mountain cargo bike

katiebretty  asked:

Oh, and with regards to a bike, I just have a Reid mountain bike and a cargo bike (for moving the kids to and from school) at present. Do you think I could do Norton Summit on a mountain bike? Or is it time to invest in the Trek Emonda??? I have the $$ for the bike, but have also been considering a Brompton, for its use in some upcoming travel and the way it would fit into our small car easily. Any thoughts Durianrider? Thank you, Katie

You can for sure ride Nortons on a mountain bike! An Emonda ALR would be faster at the same effort but dont think you can’t ride climbs on a mountain bike when that is what mountain bikes were first designed for - to ride up and down mountain bike trails.

DONT get a bromptom lol. They are slow as fuck and the brakes can be very dangerous as a small wheel will heat up faster than a big wheel. A Trek Emonda ALR packs up very small. Take off the wheels, pull out the seat post and its tiny really. For an extra 5 minutes of work you have all the benefits of a true road bike - more comfort, more speed, better brakes, better gears and far far safer handling at speed with big wheels vs those shopping trolley wheels xD