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There’s two elderly men arguing in the booth behind me at Culver’s, and now that I’m eavesdropping I realize they’re fighting over the logistics of time travel and the fourth dimension?? Also one of them is named Kermit, I am living for this.

Negans-Dirty-Girl’s 4k Writing Challenge: Sparks

Summary: This was written for @negans–dirty–girl​‘s 4K Writing Challenge, and my choice of prompts were: The Day After, Guilty Pleasures, and Campfire. (my choices are bolded)

I decided to continue with Rose, who is a character I created for my submission to the TWD Story Cubes Challenge, A Light in the Darkness (but you don’t have to have read that one to get this installment). 

In this episode, Rose catches Negan enjoying some…err…private time in his sleeping bag while he thinks she is asleep. With sexy results

Word count: 2,423

Warnings: Smut, Negan being Negan, Comic Negan, sex, rough sex, rough kissing, masturbation, voyeurism, outdoor sex, and mentions of death.


The soft popping sound of the campfire burning its way through the last of that night’s wood supply lulled Rose into a calm sense of security. Fire signified that they had warmth and protection against the night. She snuggled down into her sleeping bag, which had been recently pilfered for her from an abandoned camping supply store by Negan, and allowed herself to relax into folds of fabric that encased her slight frame.

It had been two weeks since Negan had found her pathetically trying to start a fire on her own under a bridge in the middle of the night as a storm rapidly moved in. Although she was still perplexed as to why he had invited her to join him as he traveled the countryside looking for other survivors, she was glad that he had. Without him, she knew she would be long dead of exposure, or starvation, or any number of other misfortunes which could befall a young woman traveling on her own in a dead world. She shuddered to think of where she would be without him.

Rose felt herself fall incrementally down into her slumber, hovering just above the edge of true sleep, almost unable to distinguish reality from dreams. In her mind’s eye she saw herself walking through tall grass, the blades rustling rhythmically as she pushed through endless field of green.

Only, the soft whisper of the grass was too constant to be from her body brushing against it, and the sound had begun to speed up to a pace that was much too fast. Her eyes sprang open as the realization dawned on her that the sound she heard was not coming from her own mind, but was instead a product of her actual surroundings.

Very slowly, so as not to draw attention should the sound be generated by something dangerous or threatening, she turned her head to her left to look at Negan, wondering if he had heard it too. As soon as her eyes fell upon the large man stretched out in his own sleeping bag on the other side of the fire, she knew immediately where the sound was coming from.

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Since the released logline for this film is so vague, and the photos from the film shoot last month were so crazy, I decided to dig around to see if I could find out some more about this film’s plot. (I mean - amongst other things - why is Oscar so clean-shaven and also looking like a bearded mountain man in the same film?) I found an interesting review of the screenplay, so if you don’t want to know anything further about this film before it is released, stop reading now. (SPOILERS BELOW)

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being best friends with chris evans would include:

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• having known him since you were kids

 • he’s very protective of you

 • his family being like a second family to you 

• being so immensely proud of him 

• still having sleep overs as adults 

 • he dislikes everyone you date (and vise versa

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Requested by anonymous: Hii!! Can you write an imagine where you and shawn are married and have a little daughter and like one day some fans and paparazzi harass her or something like that and you and shawn get super can take it on from there. It would be great if you wrote this, thanks!! 


Your life with Shawn had been anything but a fairytale, but when two people loved each other as much as you loved him and he loved you, everything was just fine.

When you two got married, it was different obviously, then just being boyfriend and girlfriend. If you were only dating, it would be much easier to break up with someone if you had a major problem (you and Shawn never did), but this was something you thought about. Since you’re married, you can’t say that you want a divorce because one person didn’t do something that the other wanted.

When you got married, you were husband and wife and you were committed to each other; really, it was no different then when you two were dating, you were just a couple years older, husband and wife, and you now had the last name of Mendes. Not to mention, after you two had been married for a year, you found out you were pregnant and nine months later gave birth to a healthy baby girl: Eleanor Karen Mendes.

There were tiny complications along the way, but you were fine and so was she, and having celebrated her second birthday two days ago, you’d say you were doing very well.

Shawn had to go into the studio last minute, so you sat on the floor with your daughter, playing with her.

The time was currently seven o’clock and you were honestly starving. However, you didn’t know if Shawn would be home in time for dinner if you cooked it now, Well, you decided to just hold off for a bit, just in case Shawn did actually come home earlier than planned.

Your Elle had Shawn’s beautiful brown eyes, perfectly capturing him in her - and now you had two human beings to get lost in their eyes.

Elle took the block she was playing with and stood up, walking over to the kitchen and throwing it hard against a cabinet.

