mountain dew freeze

“I Couldn’t Pass Up This Opportunity” - Niall Horan Imagine

This is a work in progress, I just wanted some input of if I should continue.

It was a chilly day in Boston, Massachusetts. The wind whipped around you every time a bus drove by, causing you to wrap your North Face closer around you, but didn’t stop your teeth from chattering from the icy blast. You had a meeting in the afternoon, and decided it would be a good day to walk around Boston, for a few hours, before your meeting started. It wasn’t a very important meeting, but the higher managers liked to get together once every couple weeks to talk about sales, even though you weren’t even in that department and had no say in anything that happened.

The train dropped you off at South Station, the second to last stop before it hit Back Bay and turned around to fill up with passengers again. Getting into the station was a warm relief, letting the muscles you didn’t realize you were clenching, relax a bit, while you busied your mind looking for the Starbucks you knew so well. You got into the unnecessarily long line, inching forward every 5 minutes, before you finally gave up, giving it a deep sigh, and knowing you’ll be able to sit in the Starbucks by your building before heading in for the meeting.

You braces yourself for the cold again, zipping up your jacket until it was covering your neck, and taking the hat and scarf out of your bag. Ducking your head low so your face did take the chill full force, you opened the doors and started your journey.

Boston was always a magical place in the winter time, there were rarely any rude people that you bumped into, in fact, strangers rarely talked to each other, other than the excuse me’s while passing, some occasional apologies for running into one another, and then some thank you’s when checking out. Boston wasn’t quite a winter wonderland yet, but you knew as soon as reached the Commons, it would be highly decorated with lights that would brighten your mood.

You pulled your phone out of your pockets every few minutes to check the time, even though you were about 2 hours early, you still didn’t want to be late, since the CEO sometimes makes appearances at these pointless meetings, you were pretty sure, not even he knew what was going on in the company.

Turning the corner, you ran into a bunch of people hustling out of a store, and looking up, you saw it was the CVS that you always pass, but never really go into, mainly because you were never really worried about buying anything from the connivence store on the way to work. But today, you decided to go in, and enjoy the warmth, and get a snack, before continuing on your chilly walk.

“Welcome to CVS” the cashier greeted with a smile, “let me know if I can help you with anything”

You gave her a courteous smile and nod before heading over the clearly marked coolers on the wall. On the left we’re drinks and the right we’re snacks. You peeked into the drink isle, noticing another person browsing, wearing gray sweats and a black North Face, also noticing his black hat hiding all of his hair.

“Excuse me” you said, moving past him to look at the drinking the cooler.

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