  The usually dark and warm skin turned ashen pale and cold.  His soothing sweet voice turned into nothing but harsh, shaky breathing.  The eyes that once held Achilles’ whole world faded into a blank stare.

The healers said he wouldn’t survive the night and Achilles stayed with him, holding him close and counting his breaths.  Patroclus was still alive in the morning, his eyes closed, his body still, but his heart continued beating.  It was like that for several days, a purgatory of unknowing.  He feared going to sleep at night and waking in the morning, terrified that the time had finally come for him to be abandoned. Yet Patroclus continued to live, he shouldn’t have risked the hope, but couldn’t stop the prayers that the gods would not take him away.

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Today’s journey :: ❤
After I hiked for 2 hours up a mountain, I sat on the cheek of Mamma Earth for a lil power snack. Homemade cacao energy balls & fresh diamond water (w/ shungite stone inside). Harvested so much Rose Quartz & went back down the mountain, twirling + singing back home…

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AU: Steven Universe


It was a cool, crisp night here in Beach City, as the skele-gem looks out beyond the shore of the town. Sitting on the edge of the mountain time, that was right below the Rose Quartz gem’s home as Tourmaline enjoyed the view.

Watching the clouds pass by and the stars shimmer and shine was such a wonderful sight. He was glad he’d stayed here on Earth, there was so much beauty in it al. And why the Crystal gems decided to stay and protect this planet.

Though– Tour was still a bit sceptic in joining the resistance, since he was raised to be a solider that SHATTERS any disobedient gem. How could they accept him in (well besides Steven, he accepts everyone).

“What do they need for a Tourmaline like me for?”

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Will you ever do a fusion between your Rose Quartz and Twilight Mountain ? What does they make ?

We’ve already fused them, and since it’s still a Rose/Amethyst fusion, the outcome is still Smoky Quartz. I’ll post their fusion soon, I don’t really like how we designed her so later on we might update her.


today i went on a heart quest & gathered Rose Quartz from the mountains of my home~village! ✨💓 what a journey of clarity & crystal love… i brought home so many crystals on my backpack through a 2-hour hike. rose quartz to share with friends & beings that i meet paths with :) a true stone of the Heart. of unconditional love & healing & softness & calm & inner peace. i give thanks for this ally, time & time again. ✨🌸🙏🏼🌸✨ & happy new moon! may you always follow your heart & your dreams. work towards what you love! set an intention & focus on it. set one goal & go through with it. focus & firmness. we can manifest anything! love to all of you 🌿💓🙌