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Paradise Lost, Paradise Found

You don’t always need a fancy camera to get a good shot. Sometimes the adventure speaks enough for itself.

By far the most featured photographic spot in the Coron Islands, this is the view from our climb to a Peak before descending to Kayangan Lake, or the “Blue Lagoon”

Jenea Medina Photography

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A glimpse into the nomadic life of the photographer Alex Strohl during an adventure in Alaska.

theres like this ‘cancer cove’ imagery that i have like a lagoon city and people have shells that are boats and sail to get to places and into the moonlight, the water is milky blue, the colours are very pastel like lilac and teal and the lunar light is visible all day, also there are a lot of storks carrying babies flying around, there are huge cliff faces and mountain tops so the lagoon is very safe and protected 


A landscape and wildlife tour of Australia, Fiji, and New Zealand


This is the kind of view the geologist in me loves - a trip through canyons, mountains, lagoons, and lakes of the Peruvian Andes mountains.

Kawsak Sacha (The Living Forest) is a proposal for living together with the natural world that grows out of the millennial knowledge of the Indigenous Peoples who inhabit the Amazonian rainforest, and it is one that is also buttressed by recent scientific studies.  Whereas the western world treats nature as an undemanding source of raw materials destined exclusively for human use, Kawsak Sacha recognizes that the forest is made up entirely of living selves and the communicative relations they have with each other.  These selves, from the smallest plants to the supreme beings who protect the forest, are persons (runa) who inhabit the waterfalls, lagoons, swamps, mountains, and rivers, and who, in turn, compose the Living Forest as a whole.  These persons live together in community (llakta) and carry out their lives in a manner that is similar to human beings.  To summarize, in the Living Forest the economic system is an ecological web; the natural world is also a social world.

Kawsak Sacha –The Living Forest: An Indigenous Proposal for Confronting Climate Change

Presented by the Amazonian Kichwa People of Sarayaku

COP 21, Paris, November 30 –December 11, 2015