Unfortunately, for the both of you, the block ricocheted against the cabinet and into her face - smacking her so hard you winced.

She fell back, screaming as you rushed to her aid and picked her up.

“Shh you’re okay, Elle.” You say calmly as you rocked your screaming child in your arms, kissing her forehead.

As a teenager, you would watch babies get hurt and their parents would calmly tell them that everything was fine - and you thought that was the weirdest thing. If their child had hurt themselves, then why did they seem so nonchalant?

However, since you’ve had Elle, you were told by the doula that you had, that the parent wasn’t suposed to overreact if they fell and they looked like they were going ot cry because it was apparently scientifically proven that when the parent shows signs of distress, it freaks the child out even more.

You looked at Elle’s cheek and it seemed pretty red, of course it also seemed like the block had gotten her pretty good.

“You’re okay, love. Do you want some ice?” You ask, combing her dark brown hair out of her face as she sniffled.

You felt her small head nod against your shoulder as she balled a piece of your tank top into her small fist tightly. You walk over to the freezer and pull out a small ice pack shaped like a dog, handing it to her. She takes it from your hand and places it against her cheek, her big brown eyes filled with tears.

You place your lips on her forehead and kiss her a couple times, swaying her in your arms in the middle of the kitchen.

The front door opens and you hear some shuffling around the staircase before you watch Shawn walk through the living room and to where you are in the kitchen.

He’s carrying some milk and a few bags of groceries.

“There are my girls!” Shawn smiles brightly, but frowns once he sees the state of his daughter.

“Look, Elle, it’s daddy.” You say to her, tilting your head to look at her.

“What’s wrong, honey?” Shawn asks her, reaching to take her out of your arms. His eyes catch note of the ice pack and his frown becomes even deeper. “What happened to you?”

“She threw a block against the cabinet and it flew back and hit her.” You explain, adjusting your sports bra strap against your neck.

His lips go to her face, peppering it with kisses, making Elle burst into a fit of giggles. Man, her laugh was like the heavens were singing. Or better, Shawn’s singing.

Shawn holds her high above his head, pretending to drop her, and sending her back into the air - her laughs pierce your ears as they turn into laughing screams. Shawn’s also laughing, and you had no idea what the hell you did to be blessed with your family. He then puts her in front of his face.

“Can you give daddy a kiss?” Shawn puckers his lips, making Elle grab at both of his ears. “Kiss, Elle?”

She puts her open mouth on his, making you laugh as Shawn pulls her back and wipes her saliva off of his face. He puts her down as she scampers off to her activity mat in the living room.

“How is my lovely wife tonight?” Shawn asks, walking over to put his arms around you.

You peel your head back to look at him and he ducks down slightly to give you a kiss.

“Mm, you need to shave.” You joke, squeezing his chin as you fel the stubble appearing.

“I’m thinking of growing a mountain man beard.” Shawn laughs, lettting go of you.

You put a finger at him and raise an eyebrow, “do that and I’m divorcing you.”

“I’m kidding, I’m kidding.” Shawn says as he opens up the fridge to put the milk in. “You want to go somewhere for dinner? I’m craving a burrito.”

You squint at him, “are you pregnant?”

He laughs, shaking his head. “Just want a burrito.”

“Okay, then you get Elle ready and I’ll go put something on that makes me look like I’ve put effort into my outfit.” You say, earning a chuckle from Shawn as you walk up the stairs, Shawn following right behind you with Elle in his arms.

Elle currently sat in a highchair, messing around with some little banana puffs you had brought for her to eat, as well as some actual fruit that you packed before you three left. She watched her dad take a couple enormous bites of his burrito because it was apparently fascinating her for some reason.

“You want a bite, honey?” Shawn teased, leaning his burrito towards her.

You slapped his arm and cleared your throat.

“Don’t tease her, that’s mean.”

“Yum daddy!” Elle squealed suddenly, you shushing her as people gave you rude looks.

Jesus, people sometimes forget that they were a baby at one point as well.

You had shoved your plate away, having already finished your tacos You took a look outside, noticing paprazzi already gathering making you nervous. You would be fine if it was just you and Shawn, but it wasn’t. It was you, Shawn and Elle.

“Babe, we need to go.” You say, causing Shawn to look up from the bite he was taking and gives you a confused look.

You raise your fingers to make camera and Shawn looked out the window, his eyes immediately going to Elle. He took his last bite of the burrito and crumpled up the foil, depositing it on your plate; he rubs his hands together and stands up.

You pick Elle out of the highchair that was provided for her and kiss her cheek as she started to get a little fussy.

“Give me your jacket.” You say, adjusting her on your hip.

Shawn takes his jacket off, understanding what you were saying and putting it on top of Elle, hoping that it would shield her face.

