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Walt Disney Studios Park The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

a-dark-day  asked:

Do you have a list of all crossroad stations podcasts?

So, unfortunately, our website is taking a tiny bit of time to set up. Darn our lack of time. But here’s the best list we can provide you.

Currently active: 

Jim Robbie and the Wanderers - A bizarre romp through a post-apocalyptic America, featuring an odd cast of musicians that tend to act more like the scooby gang than actual functioning adults and a robot.|

OAKPODCAST - This podcast is intended for OAK; all others please disregard. I’m stranded in America with no money or papers, situation unknown. Please advise & send evac. THESE TRANSMISSIONS CONTAIN NO CLASSIFIED INFORMATION.

We have a couple of shows currently in production that should be out soon enough:

Otherverse - A radio broadcaster from another universe attempts to explain to the earth why they should surrender and acquiesce to the other universe’s invaders.

Misadventure by Death - Neil Hastbury-Rue is the new groundskeeper at the Harrison Shaw Manor in the mountains of Virginia. The Manor is most definitely creepy and haunted. Neil is most definitely armed only with a flashlight and tape recorder.

Hypotheticals - A talk show held by cast members Iri Alexander and Zoe Von Embler, recorded when they are stuck in Iri’s car and have nothing else to do. Lots of weird topics, and silly notions. Unedited besides taking the car noises down a bit. 

Shows that we are currently working on that have more polishing that they need:

Bleeding Hearts - Imogene and Olive move to an old manor in South Carolina, so that Olive can start her new job at the Supernatural Social Services Program. It’s a cute sitcom with a wlw couple and a couple of weird supernatural characters. 

CPCA -  A miniseries centered around a nature reserve for cryptids, Park Ranger Ezra Spartan deals with his staff, managing the public that visit the park for all the jackalopes, hugags, Fresno Nightcrawlers and other strange critters, and a group of federal cryptobotanists coming in and demanding space for their research.

Mirror -  A spooky Southern podcast about living ghosts, interdimensional apocalypses, and the battalion of blind women who are thwarting both.

SPACEBROS??? - As of yet unnamed space nonsense.

As shows come out we’re going to be releasing information on them, and hopefully the site will be up soon. You can also keep an eye on the bar on the side of the tumblr for links to the tumblrs for the shows.