mountain hats

The Houses + Earth


- A varied collection of potted plants
- Ecosystems teeming in rocks and wood
- Ceramic and clay pottery creations
- Fresh produce like fruits and vegetables
- Valleys, the land between two mountains


- Rough, possibly dangerous, rocky terrain
- All kinds of active volcanoes
- Hanging cliffs, and shouting from atop them
- Vertical rock climbing because why not
- Sturdy, sometimes stubborn boulders


- Glittering crystals and diamonds straight from the stone
- Spacious caverns with spilling light
- Breathtaking view from a mountaintop
- The presence of periodic table elements
- Plateaus of cool climate and fair altitude


- Indigenous architecture made of stone
- Polished and cut diamonds and emeralds
- Dark caves and hidden treasure
- Fossils and unearthed artifacts
- High mountaintops, isolated but preserved