You two didn’t have a problem of having the public know what she looks like, but having a bunch of cameras flash in her face might be extremely traumatic for her.

Shawn runs a hand through his hair, getting a little antsy as well as he was concerned for the safety of your daughter.

“Shawn,” you grab his hand. “Maybe tell them to turn the flash off?”

He nods, exiting the restaurant and a million flashes go off immediately.

“Hey guys, could you maybe turn your flashes off? I’m afraid that it’ll scare my daughter, please.” Shawn says calmly.

There are a couple responses like “yeah, Shawn, of course” and he nods at you to come out.

You fix his jacket around Elle and hold you hand against her head as you walk out, hearing click after click of the cameras.

Shawn puts an arm around your waist as you make your way to your car, the paps following.

A few ask how your meal was and Shawn responds with “their food is killer.”

That didn’t bother you, but what did, was when one of the men came extremely close to Elle’s face and took about ten pictures - the flash going off on every single one - and pushing into you as he tried to get closer.

You stumble forward slightly and guess the jacket slipped from Elle’s face slightly, but she started crying, pissing you off.

“Hey man, what the hell did I say?” Shawn yells at the pap, his face turning serious and his demeanor coming off angry. “There’s a reason why I asked you to not use your flash and you did and now you’ve upset my daughter - exactly what I didn’t want from you. Not to mention you pushed my wife, what the hell was that?”

You arrived at your car, trying to cradle Elle as that must’ve really scared her as she started screaming now.

“Shh, angel.” You say, rocking her.

You continue to listen to Shawn go off on the guy, definitely not helping the situation, but you obviously weren’t going to stop him. What that guy did was not okay and scared the living crap out of your child, not to mention you.

“Seriously, man, what the fuck?” Shawn says, his forehead crease extremely prominent as he held his arms out in question. “That was not okay what you just did - I would probably even call that harrassment.” Shawn raised his voice. “Don’t fucking touch my girls ever again.”

He begins to make his way back to you, as the pap begins to talk to him.

“Man, it’s just my job.”

“Your job is to take pictures.” Shawn yells. “Not to harrass my family, asshole.”

Elle had finally stopped crying as you gave her a bottle of water and once she was done, you capped it back up, strapping her into her seat. You shut the door to Shawn’s jeep, coming up behind him.

“Like I said man, it’s just my job.”

“Like Shawn said,” you spoke angrily, “your job is to not scare the shit out of my two year old daughter.”

“Like I said,” the man repeated. “It’s my job.”

“Yeah, a job you’re going to lose.” Shawn spits, opening the driver’s door and getting into the car, telling you to get in as well.

Nothing was said in the car after you left the restaurant, except for Shawn asking if you were okay.

When you arrived back home, you carried Elle into the house, switching on the living room light - causing her to start crying again.

“Elle, shh, it’s okay.” You try to calm her, getting nowhere and getting frustrated because the pap did this to her.

Her brown eyes had now become red as she had cried about four times today, making you feel sad.

“Do you need anything, babe?” Shawn asks.

You look back at him, shaking your head.

“I’m just going to rock her until she calms down and I’ll put her to sleep, it’s okay.”

Shawn just nods, giving his girl a kiss on the forehead. “Goodnight princess, daddy loves you.”

“Say goodnight daddy.” You say softly, rocking her a little more softly as you think she might be settling down.

Shawn heads upstairs to your bedroom as you stay down in the living room.

It takes about fifteen more minutes of straight crying until she stops and her eyes seem heavy. You carefully carry her upstairs and head into her room, setting her in her crib.

“Goodnight, Elle. Mommy loves you.” You say quietly as you turn off the light and shut the door.

You sigh deply, rubbing the back of your head as you enter your bedroom - Shawn in his proper night attire which consists of his boxer briefs and nothing else, is sat up in bed on his laptop.

You sit on the edge of the bed, taking your shoes and pants off, not really saying much.

“Shawn Mendes goes off on paprazzi after taking photos of his daughter Eleanor.” Shawn says, grumbling.

You stand up to look at him, turning around.

“Shawn, honey, what that man did was not right. You asked them very nicely to not use flash, yet that man got very close to her face and used his flash and pushed me to do it. He was in the wrong, not you.”

“I know, but it pisses me off so much because he did all the shit that I didn’t want them to do and he even pushed you, Y/N. When the hell is that okay?” Shawn asks, getting visibly frustrated and distraught.

You put a small tank on, getting into bed with him.

“It wasn’t, Shawn. Trust me, what you did wasn’t the best but you had a reason to do it.” You tell him, kissing his bare shoulder.

Shawn closes his eyes and rests his temple against your forehead, taking a deep breath.

“You know,” You say after a couple minutes of silence. “You’re really sexy when you’re angry.”

