mountain hats


Bonus badge design from the blind grab at the All Stars event features the SC!

my ffxiv fanfiction

once upon a time, the land of eorzea was ruled by a cruel overlord, BRD, who kept all of the best hats to himself and wouldn’t share.

‘aahhahahaha’ said the evil hatlord BRD, from atop his hat hoard ‘i am the HAT-BOSS who has the most and best hats. all hats are mine, and all hats that are not mine are bad hats.’

for two expansion packs, the other classes could only weep. though the BLM had his marvellous pointhat and the MCH had wonderful goggles, they could not compare. the MNKs suffered, weeping, with their shitty little feathers. the WHMs screamed WHAT THE FUCK wHY CAN’T I PUT MY HOOD UP first, and then WHAT THE FUCK WhY CAN’T I PUT IT DOWN AGAIN. we don’t even fuckin talk about the gladiator’s crown thing

but then came a hero, a glouious HATMAN to rescue the people of eorzea from the tyranny of the BAD HATLORD

‘I AM RED MAGE’ shouted the hero ‘AND I AM HERE TO MAKE YOU SHARE YOUR HATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’

the people rejoyced

‘BUT ONLY WITH ME’ he added quickly, before people could get too many bright ideas about HAT EQUALITY ‘ONLY SHARE THEM WITH ME’

and nothing changed except now there are two people laughing on the hat mountain, two BAD HATLORDS

the end

Meet Autimus, the new Roman god of autism!

My 8 year old son (who knows he is autistic) is learning about the Romans at school at the moment. He recently had homework to create a Roman god, drawing and labelling them. My son created Autimus, the Roman god of autism.

Autimus has the role of advisor to the gods. He has a good memory for details. He wears soft, comfortable clothing. I love the ‘mountain hat’ of perseverance that my son has given him!