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"Dark Star: H.R. Giger's World" was a pretty good documentary on him, I enjoyed it. My favorite thing I learned bout him was the tiny train he used to ride in a miniature nightmarish theme park he had in his back yard.

And you just improved my day considerably since I’m now imagining Giger (with a black conductor’s hat on, of course) rolling around on a tiny train. :D Thanks. You know, I’ve had that doc suggested to me before…I think. Yeah, I believe I have. I also think I say that I don’t know anything about him and would probably enjoy learning more pretty often (every few months or so). I guess I should bump it up on my endless list of stuff to explore, hm? I appreciate the rec very much. Have a nice weekend.

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“Pirates of the Caribbean” Tim Delaney

Long before Shanghai Disneyland’s incredible Treasure Cove area debuted in 2016, the original arrival of Pirates in China was to be in a planned “Pirates Cove” at Hong Kong Disneyland. The headliner attraction, of course, would have been a modern take on the classic Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Shown here in a concept by Tim Delaney, the flume ride would’ve featured a massive splashdown from the fiery peak of a skull-encrusted mountain into a shipwreck lagoon. This project, originally envisioned as Part Four of the expansion plan that included Mystic Point, Grizzly Gulch and Toy Story Land, was shelved and later expanded upon for Shanghai.

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Dawn’s Soft Glow by Lizzy Gadd
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