Shawn laughs, leaning over to capture your lips in a hot kiss.

“You are okay, though, right?” He asks, breaking the kiss.

“I’m fine.” You nod.

“Good, I honestly don’t know what I would do if he had actually hurt you in some way.”

“Well, let’s not think about that, because he didn’t.” You reason.

“I love you.” He says softly.

“I love you too.” You respond, kissing him.


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How about PhD candidate!Derek and writer!Stiles who both spend most of their days at the same coffee shop because they offer free refills and their muffins are to die for.

Derek usually takes up two tables with all of his research materials and his laptop.  He’s got his usual spot in the back corner where the windows and outside world can’t distract him, but he’s always getting distracted by the guy who, in recent months, has taken up residence at the table next to his.  Whose long fingers dance over the keyboard of his old MacBook so quickly it’s like he’s scared the words will leave him if he doesn’t get them out. He can’t tell if he’s a mega hipster or if he just really likes flannels and beanies, but either way he’s just Derek’s type with his full lips and whiskey eyes.

And Stiles, well he’s working on his second novel and he’s behind on his deadline because he couldn’t focus at home with Scott and Kira planning their wedding and now he can’t even focus at the coffee shop because this guy with his soft dark hair, his pale, ever changing eyes, and his fucking glasses that slip down his nose when he’s really focused.  At this rate the second book in his time traveling mystery series will never get written, especially not if the sweater clad hottie keeps growing out his mountain man beard out. 

They don’t ever really speak except for the occasional hello or good morning, but they notice each other all the time. Derek knows that if hot hipster is struggling with whatever he’s writing that he get’s an iced mocha and gnaws on the straw in a way that really shouldn’t turn Derek on, but it does. 

Stiles knows that if Hottie McBeardie is having a bad day of research that he get’s a brownie and eats it bit by bit while scowling at his books.  He also knows that when he’s having a good day with whatever he’s doing he gets a small smile on his face while he types.

It all comes to a head when Stiles goes to the university library to get some information on Aztec rituals and the librarian directs him to the Latin American Studies office where he finds Hottie McBeardie sitting in the small office lobby area with a stack of papers in front of him. 

There’s an awkward moment when Derek looks at Stiles and asks, “Are you stalking me?’

Stiles turns bright red and then says, “No I’m looking for Derek Hale, he’s suppose to be the guy to ask about Aztec rituals.”

Then it’s Derek’s turn to blush because of course hot hipster is here about that and not stalking him. “I’m Derek Hale.”

“Oh, well in that case I’m looking for you, I’m Stiles Stilinski and I need some help,” Stiles says reaching his hand out to shake Derek’s.

Derek accepts it and feels his stomach flutter when they touch before he asks, “What can I help you with?”

Derek gives Stiles all the information he needs and then some and by the end of the conversation he’s pretty sure he’s in love.  They both laugh about the fact that they’ve been working next to each other for months and it took a trip across town to find each other.

“What do you need all this for anyway?”

“It’s for my book,” Stiles says a little sheepishly, cheeks going red.

“Anything I might have heard of?” Derek asks, really wanting to know more about Stiles because he’s 99% sure he’s the one

“Uh, it’s my second book for a series called Out of Time,” Stiles says, running a hand over the back of his head, he didn’t love talking to people about his books, they always had suggestions about the characters and who should end up with who or how he should move the plot forward. 

“I love that book,” Derek says, his eyes soft as he looks at Stiles, “It’s historically accurate and the characters are so well formed. Can you give me a hint at where they go after the Tutor Era? Is it straight to the Aztecs or somewhere else first.”

“I can’t spoil it for you,” Stiles says, then blushes deeply then and gives Derek a smile, “Can I get your number?”

“For more research?” Derek asks, feeling a little hopeful, but at the same time trying to not get his hopes up.

“No, so I can take you out to dinner,” Stiles says with a sly smile and then Derek’s ears turn pink.

“Yeah, sure,” He says, trying to play it cool but he’s sure Stiles can hear his heart pounding. 

They end up going to dinner that night at a local 24 hour diner and talk until 2 am and then Derek takes Stiles to his favorite section of the universes library when they leave. It’s the best first date either of them has ever had and when they run into each other at the coffee show that evening, both looking exhausted but happy, they share a table instead of sitting at separate ones.

And when the book comes out 8 months later (on time thank you very much you can stop riding me Lydia) the dedication reads “For Derek: Who taught me a lot about the Aztecs, but a lot more about love.”

Three years, 2 more time travel books, one completed and published dissertation, and a move across the country for a professorship later, Stiles proposes to Derek in the dedication of his most recent novel, the final in the Out of Time series, and uses a hollowed out copy of his second book to give him the ring.  

Spoiler alert: He says yes.