mountain of rose quartz

Today’s journey :: ❤
After I hiked for 2 hours up a mountain, I sat on the cheek of Mamma Earth for a lil power snack. Homemade cacao energy balls & fresh diamond water (w/ shungite stone inside). Harvested so much Rose Quartz & went back down the mountain, twirling + singing back home…


today i went on a heart quest & gathered Rose Quartz from the mountains of my home~village! ✨💓 what a journey of clarity & crystal love… i brought home so many crystals on my backpack through a 2-hour hike. rose quartz to share with friends & beings that i meet paths with :) a true stone of the Heart. of unconditional love & healing & softness & calm & inner peace. i give thanks for this ally, time & time again. ✨🌸🙏🏼🌸✨ & happy new moon! may you always follow your heart & your dreams. work towards what you love! set an intention & focus on it. set one goal & go through with it. focus & firmness. we can manifest anything! love to all of you 🌿💓🙌

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HI!!! Just wanted to say first that I loved the fic you posted. Here's a prompt for you, if you don't mind: Imagine an AU where Patroclus is only seriously injured by Hector and doesn't die. Achilles sees how wrong he was to be so prideful and how stupid the war is, then decides to return back to Phthia after Patroclus has healed. And then they live happily ever after? I honestly wished the story could have turned out like this. :( Please and thank you!!

Thank you so much!  If only life wasn’t cruel and we could have had such an ending.  Thank you for the prompt, I loved writing it.


He could see it every time he closed his eyes.  Patroclus, blood.  The deep red stains that covered his lover’s limbs and caked into his hair.  The usually dark and warm skin turned ashen pale and cold.  His soothing sweet voice turned into nothing but harsh, shaky breathing.  The eyes that once held Achilles’ whole world faded into a blank stare.

The healers said he wouldn’t survive the night and Achilles stayed with him, holding him close and counting his breaths.  Patroclus was still alive in the morning, his eyes closed, his body still, but his heart continued beating.  It was like that for several days, a purgatory of unknowing.  He feared going to sleep at night and waking in the morning, terrified that the time had finally come for him to be abandoned. Yet Patroclus continued to live, he shouldn’t have risked the hope, but couldn’t stop the prayers that the gods would not take him away.

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✨Beautiful stones & crystals I picked up today from a little book shop in the white mountains! Amethyst, Quartz Crystal Points, Tiger Eye, and Rose Quartz!✨

“We are the CRYSTAL gems” (2015)

I was dying to see what Artofcarmen’s Temple Fusion would look like in the style of Steven Universe. I took some liberty with the hair, and added an Amethyst-whip-chain to connect the two swords. I thought she should be named Crystal Quartz, because of the song.

Based on the mountain-temple in Steven Universe; a fusion between Rose Quartz, Garnet, Pearl and Amethyst.

channeling my inner seamstress today hehehe ✨ making simple lil leg cuffs + attached medicine pouch i created a while ago with sacred leather + rose quartz from the mountains. and wrap skirt with fabric laying around in dusty attics for generations. also making a lil faerie top. belt made by friends with recycled leather. soon to venture to the woods to perhaps harvest oak leaves + bark to dye the fabrics with to attain a dusty golden beige/earthy brown tone. perhaps onion skin as well? does anyone have experience with natural dyes? if so your wisdom would be very much appreciated! :) xxxxxx blessings sweet ones, deep wishes for a magical creative day to all! 💞